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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is mathsteacher500summe

aww danio! You really are one of my favorite people on here because you’re so genuine and kind, and you don’t let anyone walk all over you. I really do care about our friendship so much and whenever we talk or I see you in games it makes my day so much better! I love you bestie ❤️

*JhonPopper* Jamal 💜💜
Danio - out of every single stars I played I never met anyone so loyal and so kind and it makes me happy that I did because you’re amazing and ily.

danio you’re so supportive of your friends, and it seems like you truly care for them. You seem like a great cheerleader and someone I can turn to when times are rough.

danio - I have always love playing games with you... You're a really nice guy! Wish you well in life king! 🧡 fcking Iconic!

Danio is literally the nicest person on TG💙

danio - LMFAO you gotta be a troll man those survivor stunts were SICKENING!!!!! you made me laugh a ton with them tho and you saying "ok i got this :)" and saving 0 is like the peak of comedy on here for me LMFAOOOOO you seemed a really nice and kind person and im glad i got to play a game with you (even if it was short!!!!) hope you have an awesome night my friend =]

* Shonaynay *
Shoutout to Danio! Bro, you're a really cool guy. You seem pretty damn chill as well from what i've seen. I don't see you come on here too often which is probably a good thing since you're not an addict like some of the people on here? :D Goodluck if you join another stars, supporting you all the way!

*Meyaar *
Shoutout my #danio, I feel if you were a girl, we would be married by now haha. My bromance, my everything. Love ya bro. Keep it up irl.

danio We had only played one game before this and we didnt really talk but in this hunger we connected immediately. I am ashamed to show anyone our pms because they are simply HILARIOUS and having you was always positive and made the game more fun. Will remember our fake ftd that freaked people out of their minds.

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