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anyone else

4 BluJay112, May 10, 2021

think the ageist jokes are ancient and not it anymore?
or #justme?



124 BengalBoy, Apr 1, 2021

SLAP YA NAME DOWN and I'll give you an opinion and an arbitrary ranking based on how close we are (or how close we could be 😏 hehe) DON'T GET UPSET if you're low we probably just don't talk that much.
#JustMe - Loyal lass for 10 years and counting who woulda thunk it when you pretended you were never gonna talk to me again for a whole 2 minutes 😉😘
skyler1822 - Sexy, sweet, smart, and nothing has changed between us since 2014 when I first got you hot and bothered. Such a good girl 😘
SAWCHUK55 - A complete and utter beeb. From the Monopoly calls to the stretchy yawns you've always been a loyal, gorgeous, and obedient lass to me and you know I'm always here to handle ya needs
#PureEssence - First off, stop being a lil BRAT and wait your turn. Secondly, you're a true PureEssence friend and you know you can always HMU whether you need advice, calming down, or just wanna trade Kawaii emojis and cheeky opinions. Appreciate u babe
Kindred7 - Sick comment! I love it - despite your neuroticism and panic attacks over top blogs I enjoy every single chat with ya and I reckon we should bring back the thicc lengthy mails and calls to make fun of TG cringe vids. A fine feminine lass and a good friend 😉
VansAccountNumber534 - One of the only active straighties I can ALWAYS rely on to have my back and provide pure, unfiltered entertainment. Stop getting yaself banned lad
#Fritzyyyyy - Ever since the Tapology days you're one of those blokes who's always been supportive and had my back even though we barely speak. Issa shame you're not more active on the blogs page cuz TG is missing out on one of the best personalities here 😎
Blahblahblahblah - Whether we're talkin' bout l*fe, music, or just making fun of incels you're one of the lasses I can always have good convos with 😎 promise me you're not talking to BengalBoy.
BlueStar - Y'know what Kez? Even though we've barely talked the past decade I think you deserve top billing considering we've met IRL and killed every game we teamed up in baque in the day 💪 #Gifnor
rowjone - WATCH YA TONE! IT'S BIG ROWJONE! Top lad in the upper echelon of Br*stol Tengagers
CutieAmy - Like a gay lil bro who always has my back against the jealous cuckolds of Tengaged
christossss - AN ABSOLUTE TOSSSSER! Also one of the most genuine blokes here, you and Marwane are one in the same cept you're Gr*ek and a bit more outgoing
#Marwane - A complete and utter ☁️VAPE GOD☁️. Definitely one of the realest fellas here who's chill, well traveled, and undyingly loyal to his mates
EmmaM - A real genuine sweetheart, we've had chats on everything from casual banter to eating [CENSORED] to DEEP life stuff and it's always been a pleasure
paul028 - Hilarious lil Norn Iron..


Not to be THAT bitch

3 mastropola, May 15, 2020

but Survivor finales never get my dick up as much as any other ep of the season does.
Idk if it's because we haven't had a female winner since Michele (yes, Michele) or because they're just SO long with either spoiled or easily speculated results with a basic understanding of edgic
The endgame just isn't super interesting to me idk there's only SO many scenarios that can happen with 5 or 6 people, and the oversaturation of advantages doesn't massage my nutsack anymore than the majority alliance just eviscerating the minority in a straightforward manner.
Anyone who is anyone in the season makes finale ANYWAYS so seeing them have a personal moment on the beach about how they're finally secure with themselves and they can go home a changed person through this experience feels kinda washed and repeated when they've been in my face for the past 13 eps on top of it.
The most tantalizing thing to look forward to is hearing your fave juror hopefully give a really cunty speech but even with the new format that bag gets kinda fumbled too because I can't remember ANYTHING Sophie said, and I KNOW Kimbot didn't say anything. Danni/Amber were a step above a stage prop with a throwaway line at the end so I feel like I'm watching more as a formality than I am anything else
is it #JustMe or nah?
Christian_ ur a loyal fan
Blujay112 see above


PYN for a secret rate and opinion

20 MarieEve, Feb 20, 2019

It's not from me!
#Justme: 7/4/4/5
#Lexeyjane 9/9/6
Opinion: luvs my daughter xx
Bambino 1/1.7/5/0
I don’t wanna get marie banned xx
Maxi1234 3/9/9/4/0
Day3 HOH Streamxx has nominated Maxi1234 and EmzThorne
Day3 POV Birks4444 didn't save anybody from the block
Day3 Participants evicted EmzThorne
Parvatis 6.5/5/5/5
Parvati I don't think you can compare TO the real Parvati. But you've got some pre good stars support. Good on ya kid
thumper91 5/8/8.5
Brayden_  4/8/4/5
Boring and obnoxious twat
he’s ugly ew
He’s got a big FOD
cheeseman2468 9/6/6/8
I love alex. He is so nice and kind! We had one blip but he’s made it up ever since. One of the nicest ppl on tg
xRachel  5/Who’s xrachel
Don’t listen to the rumours rach
malachite05  6/8.5/4
Bet u don’t even av a showah u fookin mosha
Felipes  5/5/5.2
Felipes feliz navidad bud
vlad21  10/9/20
Vlad sux weenies
SAWCHUK55  7/10/9
I love jadine! She is very strong and brave and an amazing mother <3
_aria  7/5/9/9
Who’s aria
Like the tv star
Luv her
smuguy2012  2/0/7
He’s awful spits
A 30 y/o maniac
Firex  2/6/4
“i love your gf tarag”
jonmcgillis  3/6/4
He sux weenies


Happy Birthday JustMe! 😘🎂🥂🎉

34 BengalBoy, Dec 17, 2017

Well it's the 18th of December here and that can only mean one thing- IT'S JUSTME'S BIRTHDAY! Sue, I've known you ever since we were teenagers and boy, has it been a ride! From you telling me you didn't need my friendship to being my number one friend. You've always been the most genuine and loyal friend a boy could ask for but we really ramped it up this year- we finally joined a game together after you begging me for 8 years and we even won it! Hope you have a great birthday babygirl cuz you deserve it- but hey- don't take MY word for it- here's what some of your friends had to say!
My Dearest Suzie Q
I am so blessed to have you as my wonderful niece since I was 6 yrs old! We have been through good times in life and some not so good times that life have thrown at us...but through those hard times I am glad I have you to turn to for comfort and understanding. I love you so much and wish there wasn't distance between us...but no matter the distance my heart is always with my family. I hope you have an amazing Birthday and the kids/hubby spoil you with lots of love and presents! Time goes on but I will always see you as my lil Suzie Q. I Love You-Auntie Gaga
Sue, you’re such an amazing person. Quite honestly, one of the best people on Tengaged. You’re nice to everyone on here, and you barely have anything bad to say about anyone. You’ve been a motherly figure for me on here for sure, and with many other people on here. You treat people with such kindness that it’s impossible for any sane person to dislike you. Even the trolls on here are fond of you. Your positivity is contagious and it’s hard to feel sad when talking with you and Dru. You’ve made me feel welcome on Tengaged, and you’ve always went out of your way to talk to me and I’m lucky to have met you! I’m serious when I say that we need more of you on Tengaged and even in the world.Happy birthday, and I hope you have a great day, you deserve it!
is it just me or is it your birthday. I know we haven't known each other so long but you're one of the nicest people on the site. I hope you have a drama free birthday. Sue you're one of the most  genuine people on tengaged. I hope you get a birthday cake with dru picture on it.
Mama Sue - welcome to your 60s!!! Hope you have a fab birthday and don't die of old age. Thanks for teaching me how a mother should act and thanks for treating me like that gay son you always dreamed of having. Keep slaying the premade xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love ya
HAPPY BURFFFDAY SUE ❤ i hope u have the most scandalous birthday to date and take multiple rounds of shots x (omg unless ur like a responsible parent or something then wait for the weekend and let gagaluv baby sit ur children and get margs w the girls) BUT i love u to death because ur so fresh and it's so lovely to have a..



11 Mickiejames22, Nov 12, 2017

For who you associate myself with & I'll do the same.
BengalBoy - #JustMe
Arris - Virgie88
XxLoveWakizaxX - WannaBeeFriends
Jackyboy - Kangaroos
GoodKaren - Matedog1209
Obstreperous - KaseyHope101
ghrocky100 - TallaRejaei
CalebDaBoss - Brainjak
@diogojgomes - Depression


It was the OC who threatened

0 Sackeshi, Oct 20, 2015

Who else would be threatening people and their family for brandonpinzu to be unbanned? That means regardless if brandonpinzu actually did it she is guilty be association.


sighs painfully

1 rollingderp, Oct 20, 2015

i love how you guys dont even care that #justme's children were threatened or anything.
If I was #justme, and my personal info was leaked and my children were threatened, yeah, I would've left. I would have reported this to the police. You guys only care about getting a good placing in a goddamn frookies, and not about someone's personal life. You are all gross and have no regard for anyone else's lives but your own. I hope you have great lives, because from what I am seeing, in about 15 years, you will be living in a cardboard box with your laptop next to a cafe with free wifi, asking for change so you can buy t$, and shooting that bitch you dont like out of hunger. Good night.
EDIT: oh and if youre too stupid to get who im referencing, its Aquamarine



0 garygbs2nd, Oct 20, 2015

Tengaged is in shambles
Johneh is going crazy over brandonpinzu being "corrupt"
#JustMe has had her kids threatened and her personal information leaked
And randomize IS DOING NOTHING


When the person is found who

2 Sackeshi, Oct 20, 2015

threatened #justme and her kids not only should they get a perm ban but they should also get reported to the police.


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