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2ndDec 28, 2018 by mathboy9
i cant believe its been 4 YEARS to the day since i joined tengaged! thats sad huh... i joined a very insecure and socially awkward homeschooled 13 year old and now i'm the same but 4 years older =]

but for real this site and the friends i've made helped me through my parents' divorce and MANY other hardships in my life and i am forever in debt to yall. everything ive gone through on here has given me such a thick skin and taught me so much about life that i never got to learn in school so at least these years werent useless!! the laughs i've shared and the memories i've made are indispensable and everybody i've crossed paths with has affected my experience in one way or another. love u ❀
if ur wondering why my avatar looks like... that... i put on my noob avatar for old times sake

OK im also going to do shoutouts, going in (somewhat) chronological order of when i met yall. sorry if u arent included ily all! i'm trying to hit all the main people from the past 4 years so its hard to get every1

kayleighwinz - my cousin who introduced me to this hellhole LOL we've been best friends since i can remember and i wouldn't have anybody else as family =] ur a mess on here tho but it's not like there's anything else to do

notnicky333 - NICKY it's just insane how long we've been friends to me. We really grew up together and you are still psychotic but you've toned it down so I respect it!! We've come a long way from playing roblox minigames all day and I'm so thankful to know u and ur still one of my best friends even if i never get back to your pm's

brandt69 - the first person to give me a chance on here. thank you for introducing me to my first the real fakes... it's so crazy how far you've come and i know you have an amazing future ahead of u still. u stan taylor swift though so i have to deduct a point for that x

kelly0412 - BENJAMIN OPOLIS!!!! literally the funniest person i know and while we've drifted apart a bit i still have so much respect for you and ur probably the person i've spent the most time with on here. i hope things continue to go well in germany and i know i can always count on you to talk to, play games with and be absolutely hilarious LOL and you were the original jennifer stan so i have to respect it. we just have so many great moments together but the best one was definitely when we single handedly cancelled that roblox BB game because everybody left after we won HOH LOOOL

#kittykatz553 - ok i have no idea where u are these days but u deserve a tag since i literally t-dated you for like 3 months and it was the MESSIEST experience of my life but you were sweet until you... weren't. still you were a big part of my tengaged experience soooooo hope life is treating you well. last i checked you were posting anime gore so probably not

#thelogic - NOAHHHHHHH BABE. pretty sure u hate me now but our roblox days were iconic and i look back on my times with u fondly :) and ur rly good friends with tyler and any friend of yasgaga is a friend of mine!

maturo - omggg we've grown up so much together... a king. i do disrespect you sometimes and i am sorry about that but i know you have a great heart and will always have a place in mine for u!

Petro - OH MY GOD my old #1 friend. we definitely had a falling out and haven't talked seriously in like 2? years but you helped me so much with some very difficult times in my real life and you were always tons of fun on i used to definitely idolize you in terms of tengaged back in the day so the fact that u were my friend was always so incredible to somebody as impressionable as me =]

GoodKaren - literally an angel. i don't think you have a mean bone in your body but whenever you give people attitude its 100% deserved LOL but i literally respect you so much and we've been friends for like 4 years and you've never wronged anybody which is absolutely insane

mitchkid64 - OH MITCH we've never been that close but we've always had each others backs, or at least that's what i'd LIKE to think... its good to see u still around and kicking as most of my 2015 friends are long gone by now but we're still on great terms

bomberv - ERICK IM GOING TO HAVE TO SNAP YOU TO COME ONLINE AND READ THIS BUTTTT you literally coached me through so much and are one of the best friends i've ever made on or off this cracked site... u are the cool & rich friend i always wanted to have cant lie... but u are still a king and every time we talk after not talking for FOREVER we get right back to where we left off. i know i can always trust you still~

itsalexia - OK we don't get along anymore and ur pretty disliked now but it used to be us against the world in skype chats LOOL and u were always nice to me and probably nicer than i deserved... you've definitely changed but so have i so who am i to judge

#brxan - OMG this is definitely the most BIPOLAR relationship i've had on tengaged. even back on fireandicenumbers you were crazy but i think you do get a lot of unwarranted hate. you are REALLY funny and a relatively good gameplayer so i can respect that x

yasgaga - MISS YASGAGA. WHAT IS THERE TO SAY. literally my ride or die, my partner in crime.. a legend. words can not EXPRESS how much u mean to me and u listening to my incessant ramblings is always appreciated. im tired so i can not do u justice butttt i love u sooooooo much mwah πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹

iamremedy - JEDDIE. You are literally an angel. I don't think I've ever related to somebody on such a personal level as I have with you. We really do get each other and it's so crazy that I met somebody who reminds me so much of myself on the complete opposite site of the world. You are such an inspiration to me and such a kind person. I wish I could be more like you. much love

melindamrskk - thanks for chatting with me recently. we've been friends since the beginning of time and i have great memories of slaying games with you..

#maybelline / whatever ur on now - ok you are literally the CRAZIEST bitch i know. u know ily but get a grip sis x miss us and bomberv being a trio though those were the days!!

halloween - our history is fucking INSANE but i'm happy to call you my friend now. can't believe it's been almost 4 years since i brought my grandma on call to defend me in stars... what a horrible game. but even though we got off to a rough start i always wanted to be your friend and i feel like we've definitely hit that stage which is really cool. Some only see you as a one-dimensional villain but that's just so far from the truth.

notafraid - Gabbie!! You are one of the people that I feel most comfortable talking to. Something about you feels so genuine and I really appreciate having you as a friend and receiving your snaps that I never open LOL


KatarinaDuCouteau - BITCH I MISS US TALKING ABOUT BULGARIAN POP STARS AND STAYING UP ALL NIGHT FOR OUR SHOPS... we still kinda keep in touch but not on the same level. i forget what the video is called that kelly was obsessed with but thanks for making that we stan bulgaria

tryhard1441 - ur probably the person i've talked to the least on the list but i've had so many meaningful conversations with you. i would never imagine i'd meet somebody who's so far removed from the drama on and just a nice caring person but here we are. thank you so much for everything man

fetish - omg we barely talk anymore but ily sis we go wayyyyyyyyyy back and it's nice to see you around still because all my other girl friends LEFT me on this stupid website and ur still kicking so thx queen

parvatis - PURRIEEEEEEEEEE. jeddie's partner in crime and a legendary real girl. such a sweetheart it's so sad we barely talk because you are just soo sweet and have a great taste in friends.

and ill give the s club / widows ladies their own section as i didnt meet most of them on tg:

alexavontrayne - VON TRON ur literally mental and insult me sometimes but you have amazing taste and i like to think we still get along. thanks for running s club which truly is THE best chat ive ever been in x

kinggeek - I was definitely intimidated by you at first but you are literally hysterical and completely on my wavelength. Every time we do something together I either come out laughing, smiling or both. love uuuu

sashababy2010 - boo bear!! a king. love you lots and hope everything is going well for you because we had some fabulous times together and i'd love to have some more

mastropola - STUPID DIABETIC BITCH ur literally on cocaine or SOMETHING that makes you act this way but you always have the tea and aren't afraid to be honest. You are a bitch but only when it's deserved so I COMPLETELY respect it. You are such an interesting person to talk to and definitely a breath of fresh air on here with your quality blogs

zachbbs - YOU STILL OWE ME 3 GIFTS FROM 2 YEARS AGO AND I WILL NEVER FORGET. You are so cracked and I miss you xx

itsaustin - austin im literally about to pack up my things and go to college in minnesota with you because i really need a friend like u. we barely talk anymore since s club disbanded but i still have you on social media and like ur stuff so hopefully we are still on good terms.

ribbons - omg i just got to know you semi-recently but you are literally the weirdest person i've ever met... and i say that in the best way possible. you are just so intriguing and always have something witty or thought-provoking to say. couldnt wish for a better person to message about music at crackhead hours

batya - ur always just SO MUCH. a gay icon and very easy to talk to

britishromeo17 - BRITISH its literally always us vs the world in s club and you are just such an honest and genuine person so you deserve better then that ratchet ass roblox community u play with!! jk love ya

absol - indigo absolita todd!!! very cool guy and my token stoner friend. jk ur hilarious and carries me in games all the time so i respect it +13

okay this shit took me like 2 hours so pwease give me attention ty <3 pyn if you want ur own opinion as well in the comments if anybody is even reading this far


and more:
flickgamecolin - fellow Palin and a king. We still have to meet up in Columbus!!!
brycekeesh - you get soooo much hate and some of it is deserved but ur fucking HILARIOUS and actually very nice underneath ur exterior
masonx - we NEVER talk anymore but u introduced me to loona so u technically saved my life thx boo
icebeast - whorecrux king and one of the few token asians i know... sad
tpidude73 - yesss mike king miss playing epicmafia w u...
Rperduex11 - RONNIE we were so close for a bit and drifted apart but ur so funny and a great hunger ally before shit hit the fan and randomize's dumb ass added a 2nd cycle
cyrus - one earthan... a king. always a victim in s club and ur drag is... interesting but ur funny
#devinwithparasites - DEVIN ur literally such a talented drag
mradamman12 - still the only person aside from kayleigh i've met up with from tengaged... we really just NEVER talked after that because it was kinda awkward but it was still fun and i remember we were racing to see who would hit 50 gifts first and i think i passed you by just a bit LOL but i'll always remember us going to six flags for the sheer fact of how random it was! message me anytime king x

and STILL more but i can only fit so many before i decombust
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daddydev thank u for recommenting i needed ur comment to get out of the way for stylistic purposes
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little sweet pie
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i know
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Congrats :) <3 I first saw your avi as a noob with the hi haters shirt and like the :o face
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i love you so much < 33
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love u math baby
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Thanks Adam, love ya
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