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Gaia's Survivor Season Rankings (Part 5 of..

7 Gaiaphagee, Jul 18, 2017

I have decided to rank each of the Survivor Seasons I have hosted based off of what I remember and with each part of this blog series.
1. Gabon- Fans VS Favorites - This was the first half returnee, half newbies season. It brought back 10 memorable favorites who did not win the game to compete against 10 fans of the game. Fairall Island (my version of RI) returned as the first time around it did not work out as planned. This time it worked out great. The tribes were fairly even going back and forth with wins. The duels were a lot more active than prior. One of the biggest events this season occurred during a duel between Favorite #1Swampy8 & Fan #Jhelsdon2478. It was an Endurance comp which ended up lasting over 12 hours. Eventually #Jhelsdon2478 had some sort of sleep deprivation/anxiety attack and had to go to the hospital. He made a vlog about it but it's since deleted. The original link is at the end of this summary. Anyways, so that was a major duel moment as a player was sent to the hospital IRL. I'm surprised Gaiaphage's Survivor has not yet been sued as this is one of several instances where players had to go to the hospital IRL... But we'll get to those seasons eventually. The merge was once again an outstanding group of people. We got to witness favorites run the game again like #Insanity17 & we had some good new fans introduced to the game like #AjayTwist, eventual winner #Bingo21, and a major icon of the series #Spinner554. The final 3 was a great group of people though it involved a pretty lame twist that I'm not sure what my 14 year old self was thinking. When we reached the final 2 with #Benlinus and #Bingo21, the jurors competed in a redemption challenge. The winner of that would enter finals. #Spinner554 won that duel though he was given 3rd place as he was originally voted out rounds before that and did not deserve finals. #Benlinus received some votes for being voted out 3rd then returning at merge and making finals, but ultimately the jury respected #Bingo21's game and we had a well deserved winner. This fan played remarkable and it was a great ending to a phenomenal season. Notable players include #Bingo21, #Benlinus, #Spinner554, #Insanity17, #AjayTwist, #1Swampy8, #Jhelsdon2478
**Here is a Jhelsdon's blog regarding the endurance challenge. http://www.tengaged.com/blog/jhelsdon2478/1653057/up-all-night-group-game
2. **ADDED ENTRY** 1. Uganda - The fifth season featured an awesome cast. 19/20 of this cast would go on to return at least one more time. The season was back to basics, not even idols. minus a twist at the merge but we'll get to that down below. The game started with the eventual final 2, Spinner554 & BBlover96 choosing tribes. The pre-merge featured a lot of big blindsides and pre-merge boots such as MMAjunkieX, SuitMan13, & Mrlincoln2u. 4 returnees were in the season, Benlinus,..


Random Stars Cast 2!

6 TotsTrashy, Dec 29, 2013

Stars 1 Winner: mattmon3365
Brandonator [Raffle Winner]
Lamia [Frat Seat - HomoErectUs]
Nominees for 16th
meduncan / 1Swampy8
16th: #1Swampy8
Nominees for 15th
meduncan / sihz
15th: #meduncan
Nominees for 14th
Carlisle / LiteCitrus
14th: #Carlisle
Nominees for 13th
LiteCitrus / zakisaboss
13th: #zakisaboss
Nominees for 12th
splozojames50 / Lamia
12th: #Lamia
Nominees for 11th
LiteCitrus / NexusCain
11th: #NexusCain
Nominees for 10th
EliOrtiz1234 / sihz
10th: #sihz
Nominees for 9th
Phenomanimal / Qwertyioup
9th: #Phenomanimal
Nominees for 8th
Mearl / Qwertyioup
8th: #Qwertyioup
Nominees for 7th
Mearl / Dusty12910
7th: #Dusty12910
Nominees for 6th
LiteCitrus / Brandonator
6th: #LiteCitrus
Nominees for 5th:
Mearl / Brandonator
5th: Mearl
Nominees for 4th
Brandonator / EliOrtiz1234
4th: #Brandonator
3rd: #EliOrtiz1234
2nd: #splozojames50
1st: #jenzie

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