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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Danio

* Shonaynay *
Shoutout to Danio! Bro, you're a really cool guy. You seem pretty damn chill as well from what i've seen. I don't see you come on here too often which is probably a good thing since you're not an addict like some of the people on here? :D Goodluck if you join another stars, supporting you all the way!

*Meyaar *
Shoutout my #danio, I feel if you were a girl, we would be married by now haha. My bromance, my everything. Love ya bro. Keep it up irl.

danio We had only played one game before this and we didnt really talk but in this hunger we connected immediately. I am ashamed to show anyone our pms because they are simply HILARIOUS and having you was always positive and made the game more fun. Will remember our fake ftd that freaked people out of their minds.

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Day 4
6 Dec, 21
7 Dec, 21
3 Dec, 21
2 Dec, 21
11 May, 21
10 May, 21
17 Nov, 20

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  3. Hi! remember me?
  4. 20 Post Castings :3
  5. Join slow castings
  6. Tbh
  7. PYN
  8. PYN9th
  9. + if they should
  10. Love you too <3
  11. I thought Paul was ruining this season..
  12. I have not touched my dick
  13. Everyone check bb jokers..
  14. Thank you so muchhh....
  15. I'm back bitches
  16. Stars Support
  17. I love you :)
  18. Where can I watch bb live online? :)
  19. Tiffany is going and coming right back :)
  20. You all are stupid

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