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5th year anniversary

21 Thumper91, Oct 6, 2017

i honestly cant believe that i have been on here that long. when i found this site i was living with a guy and used this site to get over him after we broke up, well not really get over him but to keep him off my mind. this site surprsingly has helped me grow so much.
i use to be so socially awkward and shy. but like now i can talk to people irl and hold conversations and have a good laugh c: i learned how to not take shit from people online or irl from this site i couldnt thank my friends enough for being there for me when i can be hard to deal with sometimes i love all the people that have helped me grow in one way or another <3
which i dont regret a thing b/c you dont and shouldnt live in regrets <3
just tagging people i talk to alot
#carlisle ugh i love you and miss you i hope your trip is going great :) cant wait to have babies with you one day <3
eyoomarcus thanks for everything you have done for me and always being there for me you are the best friend anyone could literally ask for <3
s73100 i love you to the moon and back even though i can be mean sometimes
coreyants idc what anyone says you are a good friend and fun to talk to hope all is well :)
astone929 thanks for the memories :) i loves you wish we talked more
disneygeek i love you so much i cant wait for our disney wedding ;) you are such a sweet soul i love you so much
rosemaria even though we dont talk much anymore i love your shady mother fucking ass ;) you are such a hoot and a half <3
sosyomomma ugh i miss you so much i love our talks you are the funniest person ever LOL you always put me in a good mood
arris you are a sweetheart one of the nicest person ive ever met on here you have like no hateful thing in your body <3
zachbbs i miss our calls and talking for hours after a long day of work cant wait for you to move to cackalacky ;)
bluejay7622 i love you wes im glad that weve gotten closer from when you use to hate me :P i love playing games with you youre so loyal :)
lemjam6 i love our snap streak you are such a loyal friend to me and like never do me wrong and i love you c:
bamold1999 thanks for everything you have done for me and always being there for me c: i love you so much
brandt69 ugh i love how much we can relate like you totally get me and i couldnt ask for someone better to talk to about things c:
#eliortiz1234 i love you and glad to call you my friend you are very good to those that are good to you :)
#taybear17 i miss you so much and our calls you always made me laugh and just knew what to say and do without knowing to make my day :)
maturo no matter what anyone says you are a good friend and are very fun to talk to and i enjoy your presence :)
shawnpat7 i miss you and our convos :( i miss..


BB season 1 Week 2

6 imprincearthur, Jun 15, 2016

by A Vote of 4 to 0 Shabootyquiqui3 you have been evicted from the big brother house!
1. Carlisle
2. Carlyjordan14
3. JourdanBabyXoXo
4. JoJo7784
5. maxiphone27
6. Ethan000
7. Nikw98
8. Brashful
9. Macda27
10. max7313
11. Turkeylover
12. RyanAndrews
13. Indiybomboo
14. Rozlyn
15. Piddu
16th- Shabootyquiqui3(4 to 0 against Nikw98)
HOH- JourdanBabyXoXo
Pre-Veto Nominees- Carlisle and Piddu
VETO PLAYERS- JourdanBabyXoXo, Carlisle, Piddu, Indiybomboo, Maxiphone27, Brashful
VETO WINNER!- Brashful
Veto Decision- Did not Use
FINAL NOMINEES- Carlisle and Piddu
Vote to evict either #Carlisle or #Piddu


PYN if you think I hate you

49 lonelypuppie, Mar 22, 2015

and i'll tell you if it's true or nah x
#Carlisle I hate you most when you suck at chall and being on the same tribe as me :(
#BigBrotherDonny I don't think I know you, so no, I don't hate you!
#Goodallan I dislike you for a period of time, but it slowly fades away :o so not exactly hate!!
#Vanili oops I missed you out! xD you're tooooo awesome to be hated by me!! :P #DanielleDonato, you have a rival!! :x
#Helencoops totes hate you, cuz you can dance so well and all I know is moving my hips :(
blakejenkins14 I hate you when you're so clumsy and too adventurous :( you always end up hurting yourself!! omg ._. and I hate how you always spam my kik, like ugh.
pureessence I don't think I hate you :o don't rlly know you so well, altho we spoke in the same chat!
christossss I totes hate you, for making me love your hair and brows soooooo effing much :( < 3
C00LDUDE1000 not sure if I hate you or not ._. don't rlly speak much to you, neither do I pay much attention to you :x oop
JasonXtreme I HATE YOU WHEN YOU EVICTED ME IN YOUR CHARITY. jk, I only hate you when you are so stubborn and kept on pov'ing 'you-know-who' :( other than that, I guess I'm ok with you :o
EliotWhi effing hates you when I found out I wasn't on your giftlist!! :( jk, I don't rlly care abt gifts :O I don't hate you cuz I enjoy nomming and evicting you in frookies (devil)
ghrocky100 I don't really know you :o so I guess I don't hate you!! haha!!
Lamia I don't hate you rip ;-; but idk if who removed who first :X teehee I kinda cleaned up my fl a couple of days ago!!
acyuta hates you so much cuz you couldn't stay in a tribe with me for long!!! :(
coffeybean94 you're tooooo lovely for me to hate you, John < 3 :* :*
papibadd I don't hate you cuz I don't know you :((
JourdanBabyXoXo I don't think I hate you but there was a short period of time, I mix you up with Ashleybabyx3 =x
Rascity I hate you at times when I feel like you're shading me :( other than that, i'm okay with ya :\
yoshicoolman I used to hate you alot.... but then after the voice changer thing, I don't hate you anymore :D
dayum I only hate you when you create 32534637357239 dramas :( you're lovely tho :)
Icebeast I hate you cuz you always steal my Asian status =(
MagicDuck I don't hate you :p you're funny and I like you alot ;) cuz of kyledile's influence.. mostly :o
Lemjam6 I kinda hate you, cuz you're rlly rude to me in that crookies... but people told me you're nice, so I don't know lol :(
colbelliveau I don't hate you cuz I don't know you either!! but i used to see you arnd in the past!!
Sexybanana you're a famous tg..


➵ [D3] Hunger Games ➵

13 Saftronbtr999, Sep 8, 2014

➵ Only 10 people may comment, anyone is allowed to comment
➵ Only one comment per person
➵ Please comment HEALTH or ATTACK following the tribute's name
➵ Health Packets are +25
➵ Attacking is - (1-100)
➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸
  ➸Day 2 Events ➸
#Carlisle was attacked! -7
#MyMilkShakes found a health packet! +25
#Carlisle was attacked! -31
#Admir found a health packet! +25
#LordJza found a health packet! +25
#Zuelke was attacked! -46
#MyMilkShakes was attacked! -75 [BOOM]
#Halloween was attacked! -7
#Halloween was attacked! -29
#Zuelke was attacked! -59 [BOOM]
➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸
District 1
Halloween *64*
District 2
AlexaVonTrayne *51*
LordJza *150*
District 3
James1990 *100*
Cherryplop11 *100*
District 4
BestHeroD *100*
Carlisle *137*
District 5
JkJkJk15 *100*
GoodAllan *100*
District 6
JasonXtreme *100*
Joshlyn34 *100*
District 7
Ali123Francesca *100*
TrollingPenguin *100*
District 8
DisneyGeek *100*
Admir *125*
District 9
Boots22 *125*
MariahAnn *100*
District 10
andalarew_2231 *100*
Stary *125*
District 11
DumbGinger *100*
Olaf_ *100*
District 12
Mojieee *100*
District 13*
Winner132 *100*
➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸
Death List -
MyMilkShakes - 24th | Killed by Lion (#Samnala) [D2]
Zuelke - 23rd | Killed by lightning (#Gloss13) [D2]
➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸



7 coreyants, Jul 5, 2014

and someone else. I'll say who I would evict in a stars poll :)
1) i would evict #carlisle (sorry i've known lauren forever)
2) I would evict #timberline and I would evict #karmasutra
3) I would evict #titangusang
4) I would evict #littlebrother123 for evicting me in stars
5) i would gladly evict t by #tiafrsn4



2 Donutdude556, Jun 5, 2014

#Carlisle attacks #Typhlosion37, doing 63 damage, killing Typhlosion37 for 2nd, making #Carlisle the victor of Donut's first Hunger Games!
5. Carlisle Health- 25 VICTOR
24th- Ohmydays
23rd- Nexuscain
22nd- Jourdanbabyxoxo
21st- Sahmosean
20th- Xavierr83
19th- Mrpokeguy9
18th- Sam_hamwich
17th- Thumper91
16th- Deanooo
15th- Balloons
14th- Crazy_clown123
13th- Darriusdabest
12th- Phenomanimal
11th- Hobnobgpro
10th- Joshprost99
9th- Smoothstalker12
8th- Marwane
7th- Mikespike
6th- Dalagninja
5th- Amyinred
4th- Thesexiestdude990
3rd- Boots22
2nd- Typhlosion37


rlly gayzu?

3 dmann, Nov 30, 2013

trying to get between me and #carlisle?????????????
brandonpinzu =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

210 BB Gift Game Week 17!

96 redsoxjc, Oct 19, 2013

By a vote of 7-4, #Carlisle, you are evicted!
30th - VoLcOmVaNs (9-3 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
29th - kasey2011 (10-2 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
28th - JGoodies (9-2 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
27th - bowling4fun (10-5 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
26th - LacrosseAllStar (14-10 vote) (1 HOH, 0 POV, 2 times nommed)
25th - Etienne (2-0 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
24th - BigBrother06 (8-1 vote) (0 HOH, 1 POV, 1 time nommed)
23rd - ados707 (17-12 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
22nd - DanielleDonato (7-6 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 3 times nommed)
21st - EliOrtiz1234 (9-1 vote) (0 HOH, 1 POV, 1 time nommed)
20th - devinwithparasites (11-4 vote) (1 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
19th - lonelypuppie (4-3 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 2 times nommed)
18th - HelenCoops (8-7 vote) (0 HOH, 1 POV, 1 time nommed)
17th - noraw6842 (7-5 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
16th - BrendaMeeks (21-5 vote) (1 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
15th - Carlisle (7-4 vote) (0 HOH, 0 POV, 1 time nommed)
GiGi10 (1 HOH, 2 POV, 3 times nommed)
krissycx (2 HOH, 2 POV, 2 times nommed)
CharlieScene (1 POV)
RoughNightBro (1 HOH, 1 POV, 2 times nommed)
drb00m (1 POV, 1 time nommed)
TheSexiestDude990 (1 POV, 3 times nommed)
wwweeefff (2 HOH)
Guigi (4 times nommed)
Ali123Francesca (1 HOH)
Music (2 HOH, 2 POV, 2 times nommed)
ImGonnaWin (1 HOH)
DaveLooney (1 HOH, 1 time nommed)
dantezfire (1 HOH, 2 POV, 2 times nommed)
Week 17:
HOH - #ImGonnaWin
Noms - #Guigi & #Music
POV - #ImGonnaWin (saves #Music)
Final Noms - #Guigi & #k4r4k
Vote to evict in the comments :)
Houseguests can vote, as well as the public  :D
Good luck noms!


Episode 21: Taken

0 jimmy1661, Aug 22, 2013

Episode 21 Taken (Mark and Katy’s story) ( Lamia and BettyRubbble)
(real time) Mini and Annie are on guard at the gate when they hear a women screaming for help, she is running from a small group of zombies, Mini and Annie chase after her and kill all the zombies, she thanks them and they take her back to the safe haven, it’s Michelle. Back at the supermarket Mark continues to call out to Katy, while trying to keep Oscar conscious.
(flashback) Mark is racing into the hospital, he asks for his fiancée and they tell him she is still in surgery, he pace the hospital walls blaming himself, for her car accident.
(real time) Alec tells Zakhai to get ready but he hasn’t had a chance to tell Taylor the plan yet because he can’t find her, it then goes to Greg and Taylor in his tent, they kiss and he tells her he would anything for her, they have sex. Jill and Steven get Michelle settled down, she asks Mini if Alberto knows she is here yet and he says no, Jill is having doubts about Alberto as leader. Mark gets Oscar back to the safe haven and tells them to help him because Katy is missing, Melissa and Kimmy head out with him while Stacy and Cassie patch up Oscar.
(flashback) Mark goes to see Katy who is waking up, she tells him she is feeling fine, sore but fine, Mark tells Katy he has to tell her something, she looks scared and asks ‘the baby?’ and he tells her she lost it.
(real time) Katy is tied up in the back of a truck, when it opens Thomas is standing over her, Daniel says she will be valuable alive, Thomas asks how, and Daniel says ‘I found this in her pocket’. Alec unlocks a back entrance to the army base and lets Scott, Christian and Jake in, Scott goes with Alec and Christian and Jake head to the opposite side to make a distraction, they begin shooting up the place, Alec and Scott run down to Sean, Talia and Ruby, they knock out the guard down there and unlocks the cell doors, he tells them to keep close, Greg hears gun fire and runs outside to see what is happening, when he does Zakhai enters and tells Taylor they have to leave now, she asks what’s happening and he tells her that Greg was the one who took Scott’s group, he help Maria captive and killed her and is trying to kill all their friends, Taylor is forced to choose between Zakhai and Greg, she chooses Greg, Zakhai leaves the tent and runs to Christian and Jake they head to the back entrance, Alec’s group are almost at the back entrance when they begin getting shot at by Greg, they run to the gate but Scott is shot in the back of the head killing him, Sean has not time to mourn his brother and is forced to get the girls out for him. They escape the compound and Greg is beyond angry.
(flashback) Mark tells Katy that everything will be fine, they’ll get married and have that road trip they always wanted to do, Katy asks if he is sure he wants to be with her, knowing she may never conceive again, and he says he is..



78 TBIbetch, Apr 14, 2013

In a good mood, so Pyn for an honest opinion
aes222aes -Don't know you, want to
brandonpinzu -I've always liked you. I feel like I should say we should talk more, but in my head that'll never happen.. LOL
aristotle -I remember watching you in stars when I was a noob like 2 years ago. I remember admiring you :S
natepresnell -You're a much better friend to me than I am to you. I've known you for awhile now, and I'm glad to have met you. We really need to go rape some .es crookies again, like we used too. Ily
mikey04wp -One of the first people I met on this site, and we're still friends. We were noob bffs, and you abandoned me when you got friends!!!11
Jk but I'm glad I have you to bitch about when I'm feeling moody. Thank you for always being there for me < 3
aimers -Your group of friends will probably take over tengaged.
You're a really nice person, but it's too the point where in the future, I could see people walking all over you :X
But yeah you're a good guy. Don't let people use you.
dragotistic -Don't know you :S
migoon -Mail me your multi and I'll do it
bengalboy -I used to always admire you. I always thought you were hilarious, to the point where I wanted to try and act like you LOL. You should give me pointers one day
piviko -I like you, but sometimes I wish I could edit your messages just to change the grammar LOL. Not your fault of course though :L
lauren244 - I love you so much. You honestly have no idea how much I appreciate you.
Even when I'm bitchy, you find ways to put up with me and make me feel better.
I don't care how many fights we go through. I'm never going to hold it against you.
I could sit here all day and tell you how much I love you, but you'd get tired of reading it LOL.
I'm so glad I met you. I love you < 3
lachie227  -You seem nice. Message me sometime :S
lexivazquez -I used to be annoyed by you, but you don't annoy me anymore. yay!!!
yswimmer96 -You've been on my skype contacts forever, but we've never really talked :S
anas -no fuck off
Jk I like you. No matter how much you piss me off.
It's like you have control of my emotions. You can make me really happy sometimes, and you're the only person who can piss me the fuck off LOL
And thank you for those tips. Really appreciate it :X
teganH -I'm pretty sure you think I'm the creepiest person you've ever met @_@
But you're a really sweet girl, and you deserve the best
Even though I bash on you, you know I never mean it and know I'm just playing, and I love that.
One day I'll be able to boss you around, and you won't be as stubborn as me!
I love you. Thanks for being there for me also :X
smi9127 -I used to always admire you when you were in the vipers...

0 Stars 7: All Stars week 7!

1 ksnyd2504, Mar 15, 2013

24th: Bridgette77
23rd: Bamold1999
22nd: xGirlyBlondex
21st: RoboZoe
20th: TeddyBear
Nom set 1:
From a vote of 8-6 #Carlisle you have been evicted from the Big Brother House
Nom Set 2:
From a vote of 10-4 #DanielKennedy111 you have been evicted from the Big Brother House
The New HoH is..................... #BryanXx
The Plasticos of Los Angelicos: #SexGoddx #Jenii_Valenta #xCelestex #Trust #_Aria
Glitter In the Air: #KittyTheEmolga #LexiVazquez #kizzi #hobnobgpro #suzycroatia
The Brosephs: #JacksonJoseph99 #JGoodies #BrandonPinzu #GothicZebra
Nomination Ceremony:
Noms: #suzycroatia #KittyTheEmolga
Bryan: I have nominated you Suzy and you Kitty both for two reasons Kitty you nominate me, I nominate you. Suzy you blew up at me earlier for no reason. It is not my fault that Celeste put you on the block. I also think you two are getting close to each other as friends this could be dangerous.
Tune in next time to find out who will be evicted from the Big Brother House!

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