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Who's the most liked?

13 Danger, Jan 16, 2019

Between #Marietori Titoburitto & I.
Trying to prove a point to some big headed hoes :)



2 Danger, Jan 14, 2019

I asked if Robozoe could join TBC and literally everyone (Mainly #marietori / Dash) are yelling at me lol.....
People are so miserable


TBC Challenge 4 final 7

1 Danger, Aug 10, 2018

Congratulations to the final 7 ~ #Marietori Coreyants Survivorrocks Wildboy12 Bigbrotherlover7 Rocker917 Holder
One more person will be eliminated and then the final mission that’s 3v3 teams will begin. The winning 3 person team of the final will be the declared winners of TBC Challenge 4.
The players will get to choose their own 3v3 teams.
Final missions are always on cam physical exercises with mental games involved in them. The best performing team on average are always granted the win. 
The final mission will begin next week.

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