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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Nathan Thomas

Ranked June 26, 2016 @ 692nd
Highest Rank: 391st

I married GoodKaren on 12-3-15
I engaged to GoodKaren on 11-17-15
We have been together since 11-23-14

My Motto: "If you're going to insult me, do it properly."

Matedog1209 5 points OUT
GoodKaren 5 points OUT

Stars Placements:
Stars 402 - 12th [58.5%] (Nommed for 15th [45.4%])
Stars 435 - 8th [57.3%] (Nommed for 12th [45.3%]) (Nommed for 10th [46.9%])
Stars 494 - 13th [52.1%]
Stars 556 - 8th (Nommed for 15th [42.0%])
Stars 603 - 16th [54.2%]
Stars 611 - 4th [72.8%] (Nommed for 14th [45.0%]

The Sleepy Bunny
( \ /)
( =.=)


Max's Survivor: New Zealand- 4th/16
Noah's Survivor: Bali- 3rd/16
Zach's Survivor: Brazil- 10th/18
Ry's Survivor: The Tongan Rainforest- 3rd/16
SFG: Season 6: 2nd/18
Noah's Survivor All-Stars Belgium: 14th/25
AJ's Survivor Dominica: 4th/16
HotRod's Survivor BvBvB: 10th/18
Matt's Survivor Madagascar: 9th/18
NJ's Survivor Jordan: 5th/16
I & N's Survivor Egypt: 13th/16
Julian's Survivor: Côte d'Azur: 7th/18
Mikey's Survivor: Borneo: 13th/16
Vlad's Survivor: Tonga: 11th/20
Matt's Survivor Treasure Island: 6th/20
Noah's Survivor San Juan Del Sur: 18th/22
Matt's Survivor All-Stars: 13th/20
Noah’s Survivor Alvard Island: 17th/20
Julian's Survivor Ireland: 11th/21
Purple's Survivor: El Mirador: 1st/16
Cutthroat Survivor: Wallis and Futuna: 13th/20
LKB Survivor Bosnia: 4th/16
Dono's Survivor 4: 13th/17
LKB Survivor Iraq: Blood vs Water: 9th/24
LKB Survivor All Stars: 19/24
Ian's Survivor: Disubōdo: 13th/20
Vlad and Will's Survivor Taiwan: 13th/16
BigBen's Survivor Laos: 14th/18
Survivor Cutthroat: Dueling Desert: 8th/16
Survivor Cutthroat: Heroes vs Villains: 11th/20
C&A Survivor VIII: 5th/16

Big Brother:
Nick's Big Brother Season 2: 5th/16
SFG: Season 4: 3rd/16
SFG: Season 8: All Stars: 7th/18
SFG: Season 9: 6th/13
Wannabee's Fast Stars: 8th/13
Nick's Big Brother S2: 5th/16
Nick's Big Brother S5: 10th/22
LoopyCoco1's Big Brother AUS S1: 2nd/26
Matt's Reality Games BB: 5th/16
Carlos' Big Brother: 7th/20
Obstreperous' Big Brother Icon S4: 13th/24
Libanz's Big Brother 7: "Fresh Faces": 1st/16
KaseyHope101's Big Brother 2: 1st/18
Wolven’s BB2: 1st/15
Cutthroat Big Brother 8: 9th/16

Other Group Games:
Death's Scream Queens: 1st/13
Dog's Murder Madness: 1st/18
NB Reality Games- The Liar Game: 9th/33
Wannabee's Ultimate Stars 5: 2nd/68
NB Reality Games- The Duel 2: 23rd/30
Ninjohn's Next Top Model Cycle 6: 3rd/16
Cereal's The Challenge- Dirty 30: 4th/25
KaseyHope101's Whodunnit: 7th/15
Fan Favorite 2.0 Season 1: 2nd/30
Crash Pad: Static Shock: 3rd/15
Road To Paradise Season 1: 1st/16
The Draft II: Cross Breeze: 2nd/13
Will’s One-Offs Endurance: 1st/11
Eoin’s The Challenge: 5th/12

Trinity's Survivor Deception Island: 17th/20
Trinity's Survivor Past & Present: 19th/20
Traveller’s Survivor Mystery Manor: 4th/16
Tumblr Survivor 97: Valle De La Luna: 10th/20
Retirement Home's Survivor Galaxy's Edge: 8th/18
Systematic Survivor Season 2: 13th/18
Mission Room Limit: 4th/14

Survivor Have It Your Way Series:
S1: 2nd Chances II: Cydney Gillon (5-3-1)
S2: Redemption Island II: Marissa Peterson (5-4)
S3: Faves vs Faves III: Chris Noble (7-1-1)
S4: Heroes vs Villains II: Malcolm Freberg (4-3-2)
S5: Pompeii: Courtney Yates (5-3(4)-1)
S6: South Africa: Cirie Fields (4-3)
S7: Tazmania: Rupert Boneham (4-3-1)
S8: Alaskan Tundra: Janet Carbin (5-3-1)
S9: Sahara Desert: Joaquin Souberielle (4-3-1)
S10: Bermuda: Heidi Stobel (5-2)
S11: Cape of Good Hope: Hayden Moss (4-3-2)
S12: Winners at War II: Sandra Diaz-Twine (5-4-1)
S13: Elephant Island: Aubry Bracco (5-4)
S14: The Black Rock I: Matty Whitmore (6-3-1)
S15: 2nd Chances III: Erik Huffman (4-3-2)
S16: Ethiopia: Frosti Zernow (4-3-2)
S17: Egypt BvBvB III: Victoria Baamonde (6-2-0)
S18: Game Changers II: Rob Cesternino (5-4-1)
S19: Caspian Sea: Michele Fitzgerald (4-3-2)
S20: Cyprus: Taylor Stocker (4-3-1)
S21: Maltese Islands: Christy Smith (5-2)
S22: Ghana: Michaela Bradshaw (6-2-1)
S23: Tunisia: Ken Hoang (5-4)
S24: Matterhorn Valley: Brice Johnston (4-3-2)
S25: Winners at War III: Ken Hoang (5-3-1)
S26: Prussia: Erinn Lobdell (5-3-2)
S27: Vila do Corvo: Spencer Duhm (5-2)
S28: The Black Rock II: Eliza Orlins (4-3-1)
S29: Bahrain One World: Angelina Keeley (6-1-0)
S30: All Stars II: Kass McQuillen (5-3-2)
S31: India: Fresh Meat: Shii-Ann Huang (5-3-1)
S32: Tahiti: Redemption Island II: Chelsea Townsend (6-3)
S33: Guyana: Fresh Meat II: Colleen Haskell (5-2)
S34: Nova Scotia: Power Players: Kelley Wentworth (4-3-2)
S35: Falkland Islands: Katie Collins (7-2-1)
S36: Mount Korab: Davie Rickenbacker (4-3-1)
S37: Heroes vs Villains II: Kellee Kim (6-2-1)
S38: Kalahari Desert: So Kim (4-3)
S39: Comoros Islands: Heather Aldret (5-2)
S40: Cameroon: Legends: Michele Fitzgerald (4-3-2)

My Games 1285 games played

6 Sep, 22
29 Aug, 22
26 Aug, 22
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21 Aug, 22
11 Aug, 22
11 Aug, 22

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