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proof that brightongal is owlb0ned!!!!!

23 brookie_cookie, May 27, 2020

tattoo screenshot from recent vlog:
#owlb0ned tattoo from recent selfie:
detective cookie on the case! GG!


Funny Game Memory

10 mastropola, Sep 4, 2019

So a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago when I cared about TG 100% more than I do now, I was much more spiteful in games, and after THIS cast (at the time it was a big deal ok?) enrolled into the same castings, it was in that moment my human form had been eclipsed by the true gamebot that lives beneath my dry, aching skin.
Most of the cast members at this time were just snooty lil cocksuckers who thought who they were cuz their names were moderately known through the grapevine of TG/they were affiliated with someone who was.
I will preface this with mentioning that I was definitely the ONLY person (aside from Realchance in a way) who cared about this game (and one other person but I'll get to that) so this isn't me being like xd I'm better at these people in every facet of strategy!!1
Anyways, game starts and it's kind of a big deal :O reaction to see that many ~big~ name TGers all in the same casting cuz like......who is gonna die for 15th when were all used to floating to f7?
Gag of the century, NOBODY dies the first day. Luckily, yo girl had pulled herself through to the next day with deal, and I wasn't going to be the laughingstock of the game.
I don't remember who was exactly nommed every round, but I definitely pulled the trigger on everyone who went home. I pulled the classic message 2 noms what to do so the 3rd nom goes home. Simple A2 + B2 = C2, ya dig?
This game took place in 2015, a little shy of 2 years since I blindly sheeped DanielKennedy111 in Stars, and during that time, I'd grown to like him a lot less. I thought (and still do) he was one of the most patronizing people I'd ever met and the way he phrases himself when he talks made (and makes) me want to actually stab myself in the jugular. He happened to be nommed round 1, so I saw the opportunity and tried to take my shot.
Based on who I was friends/acquaintances/didn't have issues with at the time, the "alliance" of me PMing people what to do more or less consisted of Myself, Absol, Realchance , Stoopkid95, ShyanneMystik, Baza76, Bigdizzleyomama, Delete2544, Sosyomomma,  with #Owlb0ned, Sihz, and Jordan009 on a need to know basis. Knowing me, #00northrup probably got messages in his PMs that he never read asking him to vote a certain way just as a precautionary measure.
Among the chaos, I managed to actually scrape together enough votes to send DK out with a 20th under his name, despite fully expecting to have voted in a 1 person minority.
With this powerful Fourth Reich at the grasp of my fingers, I knew I had to keep a lid on things as long as I could so I could set myself up late game.
Unfortunately, Andy did actually die for 19th because he never logged back in, so Macken was next on my hit list for his ties to other people in..


favorite recent tengaged memory

1 maturo, Aug 14, 2019

would have to be the day #Owlb0ned got permed for posting a photo of big bird with tits and then complained she didn't deserve to be permed because it wasn't sexual when she knew all too well it was. Then she went on a tirade exclaiming she "didn't care if she got permed" yet went on calling people out while making 3 vlogs including one of her on the toilet



1 Danger, Jul 24, 2019

If u post ur Skype ill just add u
MEMBERS: Zuelke Titoburitto Levonini Marietori Bengalboy Dav_o_79 Dash Chibideidara Bearface #Owlb0ned ect ect too lazy to type every1


one of my all time favorites

4 maturo, Jun 2, 2019

to trigger on tg would have had to be #owlb0ned
her personality changed with the blow of the wind and it was so funny. All you had to do was talk about how pretty diamondsarentforever is and the rest was history
its also funny because she claimed she didnt care what "nerds" had to say on tengaged yet she spent the whole night that led up to her perm posting big bird porn and talking back to people who were calling her fat


List of people I blocked on Snapchat

8 CiTy, Apr 10, 2019

Before you get all defensive let me explain that most of these people blocked me first for sending too many smoking videos, but I was so salty that I blocked them back.



5 Delete2544, Apr 9, 2019

we are 5 minutes into the tg snap group and thumper91 is already NAKED ON CAMERA
itsalexia holllyy1230 m_davis1998 mikec51 brandt69 moxii eliortiz1234 lexeyjane chic mathboy9 shawnpat7 #OWLB0NED


Also btw

17 Violets, Mar 6, 2019

I didn't even see the image that got #Owlb0ned banned or whatever but LoveLife posted a video in where this guy got his FULL dick out and I reported it to Admina and they literally deleted the blog and said he didn't have "bad intentions" so gave him a slap on the damn wrist



20 paul028, Mar 5, 2019


☼ Happy 22nd Birthday Olivia!! ☼

23 SmoothStalker12, Jul 7, 2016

Happy Birthday to the queen whale herself, Oliviaxoxo!!!!!!!! I honestly really hope you didn't believe I had forgotten your birthday AGAIN this summer, but knowing you it's possible.. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your summer with no more stress from uni for a little bit, you certainly deserve it. I know it may not seem like it, but I really do adore and appreciate the friendship we have. You're the sweetest, most caring and honestly one of the most hilarious people i have met on this website and I feel very lucky to have you as my friend :) Whether it's our stars cast assessments or you bullying me because I made a remark about my love for you-know-who, every conversation is a joy and brightens my day. And I won't admit it later but i'll miss you while you are gone next month so let's make the most of this one! Here are some nice things I paid your "friends" to say about you!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFEY!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the last time I wrote one of these; gosh you’re getting old!! This has possibly been the most eventful year for us yet with the trip to Africa and adopting all those babies, you’re such a good mother :$ :$ And while we’re on the topic of things you’re good at, I have to mention how kind, caring, considerate and unintentionally funny you are, as well as how good you are at listening, being encouraging and giving advice, oh aaand how good you are in bed, but lets keep quiet about that cause I don’t want Calvin to be getting jelly!! I really couldn’t ask for a better friend < 3 Make the most of your special day and I hope you enjoy all 27 of your summer holidays! Be sure to think of me while you’re sipping cocktails on a Portuguese beach while I’m walking around in the pouring rain!! Love you forever < 333  LewisC
Ollie ball- lots of love to you on your 22nd bday. I hope it's a great and exciting one. Thanks for your friendship these past few years and for always being there for me/everything you've done for me. Don't party too hard, steal any sheep or minions!!! love ya times infinity or affinity ;) You deserve the best! woeisme
Happy birthday Olivia! :D I'm so glad that you are back on tengaged, things are a lot more fun with you around! It's a little sad that the whales are playing the day before your birthday, because how amazing would it be if they won against Portugal the same day as you birthday! Anyways, I hope you have an amazing day! :) magge555550101
Happy Birthday Olivia!
The thing I like about most about you is how kind you are and just how genuine you are with people.  Sometimes that can be really hard to find in someone.  I think you are one of the sweetest people on the site and I know a lot people feel that way about too, friends or not.  If you told me to pick someone more kind or more caring then you it would be really hard for me to find or pick that..


For Every 10 Points

32 Pieguy555, Jun 18, 2016

I'll tag a hot Tengaged user
10 - Jadennator1
20 - #Owlb0ned
30 - #Ohheydudeski :$
40 - #unkown
50 - #Jenzie
60 - #Lucinda
70 - #Bengalboy
80 - #Vanili
90 - #Spiderboom
100 - #DanielleDonato :$
110 - #tofutime
120 - #saraj10
130 - #Oliviaxoxo
140 - #Nick33
150 - #PureEssence
160 - #Jenna2010
170 - #sihz < 3
180 - #Joseline
190 - #Etienne
200 - #Phenomanimal
210 - #Gaiaphagee
220 - #tharealmike
230 - #lemonface
240 - #KBeastW
250 - #AlaskanFireDragon
260 - #woahcourtney
270 - #forevermissprice
280 - #KizzXxX08
290 - #nandoxxx
300 - #Icebeast
310 - #Cornelia
320 - #Shonaynay
330 - #Hash
340 - #AllieBoBallie
350 - #Shyannemystik
360 - #Aaronstevens4444
370 - #Maggie
380 - #PrincessTeePee
390 - #Arris
400 - #Downeaster
410 - #YuNoLoveMe
420 - #Jhelsdon2478
430 - #nicknack
440 - dsradine
450 - Kaylabby
460 - Styxxe
470 - Billions
480 - Kob3sm1th
490 - ghrocky100
500 - ianfitz0012
510 - Mack3199
520 - ShayyBayy
530 - SummerLockie
540 - #Anoreoz987
550 - babebee
560 - Admir
570 - Jacksonjoseph99
580 - lilfamousz516
590 - Rebelman2227
600 - Instagram
610 - Timberlie
620 - Gardenia
630 - JustMe
640 - Tigger
650 - Bix123
660 - Volibear
670 - LiteCitrus



0 Jkjkjk15, Jul 30, 2015

Karma is a bitch.


Post L or H

80 jacksonjoseph99, May 10, 2015

L= I'll tell you what I love about you the most
H= I'll tell you what I hate about you the most
Post both and be skipped, or if I don't know you, you'll be skipped. Stolen from Teddybear
#Phenomanimal - You have a very good sense of humor, you're one of the people on here that are/were extremely popular and well liked for a good reason
#DiamondsArentForever - good sense of humor
#Ridster - Your poor opinion of girl groups
#Zbase4 - You're just a chill guy that I don't have to talk to often but we can always have a good conversation (typically Russian girls)
#PureEssence - You're such a sweet girl
#ak73 - You take certain (not all) games on here super seriously and it's pretty annoying... HAPPY
#brandonpinzu - You were, at one time, my best friend on the website. Thankfully we both are still on good terms =]
#KrisStory - Your iconic blog (Yk the one)
#Gardenia - You are beyond hysterical and just an all around good person
#AllieBoBallie - You're a nice person from what I remember
#BrenLa - You're surprisingly an amazing friend and you're very selfless and I appreciate that a lot bud
Thirteen - You don't care what people think of you
Teddybear - You nominated me in Stars :(
SomebodyAwesome - We are very compatible with music / BB houseguest opinions
Icing - You're hella bipolar
LittleMix - You can get super emotional about the dumbest shit
DanielKennedy111 -  You never fail to make me laugh
Patrick319 - Love your BB / Survivor blogs... and you're funny ig
dmann - I mean I know you know this but you're bipolar and when you're bad you're REALLY bad
potatosalad - You're pretty chill and an Ariana fan
clone - You're one of the funniest people I talk to, even if you cheated on me in the Love Me Harder music video
Dash - Nothing honestly sorry if thats not what u wanted to hear
BengalBoy - ^^^
JesseM - You are a generous person!
Rocker917 - You're such a crazy kid and you always make me laugh
Answerable - Nothing, also
MikeRORO - We don't talk anymore man!!!!
Aquamarine - You take games too seriously
AustinRules6969 - NOTHING WTF
Turney1805 - You've always been super funny
GiGi10 - Only for you... You're my best friend and you are always there for me and you're hysterical and it makes me happy so i guess the main/only thing I dislike about you is that I feel like I consider you a closer friend than you consider me but thats really not even that big of a deal lol
maxiphone27 - You're an insanely talented musician and..


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