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Hello, my name is I join games then forget

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Thank you hun,

May the force of sheer elegance and class be with you olweiyz...

-Meowfie ^_^

It's hard not to like you if it's not your sense of humour it's how you make me get butterfly's when i log on and see 0 mins under your name ^_^-_Secrets_

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  1. Someone gift me the kim K thing
  2. Warning about my last post
  3. Who wants to drink
  4. Is anyone on here willing to be my sugar daddy?
  5. Where's all the charities?
  6. Who wants to be my new boyfriend
  7. Who has the biggest Vagina on tengaged
  8. Someone join fasting or im gunna queef
  9. I'm just a small town noob
  10. Why does everyone say hun
  11. If there's no mods anymore
  12. This site is fucked up now
  13. How do you even report someone now a days?
  14. and you're ugly
  15. You're all terrible people and I hate you all
  16. Where can I watch Scream Queens for free
  17. My Halloween Avi is so cute!
  18. Big thank you to everyone that helped gift me this..
  19. Remember Canadians
  20. + for emoji's on tengaged

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