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Best TG moment was when

1 coreyants, Mar 9, 2018

#andychuck08 bought me a $350 plane ticket to St. Louis and not only didn't I ever got to meet him, but I got a $500 SW credit from the experience and a free weekend to see old friends lmao


The only people

3 jeriber, Jul 5, 2015

who miss #andychuck08
are the ones that did the dirty with him.
Like 3 people in the SB did the dirty with him so he must have had several of u hooked too lmao


This site sucks

1 Trenton1126, May 6, 2014

Ever since #andychuck08 was banned.
I miss his blogs.


Top 5 Underrated Bloggers

12 Steel, Feb 15, 2014

Making a top 5 underrated bloggers because most of the losers on here aren't able to respect good blogs when they see them cuz they're too focused on their stupid 13 year old shit
#5 Inkread
Some people hate her blogs for no reason but I find them hilarious. Why? Because people hate them.  She blogs constantly about her lover ThatKoolKidOverThere and people let their buttholes get so agitated over it and it's hilarious!  Her humor may be kinda stupid sometimes which makes her blogs even more entertaining to read since she's very innocent but nice.  She is also my fave woman on here so I may be biased, but who cares, not like any of you nerds have good opinions anyway
#4 Olympia
I have not followed his blogs in a while but I remember he would post really funny shit all the time, back before my break.  He used to be my fave blogger but I don't see him be that active anymore, I don't remember the last time I read one of his blogs but they were GOLD.  I don't know him personally but he's hilarious
#3 SurvivorFan37
Even though he has one of those lame generic usernames that would make you expect him to be some lame noob only concerned with getting gifted and noticed, his blogs are hilarious and so underrated probably because of his lame username.  He blogs about the funniest shit and I feel like I'm the only one actually reading his blogs constantly and I'm like why are more people not loling at this shit... Some of his blogs are even funnier than mine, but definitely not all because I am hilarious.
#2 DumbGinger
I met Sai in stars and I can say he is one of the funniest fucking people on here, holy shit his sense of humor is so creative and weird that I usually go to his profile and go through and read his blogs sometimes just to get some good laughs LOL.  Unfortunately he is a brown level so the losers on here ignore his blogs, what a shame.
#1 #andychuck08
The other night I was high and going through andychuck's blogs and I actually wet myself once reading them.  He said his prime was back in 09-10 but I guess now that there is a less mature audience for his blogs he is vastly underrated and ignored which is a CRIME.  I urge you to go through his blogs and read them, they are really funny shit.  Probably funnier than my blogs, which is saying something.


wait wtf

2 Funnehliner, Feb 14, 2014

why is #andychuck08 banned

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