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Happy Birthday JustMe! 😘🎂🥂🎉

1stDec 17, 2017 by BengalBoy
imageWell it's the 18th of December here and that can only mean one thing- IT'S JUSTME'S BIRTHDAY! Sue, I've known you ever since we were teenagers and boy, has it been a ride! From you telling me you didn't need my friendship to being my number one friend. You've always been the most genuine and loyal friend a boy could ask for but we really ramped it up this year- we finally joined a game together after you begging me for 8 years and we even won it! Hope you have a great birthday babygirl cuz you deserve it- but hey- don't take MY word for it- here's what some of your friends had to say!

My Dearest Suzie Q
I am so blessed to have you as my wonderful niece since I was 6 yrs old! We have been through good times in life and some not so good times that life have thrown at us...but through those hard times I am glad I have you to turn to for comfort and understanding. I love you so much and wish there wasn't distance between us...but no matter the distance my heart is always with my family. I hope you have an amazing Birthday and the kids/hubby spoil you with lots of love and presents! Time goes on but I will always see you as my lil Suzie Q. I Love You-Auntie Gaga

Sue, you’re such an amazing person. Quite honestly, one of the best people on Tengaged. You’re nice to everyone on here, and you barely have anything bad to say about anyone. You’ve been a motherly figure for me on here for sure, and with many other people on here. You treat people with such kindness that it’s impossible for any sane person to dislike you. Even the trolls on here are fond of you. Your positivity is contagious and it’s hard to feel sad when talking with you and Dru. You’ve made me feel welcome on Tengaged, and you’ve always went out of your way to talk to me and I’m lucky to have met you! I’m serious when I say that we need more of you on Tengaged and even in the world.Happy birthday, and I hope you have a great day, you deserve it!

is it just me or is it your birthday. I know we haven't known each other so long but you're one of the nicest people on the site. I hope you have a drama free birthday. Sue you're one of the most  genuine people on tengaged. I hope you get a birthday cake with dru picture on it.

Mama Sue - welcome to your 60s!!! Hope you have a fab birthday and don't die of old age. Thanks for teaching me how a mother should act and thanks for treating me like that gay son you always dreamed of having. Keep slaying the premade xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love ya

HAPPY BURFFFDAY SUE ❤ i hope u have the most scandalous birthday to date and take multiple rounds of shots x (omg unless ur like a responsible parent or something then wait for the weekend and let gagaluv baby sit ur children and get margs w the girls) BUT i love u to death because ur so fresh and it's so lovely to have a breath of fre$h air on TG and converse w someone who isnt a total moron and i hope u always stay fabulous!!!!!! kisses mwah :] p.s. i miss u in TBC i pls cum back

Today i'm going to write about one of the greatest people I've met here on this site, and a very special one, Sue.
Tomorrow it's going to be a very special day, your birthday, and i just wanna wish you the best, just like you are:  Happiness, health, love, and a lot of me, of course!
I hope you have a great day, full of blessings, like I wish you almost every morning here when i'm not thaaaat lazy, but thank you for being such a great person and an amazing woman. Is it #justme or does someone else wanna taste your cake?  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE <3

SUE!! OMG, happy birthday! ❤
You're honestly such a good friend. If there's one reason why I'm thankful I joined that Stars it's that I got to meet you and Dru. You guys have been super sweet and nice to me. Even though we were against each other in the game, I'm really happy we were able to put the game behind us and instead become friends. I genuinely love our conversations, they make me laugh and it's good to have someone on here who kinda gets my "trolly" blogs and can laugh at them too, lol. Thank you for being here and talking with me and I hope we can talk more and maybe even play more games in the future (idk about doing Stars again but LOL). But yeah, I'm really glad I met you and Dru, you guys are so nice to me so I'm thankful I got to know you both.
Also: "[10/24/17, 5:20:56 PM] #Garret: dru has quite the resume [...] has the 2nd most popular in this cast as his leading lady" LOL, that'll never get old. :3
I hope you have a good day today and once again, Happy Birthday!! Ily ❤

Happy birthday sue aka susMAN, u look like a man and have a penis but i love u hehe and i want u to spank me for every year you have been on this earth :)

Happy Birthday Sue!!! :) We've both been on tengaged for so fucking long and didn't really have much interaction until lately, but I'm so glad we crossed paths in TBC. You're such a nice person to talk to and I always enjoy talking in chats!! Its unfortunate that the chat got toxic and we're not in the same one anymore but I'll always think you're an amazing person. Have an amazing birthday queen, you deserve it ❤

Alrite Sue.  first off happy 21st girl.  Glad you can legally drink now.  You're a great friend to everyone you know and always done to help a brotha out.  I don't think I know anyone whos more genuinely nice on here. I hope you have a great birthday now that you can legally drink and what not.  Heres to many more!

HAPPY 25TH SUE WOW ❤ can't believe it's been about 3 years ago since I first started hitting on you and here we are 3 years later happy as ever (; ugh I love you you're so kind and are freakishly good at giving me advice and I feel like I can always count on you. You're an amazing friend to me and I hope you have a fantastic birthday uh huh thanks for letting me into your tampon flop cult im forever grateful for all the new friendships I've made through there and YEAH I love you so much queen sue you slay my life.

Sue even though we are not super close or anything you are one the nicest people i know on this site. Don't stop doing what you are doing because being genuine is hard to come by.

SUUUEEEEE ❤ our friendship goes way back to before you were even mod, & I can’t believe we’re still good friends! You’re such a humble n sweet person & ur one of my fav people on this site. I hope you have a wonderful day sweetheart ❤

I wish you a happy birthday in the names of all the ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves, and zombies in the world. May all of your dreams come true this year and maybe even a couple of the nightmares as long as you don't die in them. We will be watching over you this year, as we always do. Only you won't see us. We will be hidden in the darkest shadows where we can't be seen.

Happy Birthday Sue! I know that it's not JustMe that'll be hoping you have a lush day whatever you're doin! Thank you for always being so friendly to me and hope we have more chance to talk and get to know each other soon :) LOTS OF BIRTHDAY LOVE AND HUGS XXXXXX

One of the most kind hearted people left on this site. A lot of these idiots need a second mom to look after them and its so nice to see you give them a verbal smack bottom when their hemorrhoids are acting up. ANYWAYS, I love you lots. You are an ALLSTAR and I'm more than happy to watch Just Dru tonight so Bengalboy can teach you his own methods of a "hung parliament".

Happy bday sexy milf! You are so special to me because of how sweet you have been to me! I remember I always thought you were kinda hard to get along with for some reason.. but after I got to know you, I was surprised by how kind hearted you are. You are fun to talk to on skype and you always have back as much as I have yours! Before this turn hella gay, have an amazing day and I love you lots xo.

Happy birthday Sue!  We have known each other for years, and even though we've went a long time without holding a conversation, every time I'd come across the name "JustMe" it would put a huge smile on my face!  I am glad that we now have the opportunity to talk daily and just joke around, as well as having meaningful conversations.  You're a wonderful, beautiful woman with a heart of gold and I hope you have the BEST birthday this year!

Happy Birthday Sue! You are one of my favorite people on here. You are the sexiest momma I know. I miss talking to you, you are such a great person, and you have always been there for me. I love you, you sexy momma. 😘

Sue ❤ i love you so much and youre like a mother to me we have known each other for so long and we have never not liked each other i know with anything i need you will be here for me and i can always count on you and you know damn well you can count on me

Sueeee! You are such a sweet woman, and very smart! We don’t really talk too much anymore but when we would it was amazing! :) ily queen! ❤❤

Happy Birthday Beautiful!! I haven't know you all too long, but it's undeniable that you're one of the most genuine, kind, loyal, and good-hearted people around here, and an absolute ray of sunshine in everyone’s lives. The way you're so quick to offer advice and kind words to everyone, and not let any of the pettiness of this website get you down is so admirable. You're one of a kind, an incredibly cool, down to earth person, ily, and I'm so glad to have met and become friends with you. It's a blessing to have someone like you in my life. I hope you have an AMAZING birthday, you definitely deserve the absolute best and nothing less. ❤

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER SUE ❤ hope you and dru have an amazing future together love ya!

Sue you hot mama, I'm glad that you were randomly added to fuckfest, because we got to know each other much better through that process and I've learned to appreciate you as a friend and as a person, stay who you are, keep being the sassy entertaining woman that we all love and I hope that you have a terrific 22nd birthday and get everything that you want today!

Sue!! You are just someone who I absolutely adore. We have never been like super close friends who talk on the daily, but I still consider you a friend of mine because I really enjoy when we do speak whether it be about tengaged or Grey's Anatomy or whatever. Even though we're not super close I still talk about you a lot as someone who I just think is awesome and I really like, and as you know, I don't like too many people. I think you're a really great person and I hope we get closer as time goes on. Love you, hope you have an amazing person babe ❤.

Happy 21st birthday Sue! ;)
We have known each other for 7 years now and I consider you one of my best friends on here! I have had you on my front page at #4 even though a spot on a friends list doesn't determine our friendship! We used to slay rookies years ago when we used to play them together. You are very loyal and always someone that I could count on! Outside of games you are amazing to talk to and I miss talking to you on Skype! Recently you played stars and I loved talking to you through mails and supporting you, you need to join again soon so that we can do that again! Hope you have a great day, you deserve it! Loves you ❤

Do I smell birthday cake or is that just those cakes you’re packing in them apple bottom jeans? ;) HAPPY BIRTHSAY SUE I hope you have an amazing day and tons of blessings your way! You’re such a sweet woman with one of the biggest hearts I know <3 Spoil yourself and drink lots of wine, enjoy your day you sexy Chiquita <333

Sue! I know we only officially met a couple of months ago, but you have quickly become one of my favorite people on the internet. You’re very encouraging and let’s not forget that you are THAT BITCH. Who knew that you ending my game in Stars would blossom into a friendship, huh? All jokes aside, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I hope 30 treats you well!

Sue!!! You are such and amazing and beautiful woman. You have been nothing but nice and kind to me; Since the first day i met you. The one thing I love about you the most is the fact  that you do not care about how popular someone is and that you give everyone an equal chance to get to know them. I love you so much and I hope that have you have a very blessed and amazing BIRTHDAY! <3

hey Sue <3 you and I have def had our ups and downs since being mods together, but I can say that we have easily put all of that behind us and have become friends since then! Although I certainly wish we were closer, that isn't the case because I am so busy. I hope you have a fabulous day because you are such an easy person to get along with and you are always very focused on making sure everybody around you in your life is happy that you deserve to have the focus be put on you <3 Have a fab day girly and #SlayThePremade ;) :*

Susan, congratulations on the big 3-9. From meeting on call with Mac in 2009, to you and your daughter accusing me of being Harry Styles in disguise, to all of our banter through the years in TBC you have always been a rate mate of mine and one of the most down to earth people I've ever met on Tengaged. Pour a good glug for me and here's to 39 more healthy years for you and your beautiful Christian family. Top respect.

*farts on justme*

well sue we've done it all these past 7 years of friendship, remember that time we rode a hot air balloon over the pyramids of Giza? it's something i'll remember til my dying day
you're amongst the lovliest of ladies i've encountered on this forsaken website, and i am grateful for every second of your e-company.
happy birthday sue,
lots of love,
benjamin bloggots

Happy birthday justme

Happy Birthday Sue! I remember your iconic burn book vlog :). Thanks for always treating me with respect and laughing at all my corny jokes. Hope you have an amazing day and that all your wishes come true. Your favorite dentist, Dr. Steve

Happy Birthday to a great person. Hope you have a great birthday!

Happy birthday, Sue! LOL We've fought before and whatnot but I think that we've gotten over that. Have a fun and safe day. :P

Sue, the best godmother/aunt to little Owen <3 The advice and words of encouragement you gave to us will always be held close to my heart. LOOOOL. Even though we literally havent had a conversation in years, you are someone I will always consider a friend! I hope you have a great 50th birthday!!! xoxo

Happy Birthday Sue! We've only recently met and i can happily say you're one   lovely gal (MILF)! Hope you have a fab day and that you get some cheeky nudes sent your way to spice things up. - Banjo XOXO 

Happy birthday sue! I never thought two years ago when I asked you to unban me that we would become good friends! I think you’re one of the sweetest people and so down to earth! (And a great mom I might add) I hope you have the best day ever!!!! You deserve it :) Xo -Love Kaci

happy birthday Sue hope u have an absolutely cracking day, hopefully you'll get some snazzy new gear from gaga's shop to celebrate x

happy birthday miss justme, I can't believe the big ole 76 is here already! even in your old age you're a wonderful person to talk to and a good laugh, you're still down to earth and easy going. I hope it's a great birthday Sue <3


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Happy Birthday Justme <3
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Happy Birthday Sue!
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Happy Birthday Sue xoxo
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Happy Birthday JustMe :)
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Happy Birthdayyyy <3
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Aww, happy B day Sue!
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Happy birthday, full course 5 star meal! Justme
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Love you! Happy Birthday
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I’m literally speechless
Thank you everyone OMG
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happy bday hun
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Happy birthday JustMe!
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HAppy Birthday Mommma~
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Ladies and gentlemen i am just gonna state the obvious: we have a doppleganger in our midst
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Ladies and gentlemen i am just gonna state the obvious: we have a doppleganger in our midst
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What boyfriend said
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Happy birthday! :3
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Happy birthday name trading iconique goddess
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I am dead at the 2008 hair style photo you used of hair.

Happy bday!! <3
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Happy birthday lovely 🎁
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Thank you everyone! This is just so overwhelming, you’re all too sweet ❤️❤️❤️
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Happy birthday :)
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Ayyyyy happy bday justme 🎉 i hope so many people celebrate it with you and not JustYou
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Happy B-Day <3
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Happy bday justme
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