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  1. The fact I’m getting no karma
  2. OSU really did that sweeties
  3. All I know is14th
  4. Happy Game Day!
  5. Boneworks is a dumb bitch1st
  6. I love blacking out and waking up
  7. I just wanna clarify I am
  8. What kind of vlogs do people
  9. Please plus this </3
  10. Thank you for saving me again!4th
  11. Who's ready to save me
  12. This stars game is actually
  13. THANK YOU 69.3%!2nd
  14. I've been bamboozled
  15. Me: *has been drunk for 3 days straight*
  16. Support little old white level me
  17. Is it time that
  18. I'mmmmm Backkkkkkkkkk <315th


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