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why is

0 Minie, Nov 18, 2018

#samhuss still not unbanned??


When I remember

1 Osama, Oct 24, 2018

#samhuss is banned.
I be like - lol.


Instead of making love hate blogs

0 Minie, Oct 2, 2018

Go unban #samhuss you had your proof that it was hacked ? What else do you need ? admin randomize kandee_


Just So It's Out There...

5 Yoshitomi, Sep 1, 2018

Minie and I don't have the best history and we're not friends in any way.
But I am not convinced that she posted porn on #SamHuss's account.
Yeah, I believe if you push her into a corner, she may say something she'd regret later (eg. that death threat).
The only reason I knew the guy was banned was because I plussed this blog when it was posted:
So either she's an ingenious mastermind who crafted a cover story waiting for this accusation, OR (more realistically) she's a concerned friend.
All I see is the people she cares about, she cares about. The people who love her adore her and she's earned that. The people who hate her tend to go all out.
I'm still not a fan but I respect her either way. And I believe her here. 🤷🏽‍♀️



2 Simplyobsessed, Aug 18, 2018

Admin why did you ban #Samhuss?!



2 Simplyobsessed, Feb 26, 2015

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I really hope

1 Minie, Feb 21, 2015

#SamHuss plussed my spam before he got permed [= (yn)



3 Minie, Feb 21, 2015

So who wanna be my first friend?



1 Samhuss, Feb 28, 2014

Sick Macho Assassin #samhuss followed his running nose 11 spaces forward.


Santa claus too :X

3 Samhuss, Feb 28, 2014

Macho Assassin #samhuss rolled 7 + 1 = 8.
Macho Assassin #samhuss had sex with Santa Claus in the Dark Room. Sick!


me irl

1 Samhuss, Feb 28, 2014

Assassin #samhuss joined the Cowboys! Yeehaw!
Assassin #samhuss entered the Cowboy town.
Assassin #samhuss entered the saloon.
Assassin #samhuss had sex with Christina Aguilera in the Dark Room. Mucho Macho!



32 owlb0ned, Feb 19, 2014

And I'll tell you where I'd take you on a date or what we'd do
I need t
#samhuss - I'd take you on a date around London
#notafraid - I'd take you to an eminem concert and then your fav restaurant
#bowkane - picnic at the beach
#bamold1999 - we'd go on a fun  scavenger hung through New York
#kittytheemolga - I'd take you to poke park (if it still exists)
#skyler1822 - we'd go to a place like main event and have loads of fun
somebodyawesome - skydiving cos it's awesome
superman11 - we'd go have a nice dinner and see a film a classic date
mozues - we'd go ice skating
andalarew_2231 - karaoke bar ofc
jenniferr - cheap nandos date
vans - go to cinemas and then POSSIBLy go to kfc for you
alanduncan - a footie match
tyboy618 - i'd take you to a fancy restaurant and night on the town
tharealmike - dinner on a nice roof top looking over nyc
thumper91 - disney!
steel - bang and bong ofc
darrel42 - i'd surprise you with front row tickets to your fav singer
smi9127 - a surprise getaway to dubai
carlab1 - i'd take you out to the fanciest restaurant and then we could go clubbing
sam102 - probs a picnic and then thorpe park
jgoodies - natalia kills concert with backstage passes
carsonl - sushi and i'd give you a new didlo
olympia - we'd go to all the fancy places cos you deserve the best xo
gaiaphage - mini golf
monomial - we'd do the classic cinemas date
dash - we'd go to the lake
jakehou97 - longhorns football game
donagal103 - red robin jk we'd go to the mall
dalagninja - a blackhawks game
bengalboy - I'd take you to Florida then we'd shag


for every 20 points

24 dannyjr0587, Dec 18, 2013

ill name a crush on here and why i'm attracted to said person
20: #Samhuss Well I didnt know you existed until stars but damnnnn, What a stud. Besides that you are a very sweet guy, and I'm glad we've become friends :)
40: #gothiczebra You're super cute, and friendly, and fun! I enjoy our talks and we have quite a bit in common as well!
60: #tits_mcgee handsome, qwirky, nice but with a bit of bitchyness. You are the enjoyable to look at and easy to talk to.
80: #turney1805 You can be downright funny at times. And when you dislike someone you make me laugh at some of the things you say. We've been friends for practically ever now. You are someone I always can count on :)
100: #playboyy we havent talked in forever, but you are fucking hot.
120: #karim I'm always attracted to guys who arent white. Ever since stars 124 Ive had a crush on you. You're like sex on a stick.
140: #MTman Easily one of the hottest guys on the planet. I cant even deal with it, and you're sincere and sweet. Like how does that happen?
160: #survivor8 LOL I guess I'll throw you in here now. You're the cute geeky guy with a big heart. Who isn't attracted to that?
180: #foxox I mean I dont think there is a more gorgeous person on tengaged then her.
200: #andychuck08 You've got a swag about you that is just sexy. I cant describe it, just keep being you!
220: #luckyluv you remind me of like a military man. And I'm just sitting here like be my drill sergeant please.
240: #lamia i feel like I like you because you're in love with me. LOL doesnt hurt that you are painfully extremely cute!
260: #abrogate I dont beg, but for you I would. So freaking sexy I cant
280: #bengalboy Probably one of the funniest guys on tengaged! Looks dont hurt ya either. But really just a stand up guy!
300: mattygeee I feel like I've been crushing on you since day1. Make that like second 1. You are so adorable and silly. Its just too cute.
320: Jenika Such an adorable, pretty woman you are! A super sweetheart and an ease to talk to! We can go months without talking and pick up where we left off!
340: nunley  We haven't talked in forever, but I've still got a crush on you. Lets face it. That body, ugh.
360: lucinda you are extremely good looking, I never understood why you pretended to be a girl, I'd rock dat body for reals.
380: diva1 sugar mama anyone? but no really you are an amazing woman! kind and considerate, we are all very fortunate to have someone like you on  here!
400: connorthomson You are just so adorable and cute. Ugh I miss talking to you daily, now its just random messages every once in a while. I just wanna be like boom I stole Dinom's boy! LOL.
420: Spookie The fact you are into me only starts to get me going! You are sexy with an amazing body. I just feel the need to kiss you all over.
440: RobbieRiot My original tengaged makeout buddy! haha...


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