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Hello, my name is finklestein123

Should unattractive people get compensation? You might be reading this thread and be like "WTF" but I'm being serious, just hear me out
I am an unattractive person and I feel like I'm going to miss out on lots during life because of my visually challenged face. Attractive people lead happier lives, are more likely to find love and generally have more friends and it's not really fair that I don't get to be as happy just because of my features. I honestly feel like people deemed unattractive should receive some sort of compensation, whether it be money, medical help etc.
And before anyone does the whole "who you are is beautiful" - nobody is telling me that on Grindr/Tinder. Do you agree that we, the unattractive, should receive some sort of reparation for having to suffer life like this with reduced chances of happiness?

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