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the shortest books ever

99 DDJOT98, Mar 27, 2013

pyn your name and i will do your book
ex. how to win at tengaged by maplestory
the bible is wrong by obscurity
how to look beautiful by buildie(lol no hard feeling)
the way to treat people nice by the plastics
how to be boring and lame by bengalboy
how tengaged player like us became best friends by the_domany and florina
how to stay in school tastetherainbowbitch
wait until your married by playboyy
how to look straight in your vlogs by danielkennedy111 #rawritsnick #runaway
the life and story of a proud athesit blazermaniac94
how to love the haters by jenniibabyx and faygo
how to know nothing about survivor but be on tengaged by zimdelinvasor #yankeeman311
i am a woman by lonelypuppie #xcelestex
how to tell your patner you want to take it slow by #iangavin
why gays should be banned from tengaged by Mtman
i hate trust by bridgette77
i swear im complety straight by sihz
i really do care what you think by dav_o_79
i do  want the d by brookie_cookie
how to screw the public with shops by dools
what purity ring is best for you by lucinda
my morals and values by helencoops
my favorite people on here imthtawesom
my life outside tengaged by suzycroatia
the struggles of a strong black woman by missalice3
mitt romney his life and times by michelleobama
girls what to do when you dont feel so fresh by weetmaster
ear sex only ear sex aquamarine
abstenice i tell you abstenice sexgoddx
i hate premades by #broncman789
people who i would let beat me in a game #steel
my only relationship is with jesus by #ladylizard
how i say no to drugs by #avatar3939(lol idk so didnt know what to put)
why i join the kkk by #ssdz #timster #teamjacz #dondraper #valdamien
how to tell a girl to keep her clothes on by #realityfreak
the good things about wearing a condom by #bryanxx
ways to twerk by #soxrox247
how i avoid fights by #halio88
why i hate multi #manda17_xo
why gingers belong under the sea or with the weasley by  #jonmcgillis
things i like about the phillies by #dudetb3 (didnt know what to put here. your a mets fan
all the great things i can say about #jenni_valenta by #blitzsim
the beautiful and popular popular people on tengaged in real life #kasey2011
why franny is the worst survivor player ever by #spacecadet
living young and wild and free #katia
why suzy needs to be evicted now by #waterprince
the story of a proud athesits #jaylen23
how i lost my virginty #randyaiter
why tengaged should get rid of the gaming part of the website and it should be all weaves  drama and trolls by..


Random Stars #5

1 lnfiniti, Mar 9, 2013

PlasticJo (raffle winner)
Sparky9171 (stars seat winner - Darkness)
Day 1: Noms - #RawrItsNick and #myiel
Evicted - #RawrItsNick (52.9%)
Day 2: Noms - #myiel and #anthony2011class
Evicted - #anthony2011class (60.3%)
Day 3: Noms - #STOKES2009 and #BettyRubbble
Evicted - #BettyRubbble (51.2%)
Day 4: Noms - #Austin and #STOKES2009
Evicted - #Austin (59.4%)
Day 5: Noms - #Clayton and #Sparky9171
Evicted - #Sparky9171 (51.7%)
Day 6: Noms - #Trust and #syd8239
Evicted - #syd8239 (59.2%)
Day 7: Noms - #ZIMY and #Lucas1993
Evicted - #ZIMY (53.2%)
Day 8: Noms - #PlasticJo and #Trust
Evicted - #PlasticJo (58.8%)
Day 9: Noms - #myiel and #Clayton
Evicted - #myiel (51.8%)
Day 10: Noms - #Brandonator and #smi9127
Evicted - #Brandonator (56.3%)
Day 11: Noms - #Trust and #smi9127
Evicted - #Trust (50.0%, algo evicts)
Day 12: Noms - #Lucas1993 and #STOKES2009
Evicted - #Lucas1993 (60.1%)
Day 13: Noms - #PrincessTeePee and #Clayton
Evicted - #PrincessTeePee (52.8%)
3rd - Clayton
2nd - smi9127
1st - STOKES2009


Want an Honest Opinion? PYN bbys

47 I_PullDaStrings, Oct 8, 2012

AlexRyder: I think you are a really cool person. I personally, have nothing against you. We don't talk as much as I would like to so that can change sometime, hopefully. Anyways, I like you :P
Maxi1234: I have no clue where to begin. We have our ups and downs and some sort of rivalry on this site. I do find you very fake, at times grotesque but the first word that comes to mind is bipolar. One minute you'll be all nice then next you'll be trying to eat our soul. On the bright side, we have something in common. Bitterness! Horray? :]
janey: I don't believe I know you that much. You seem like one of the nicer white levels and I would love to get to know you.
MoooCoww: Omg Molly babes! I love you so much :) You are honestly one of my bffs on this site and I could never trade you for the world! I always laugh during our conversations and you know how to make me smile and such ^.^ omgg we didn't buy tv star together so that made me tear xx ilysm < 333 :*
finklestein123: You were mean to me on call b4 criii =[[[ jk idc lol. But you are very wild, crazy and weird in a good way :P and idk what else to say so hi :*
Imthtawesom: First, you are not awesome kk ?? jk ily bby :] I genuinely like you as a person and have nothing against you. I'm still awaiting my fierce janelle hair soon so make it quick xoxo
cody_: We used to be duel buds. We havn't kept touch that much but would love to talk with you again sometime bro :P
NiallFew1: I think you are really cool from what I've seen but again I don't really know you :S
andalarew_2231: You are a great friend :) always sticking up for what you believe in, which I respect. I think you are very nice and caring and alot of people are blessed to be your friend. ily xo
chelss: I don't know why but I don't really like you all that much :X We don't see eye to eye and I would love to try and be your friend but currently I don't have much of a liking for you sorry :[
TheMB305: I absolutely adore you :) You are very kind and always support me. I fucking love you < 333
adam0503: You are a real chill person and someone I love being around and talking to. We just recently met and I hope as time goes on we can become even better friends then we already are :)
z3ro: Oh god TRASHHH! TRASH! TRASH! TRASH! :*** l0l
Inkread: Laura! I love you alots! You are funny and nice, but we def need to talk more often ^.^ I consider you as one of my bffs on this site :] ilyyyyy
BengalBoy: I've seen alot about you :S I never really gotten to know you personally, all I know is that your a top blog whore xD maybe we can get to know each other some more sometime lol.
EricCartman: You're disgusting and fake :S I dislike you because you are simply a horrible person..

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