Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is ::Thirteen 14 min ago They can shut down Tengaged but can never shut down woeisme.

moneymeyer4 3 min ago

-I usually only open spam from friends or aquiantances; once in a while strangers too. If we've had any prior bad experiences though, don't spam me cus i'll neg it!

-Humor is my drug

-I don't take games personally. I only dislike one person on this site and she is no longer active.

-I love all of the friends I've made over the years, even if we don't speak often.

*Group Game Winner of Ultimate Stars 11*

from darealbeast222 4 hours 24 min ago
are you gonna save me

by me to darealbeast222 36 min ago
I cant this round. Ive known forest for years. Best of luck regardless man!

from darealbeast222 17 min ago
wow are you serious i cant trust you for shit well bye

Oliviaxoxo 4 min ago
i mean i know it was long but holy crap!

ill warn mum that youre comong!! Sent by聽Oliviaxoxo,Jul 8, 2017

That darn, Ollie 馃挋

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