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Hello, my name is More Blogs Than Kamra

Hi I'm Dash :D,
*Joined August 22 2010*

~Not plusing your spam till I'm in stars~

Skype: Dash_The_Creator
*Don't Let The Avatar Fool Ya, I'm A Nice Guy ^_^*

The Vipers

Lead Singer At "Hispanic At the Disco"
Dash you're a dull horse! Sent by Tengaged_Moderation ,Aug 28, 2012

Highest Rank - 399th - April 2nd 2013
8 Way Tie for First In Design Rehab Season 1

-Wall Of Dash-

"Whenever I'm getting hated on for some of my stupid blogs, you always have something fun to post. Beside that, your blogs crack me the fuck up. You're an up-and-coming Bengal Boy or Blogs himself. Keep up the good times - I'm glad there are some rad people on this site who don't take it as seriously as others." - #Jmleahy

"dash you're just awesome I wish we talked more though I truly do love your sense of humour and like I've said before you are and always will be one of my favourite bloggers on this site so never stop blogging or else this blog page is going to die a little bit inside.. you have a great livid personality that just brightens the area around you and you have the capablity of people someone's day awesome" - #notafriad

xD you are one of the cutest guys on tengaged which i shouldnt say considering our age gap :| but still youre an amazing guy and so sweet" - #Anom

"Dash- Dash you are a really interesting person I must say. Your background in unique and I like how you have a lot of good things heading for you in the future if you keep up the good work. You are very likable by people are you are someone that stands out on here instead of acting like everyone else." #runner430

Dash - My little blog-whoring protégé ^_^ I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that you’re so young…like, I think I’ve known you since you were about 12! Its fine, I still love you…I wish we’d talk as much as we used to, though! - #Dav_o_79

Dash – I really like you, you’re a nice guy, fun to play minecraft with. I wish you came on OC calls more often cause you are fun to be around :)

#Dash - I use to have a crush on you hehe oops. Dash you may not be the brightest but I still like you and you're also really athletic which is something to be proud of! I liked you when we talked but we don't do that much anymore, sad I know. - #Ilovesleep

- Dash: You are hands down one of the most fun people I have run into on this site. You are loyal, you are respectful and you are intelligent. I love running into you in games because we never plan it out but we always have fun. I do my best to look out for you when we run into each other, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't but you never seem to take any game too seriously which I love. You truly seem like you're having a good time on this site which is what it's all about. I would love to watch you play Stars some day and I would happily support you. You are a great individual and I hope we can play again sometime soon. - #Hash

Dash : Hi Jason! To be honest, in the beginning, I didn't really like you. But as we talked more and more I saw you're just a careless, free-spirited guy; and for the most part, you're a loyal friend. After the Eric drama, you seemed to be one of the only people that generally saw both sides and cared. I think we have a lot of things in common, and I wish that you would because as active as you once were so we could talk more frequently. But overall Jason, you're a good, down-to-earth guy, and I wish we talked more. ): - #Casting

I love dash! He was one of my first friends on the website from the Tequilla Party Mafia Castings and I love the fact that we've both grown so much since we were nooby. He's honestly hilarious, a great guy, and I really do cherish our friendship - #Hwest14

Dash - I honestly really enjoy talking to are funny without trying and you are smart but modest and you like to mess with people too and idk ur just like such a nice guy and i think in 5 years i want to take you out on a really romantic date and make you smile the entire time and have fun =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD - #Anom

Dash - You're a smart person and an entertaining one as well. You also have good taste in fake wrestling and in chips. You have a lot of different aspects to your personality like your forced Catholic school education despite being against most of it, as well as when playing skype games when you seem to go unnoticed in all of the drama. Overall, you're a funny kid and a goodhearted human in general, but don't stay up past your bed time because you parents might get upset! #MilkIsGood

Dash - Are you even real? Like you're attractive as HELL and to top it all off, you dress well AND not to mention have an amazing sense of humor. But aside from that, I find you very honest, genuine and very out-spoken. We haven't talked in like 304 years but I guess that's fine, I'm boring as hell.


Pizza -

"I feel like this website is an obstacle in my journey to Heaven"

" I came into this world naked, screaming and covered in someone else's blood. I plan on leaving the same way."

12th- Dash (Green) (VOIDED by zachup)

Dash Has Killed
Zeptis was shot dead by Dash
jamjars was shot dead by Dash

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