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pyn and I'll give u a mario character

58 alexclow345, Jun 15, 2020

and this is a real match of personality to mario persona not like those fake bitches that go HERES UR FORTUNE TEEHEE and then post fuckin fortune cookie messages
also if I literally have no idea who you are don't post because i will put N/A like if you are active and I've seen you around sure but like if I actually have no idea who u are (which I might I'm kinda irrel since 2015) like spare the 3 seconds it would take to post your name.
slice - hammer bro - a top ranking member of bowser's army who usually outwits the plumber by throwing hammers to impede his progress, and you are very smart just like hammer bro!
jasonxtreme - diddy kong - you are Xtreme enough to use a jetpack and shoot peanuts out of a fucking pistol
dash - waluigi - cuz you are both massive TROLLS on the internet and can roundhouse kick a bitch
zoon - koopa troopa - while you are mario's enemy you still get invited to every tennis/gold/party/racing game because you are iconic and slay the premade
davelooney - daisy - you are both massive sluts and are desperate for a man that can satisfy you
peterya - luigi - cuz when bamold posts hes mario and you guys are like BEST FRIEND SOULMATE BROTHERS and luigi is in every game AND has his own spinoff series. iconic
lemonface - wendy koopa - because you are both extra and need constant validation
cruelsummer - baby peach - as a low level you start as a baby but in time you will be the BADDEST bitch on this site. know that
gothiczebra - petey pirahna - you are both flamboyant, cute, and somewhat out of 2013
missbratitude - bombette - both of you queens mean business and lookin cute af
jallina15 - donkey kong - as the most prominent member of your family on the website IMO you get the most important Kong family member of them all. you got en entire game series dedicated to you. let that sink in
lachie227 - dorrie - not going to lie I think of the loch ness monster everytime I see your name even though that is extremely unfair to you so u can be the cutest loch ness monster that has every existed to make up for it
fetish - roy koopa - you are extremely stylish bad bitch but also from I've seen you also had sort of a mischievous side...also the best koopaling so TEA!
bengalboy - toadsworth - as tengaged's oldest most prominent user you act as the lovable old guide to the mushroom kingdom and you are also princess peach's (WHICH IS ME) assumed that
notafraid - red yoshi - because you are one of the most loveable people on tengaged and everytime we've talked it's been nothing but nice! and I always see you with red hair so you are the red yoshi!
becksta20 - toadette - everyone loves toad for being friendly and you are a female so put..


Queens of Tengaged Season 1: Week 4

5 AliciaNever, Jul 21, 2014

By a vote of 4 to 1, Queen #Bridgette77 as been evicted and received 14th Place.
16th - Icing (3-1 against #jenzie)
15th - trishytrash (8-4 against #jenzie)
14th - Bridgette77 (4-1 against #Megan)
HoH: #Jenii_Valenta
Pre-Veto Noms: #aimers & #Megan
Veto Winner: #SexyBanana
Post-Veto Noms: #STOKES2009 & #Megan
#QueensOfTengaged #bb16 #rookies #stars #casting


i bet

0 Alyxandra, Dec 6, 2013

#bridgette77 is so fat she cant see her penis

24 Stars 7: All Stars week 2!

0 ksnyd2504, Mar 13, 2013

From a vote of 13-8 #Bridgette77 you have been evicted from the big brother house.
The New HoH is......... #JacksonJoseph99 Congratulations!
The Plasticos of Los Angelico's: #SexGoddx #xCelestex #Jenii_Valenta #xGirlyBlondex new member: #Trust
Glitter In The Air: #KittyTheEmolga #kizzi #suzycroatia #hobnobgpro #TeddyBear #LexiVazquez
The Brosephs: #JGoodies #JacksonJoseph99 #DanielKennedy111 #BrandonPinzu #GothicZebra
Nomination Ceremony:
Noms: #Carlisle v.s #Bamold1999
JacksonJoseph99: I have nominated you Bamold and you Carlisle because Carlisle I have heard many rumours about you and I just can't trust you. Bamold I nominated you because you had 3 meltdowns today about how you didn't have anybody I thought that was an overreaction for that you two are nominated.
Tune in next time to find out who will be evicted from the big brother house!



59 Danger, Jul 16, 2012

And I'll say every thing that I hate about you =]
This should be fun xx
Dzenan00 - You're not straight, idk when you're gonna give this whole charade up. You're legit such an obvious flamer, and it makes me mad that you lie to everyone here, when this site is FULL of gay people!!! Just come out already :|
BrendonByrne - You're such a high level on this website yet you're so irrelevant at the same time. Get a personality! Stand out :|
tharealmike - You're shallow, whether you think you are or not. You're very shallow. You think every slutty gay guy on this website is cute. I don't find promiscuity cute, I find it rather disgusting.
torimarie - You make the worst friends. Like honestly, I've hated every single one of your friends that you made except for Doolisha. They're all so fucking annoying, immature, and know nothing about real life.
Jazmyna - You have the ugliest KPG I've ever seen, if I were you I'd restart on a new account :|
vh1luvr15 - Your username is honestly so ugly.
Runner430 - You've gotten better, but honestly I've never seen someone so socially fucked up as you were. You had the social skills of a 4 year old.
Slice - You're the definition of basic. You have the personality everyone else on Tengaged has. OMG BIG BROTHER, OMG MY BFF, OMG TENGAGED YAY. Like omg... I don't think I've ever seen you blog anything interesting, ever.
jenzie - You're an 8 dating 2's. You can do better, aquamarine deserves Shayybayy.
jtotalturtle - You have the worst choice in friends omg. Like, you became friends with the OC & Sassy003? Fucking gross, that's like sitting at the lunch table where people are playing action figures while in high school. Total social suicide.
DanielKennedy111 - You try fitting in with every clique on Tengaged, it's so annoying lol. Why can't you do bad all on your own gurl? You gotta follow all these people like the groupie I think you are!
Zoeygasms - Not to be an asshole to the rest of the switchblades, but they're all annoying and basic as fuck. Like, I've talked to every single one of you 1 on 1, and I predict that in your switchblade chat all you guys do is talk about Tengaged, big brother, and like fucking drag races or Beyonce or something gay like that. If you guys do, then that's soooooo weird....
Viola - You're just so.. quiet lol. You never stand out.
EpicChaos - You suck at games, on your old account & your new one... Just quit rtb.
ajg31397 - You're a gigantic flamer.
Inkread - You always post on my PYN's and I don't even know you... If you're gonna do that at least make an effort to talk to me so I can get to know you. It's annoying as fuck. PS. Your avatar looks like a fat Lindsay Lohan with that red hair..


PYN =]

62 tyboy618, Jul 16, 2012

and I will give you a random Pokemon...
Survivor8 - Weezing
Inkread - Carnivine
brainysmurf - Swinub
1Swampy8 - Landorus
Pepperdude_is_back - Vileplume
tonym101101 - Pawniard
AlexTheGod - Dunsparce
RespectThePouch - Phanpy
Austin - Wooper
Trust - Eelektrik
Bo_oM - Deerling
xCelestex - Kyurem (Black)
skeeter - Azelf
[ Tengaged_Moderation - Timburr]
TheSexiestDude990 - Froslass
tbibetch - Corphish
AlexRyder - Tepig
tommarkoliver - Leavanny
koolmanmadden - Minccino
Akomes - Volbeat
horrorite - Magikarp
ThatKoolKidOverThere - Scraggy
AustinRules6969 - Dodrio
Prince_Charming - Shellos
Gaius - Tynamo
MichelleObama - Riolu
daviewilly - Honchkrow
DanielKennedy111 - Heracross
gematria - Victini
#Bridgette77 - Dwebble
#Insanity - Ferroseed
#dragotistic - Gorebyss
#ajg31397 - Deoxys (Speed)
#XSaiX - Whimsur
#awesome2210 - Clefairy
#KittyTheEmolga - Swablu
#NotAfraid - Omastar
#Lamb - Sudowoodo
#MickJagger - Banette
#o_elle_o - Fraxure
#Don_Draper - Roselia
#DEACES - Slugma
#HelenCoops - Duosion
#tayman14 - Happiny
#Jake6991 - Lugia
#Maxi1234 - Primeape
#BbDamian - Mime Jr.
#TheRealMessiah - Nidorino
#hinata0014 - Chimecho
#Spookie - Pichu
#Chemicalali - Rapidash
#bobbert1000 - Marill
#Toast805 - Grovyle
#Platypus - Nincada
#Scheuerman14 - Delcatty
#sirbeastly - Karrablast
#alexclow345 - Shroomish
#anas - Typhlosion


PYN and I will predict your next Stars..

92 jhelsdon2478, Jun 22, 2012

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE!  This is all for fun!
potatoman4 --9th
pokemaster --5th
imthtawesom --7th
DCSooner --1st(its about damn time son)  :-)
I_pullDaStrings --11th
finklestein123 --14th
Randori --8th
AlexRyder --10th
Maxi1234 --12th
kdog --7th
dragotistic --9th
SSDZ --13th
nmh95 --4th
ghoul --10th
JetsRock12 --2nd
MHens --11th
coreypanda --3rd
joshg222 --12th
Milkisgood 14th
Robbster1313 --6th
dmann  --4th
DonkeyStalker --10th
vitamin  --5th
koolness234 --2nd
brandonpinzu -- 5th
owee13 --2nd
Dash --8th
Nick24678 --11th
mutiny --9th
Gaiaphage --7th
#Bridgette77 --1st
#jennifur --13th
#chrisw756 --10th
#Bo_om --1st
#Lucinda --2nd
#MoooCoww --2nd
#florina --6th
#Insanity --6th
#Druhhbby --7th
#Danger --4th
#atti12 --9th
#bellajennaxo --2nd

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