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I am screaming

7 Streamxx, Apr 6, 2020

At fistiona previously known as blitszims aka #fiona89 telling me on call that back in the day when nmh95 was straight and a MINOR apparently he use too harrass her for nudes and call her the N word when she didn’t send them.... just because she’s from south east London doesn’t make her a ...... like wtf



3 obey_me, Feb 19, 2019

I've always said she is trash.
#fiona89 been on the site for almost 20yrs.


Reposting the ⛪Pray Productions⛪ archive

7 Jouix, Oct 20, 2018

blitszims comment earlier made me dig this out... some of my old tengaged spoof videos. I'm seriously considering making more of these but I need some storyline ideas?? Anyways enjoy :)
Jenii_Valenta CRACKS
Diva1 seduces randomize (voiceover by Playboyy)
SexGoddx dethroned from the Plastics? (Featuring chic jenii_valenta Lucinda xcelestex)
How #fiona89 ( Blitszims) got banned! (Featuring stokes2009)



0 CocoaBean, May 12, 2015



Is Fiona89 a guy?

1 Istvan, Jun 3, 2014

I need to know cus I think I like him
#fiona89 xxxx


blits walkin round

3 je7467, Mar 29, 2014

like she tuff shyt xx b!tch you nuthinnnn.. #Fiona89 stll a bnned b!tch.
yu ar no one bbz xx


Top 10 Stars Playas ive played with.

7 BB5lover, Mar 10, 2014

1. #Fiona89 - none of u know her but holy fuck can she play. Stars 114 was a shit show to say the least and i was the ONLY noob in the game. She literally played me so hard all game and I use her strategy in my own game. I love her so much and if u ever played a stars with her you know exactly why shes #1
2. BlueLagoon506 - ROFL if u remember my stars with vishaala i think it was like 119, it was the most dramatic, ugly stars you'll ever see. I literally bullied her when she backstabbed me for 7th. But she is so sweet and her sweetness takes a motherly role, and then all of a sudden ur nominated after trusting her for like 5 days straight. Shes soooooooo good at the game and if you are ever in a stars with her get her the fuck out AND DO NOT GO ON CALL WITH HER BECUZ SHES EVEN SWEETER ON CALL.
3. Charming2010 - Best stars ally ever. Hes really trustworthy and his word is good as gold. He is really laid back and trusting which is one of his downfalls but once he gets hooks into people he makes f3 so easy. One of the best male stars players to play the game tbh even though no1 rly knows him anymore.
4. Mattybb9 -rofl oh god, i love matty and we were best friends who decided to join stars together and i backstabbed him so hard it was ridiculous but ya i still love him. He does something different than everyone else. He could nominating someone one day, and have them nomming with him the next its really weird how he gets people to trust him. He has really good people skills (unlike everyone on tg) which makes it easier to play a good game.
5. Emmaleigh - me and charming literally outplayed her but it was the hardest thing to do EVER. She is so sweet, but her shadiness takes new levels. She has like a posse while in stars, basically people who wanna be her, and she uses them and has them shield her its really cool and fun to watch how pathetic and weak some people are in stars. She uses everything to her advantage, her popularity, her intelligence and shes really good at manipulating. HAVE FUN TRYING TO GET HER OUT.
6. Razorclaw13 - ROFL i hated him in my first stars with him but ya then we played our second stars and we were literally a perfect duo. He is just like me as well and hes really good at being shady and lying at any moment. We created the perfect flavor in gaiaphage which was eventually the downfall to BOTH of our games. RIP
7. Peetah32 - might be biased since we literally mesh so well in stars. We are both 2 down to earth guys who trust each other 110% which makes stars alot easier. He works really hard and has so many people trust him which makes it easy to manipulate people while putting the knife in their back. ugh he plays so good and should win again tbh.
8. Turney1805 - He actually should be alot higher on this list but the rest are like rly good so idk i just put him here. Hes so shady, like..


Is Fiona89 a guy?

4 Istvan, Aug 24, 2013

idk :O



2 Honalulue, Aug 13, 2013

I miss #Fiona89, the last thing she did was harass me because I was leaving tengaged for 2 years and couldnt do my survivor challenge


Where did

0 Honalulue, Jul 21, 2013

#Fiona89 go lol


† Pray Productions ARCHIVE †

25 Jouix, May 12, 2013

I decided to bring all the Pray Productions videos together in 1 place for you all to watch =] maybe you missed 1 and want to catch up! I should rly make some more! ~ ENJOY
Jenii_Valenta CRACKS
Diva1 seduces randomize
SexGoddx dethroned from the Plastics?
How #fiona89 ( Blitszims) got banned!


U know it's the end of the world

14 KarmaArrived, Apr 21, 2013

Shayybayy loses weight
Playboyy turns straight
randomize becomes active for 6 hours straight
jesus comes back
Trust and Bridgette77 lose their friendship
BBDamian actually haves sex
Foxox and jacco are reunited
brookie_cookie becomes President
Imthtawesom becomes Vice President
#Fiona89 is unbanned and worshipped
The North American Free Trade Agreement collapses, consisting of USA, Canada, and Mexico
(Ya I am talking about u finklestein123 notafraid and xxandytraicyxx -.-)
Liberals and Republicans get along
And the lower levels of Tengaged all of the sudden become black levels in like 2 days



3 jamjars, Apr 2, 2013



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