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PYN four a rating :)

50 titoburitto, May 31, 2018

#tennisplayer963 5. u annoyed me for a lil a while ago i forgot why tho
#Bearface 10. even tho i could name 100 reasons why ily :) <3
#amf7410 6. idk you all too well, but i've heard how nice you r!!!!
#MarieEve 6. we have never chatted and every time i see ur username i think of montana
#AllieBoBallie 10. just like urself ;)
#malachite05 4. i think u trolled me a while ago but u leave a bad taste in my mouth
#Matthew09 7. OMG u would be so higher but we have never talked LOL add me on skype!!!
#Darbe 8. i still can't believe u emotionally used & abused me in stars miss u boo x
#NoGoodNamesLeft 6. ur a stranger!!! im assuming ur an old user
MarieTori a solid 2. Everything about you seems fake to me. Youre a try hard and you feen for attention.
BlueStar1367 4. we would always target each other in frookies dont think i forgot 2015 LMAO
NicoleF 1. This needs no further explanation
BengalBoy 9. Always a good lad to kiki with
semajdude 6. my only memory of u is stars & that was short lived!!! rlly nice x
Steel 5. idk u but remember long ago u got on a call i was on and said u hated gays
VeryMaryKate 6. i dont know u all too well but ur name reminds me of makeup LOL
smuguy2012 4. we never really got along coz u called me out in a vlog a long time ago but i dont hate u lol
NotAfraid 8. we don't talk at all but u seem so nice :)))
levonini 10. my bestie for the restie <3 drops it low and moves hips
2388 7. iconic messy legend
Memphis_Grizzlies 6. ur a random hun but a hun nonetheless
Chibideidara 9. u could spit in my mouth and id suck u off
Zuelke 8. on the good days, 6 on the bad.
Kandee_ 5. i just really have no idea who u r
J2999 6. i only chatted w u in that skype game but u were rlly nice
Minniemax 6. wood be higher but we never chatted
Mrpokeguy9 8. OMG miss u bunches!!! hope ur doing well boo :*
jacksonjoseph99 9. LOVE u r such a good survivor ally
Amnesia_ 5. ahhhhhh i just dont rlly no u :(
Oliviaxoxo 9. U R SO FUNNY TO KIKI W..... we need to chat more :))
Danyyboy67 7. an OG buddy hehe
DuncanSurferBoy 9. the love of my life :**
Burgerman2929292 6. dont know u, but love the username LOL
Yandereboy12 4. ur username was so much for me to remember to type
TaraG 9. MOM..... miss u and hope everything is going well :)
JonMcGillis 7. ur username and avatar always stick out to me but idk u LOL
FocusBlast 4. i rlly have never seen u ever LOL
Paige54 7. SUCH. A. LOVELY. GIRL!!!!!! stay shining :)
JasonXtreme 6. omg i nvr talked to u but we're on the same..


My snap streaks < 3

7 Arris, Jun 3, 2017

pyn if u wanna join this flawless list
#tennisplayer963 - 402
DakotaCoons - 266
Ethan000 - 248
RobertGuajardo - 210
IceBeast - 160
teamclay - 158
Nightcore - 157
ImGonnawin - 151
C_Shizz96 - 135
m7md26 - 132
Bomberv - 107
eliortiz1234 - 107
zachbbs - 98
alanb1 - 97
jenzie - 62
garrievans97 - 60
iYBF - 49
druhhbby2 - 48
Admir - 37
lexi0103 - 35
Thumper91 - 33
Monomial - 31
SamHuss - 28
NicoleF - 23
FairyBoss - 21
KatarinaDuCouteau - 20
Sam_Hamwich - 20
#Foxtrot - 14 (not sure bout his name)
2Beastly -  9
NotAfraid - 8
virgie88 - 3
I also have plenty streaks with ppl irl
and had with some others on tg but they suck at keeping them ]=

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