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Goodbye Tengaged PYN

46 andy154, Apr 9, 2015

I never thought I would say this but the time has finally come for me to leave the site!!!
After all I have been on this site since September 09 and I may have spent a lot of time not playing games, but now it's time for me to leave the website completely.
I would like to say thank you to everyone I have met on the site for putting up with me for so long but now you won't have to I guess.
So at this point you may be wondering why I am leaving, well the reason is that a lot of people are starting to take a disliking to me and I have tons of uni work I need to do, and this site is only distracting me from it,
I know this blog is short but I didn't want to make it too long to read, so all I need to say now is thank you to everyone who has helped me in games, and helped me along the way in the game! so goodbye all I will miss you.
If you want to talk to me - my skype is - therealandy154 & my snapchat is - andyc154
Finally PYN, and I will give you a shoutout before I log out of the site!!!
#Shonaynay - We have played many games together in the past, you are always fun to work with and to be in games with.
#TheSexiestDude990 - We have been in many games together, but never really seemed to work with each other for some reason that idk, but either way you are a good player on this site.
#Imthtawesom - Hey, j0hneh.2 might be back if there is another RTB, and this time he will win it haha :) but it's been great knowing you
#EternalBlossom - Madi, we've talked on skype and I think you are a lovely person and a great person, so all the best!
#PureEssence - Same as Madi's tbh, I see you two as sisters, who shouldn't be separated.
#ohheydudeski - The leader of the frat, a great friend, a great player and a great guy overall, I will miss seeing you around the site, so all the best and I hope you can one day lead the frat to the #1 spot.
#Carlisle - Thank you, I hope I will and you have fun wherever you decide to go! and I hope to talk to you on skype someday you are a cool guy
#Marlakk - Tbh I don't think I've ever met you and idk how so hi,how are you?
#sosyomomma - You've been a pleasure to meet on this site, and I will truly miss you, I hope we can still talk on skype from time to time
#Oliviaxoxo - I would fudge the haters, but I do really need to get on with creating the game for my uni course :) and you are a lovely person to but awww i'm sure I won't but I will miss you though, and I hope we can talk on skype some days. But thanks even though I don't have exams I just have 100% coursework :) but gl to you, I hope you do great and then you can get your life back.
#JayElVeeIsBack - Jay, I'll always remember you who asked me to join frookies at 4am in the morning, or whenever I was out, but when ever we did get a chance to play together it was a fun experience so thank you for that
#Pegasus1234 - Just wanted to..



61 MagicDuck, Feb 19, 2015

And I'll put you into one of my categories of judgement.
~ Amazing - You know you're brilliant, and I fucking love you. Without you then this site would be full of idiots. All my positive judgements.
~ Decent - I don't mind you, I think you're alright. Quite genuine. I would like to get to know you more
~ Neutral
~ I don't really know you.
~ Victim - Tends to play the victim card constantly, and believe they deserve a win because they've been through so much in life.
Jhelsdon2478 ( Only because you do constantly try and avoid eviction by making it sound like you're hated and will get evicted. Why join when you think you won't make it far..) Other than that, idm you.
~ Simpleton - Quite idiotic, lacking academically, bit lost in life, the sort you would see binge watching 'Meet the Kardashian' on a Tuesday night.
~ Thirsty - Not a fan of you. The sort who would say "No strings attached!!! But hey, if you cheat on me then that is out of order!" Probably the sort you would see going on about 50 different chat sites, with 50 different profiles.
~ Ballsy - You say what you think, stand by it, and don't take crap from anybody. I admire people like that.
~ Immature -  TWO SORTS - 1)The sort who go onto castings and post stupid meme pictures. 2) Those who claim you've got to play the game to win, but when people play the game on them they scream and cry.
~ Attention seeking - Tend to be extremely passionate about art or drama, normally putting on an act in their blogs and vlogs.
SexGoddx, though idm you
~ Boring
~ Strange



86 MagicDuck, Feb 16, 2015

And I'll rate your IRL name
#Shonaynay - Natasha - 2\10 - Not a fan of Natasha, the sort I'd imagine that would get lost in the bakery section in tesco and probably steals from a charity shop
#Nikw98 - Nik - 5\10 - Looks like somebody missed the 'c' in your name! Not a bad name
#AlanDuncan - Alan - 4\10 - I imagine an Alan to be a plumber or carpenter who has a wife called Krissy, and tends to have an Essex accent.
#rohanchaubey - Rohan - 5\10 - Not a bad name. A name you would give to a bird.
#CrissCross - Eoin - 5\10 - I quite like the name Owen, but I don't really understand the need to give the name two different spellings.
TheJoe - Etienne - 4\10  - Unusual name. A name you would seen given to an alien species in Doctor who or Star Trek
#Striky - Constantine - 6\10 - Seems like a classical, sophisticated name
#Aydanmac01 - Aydan - 3\10 - Not a fan of the name Aydan. Tends to hang out with Jayden and Brandon and tend to wear tracksuits
#Rowan22 - Rowan - 7\10 - Quite a traditional name, I associate that name will intelligence
#MoooHades - Liam - 3/10 - Again, not a huge fan of 'Liam' . Tends to be one of those drama students who are a bit lost in life
#JamieAndre - Jamie - 3/10 - When I hear "Jamie" I instantly think of a careless student who is doing Art or Media BTEC
#makingallfall2 - Brian - 7/10 - I don't mind the name Brian whatsoever.
#dayum - Dylan - 3/10 - Dylan tends to be your "class clown" who tends to get lost in the supermarket with his sister Dawn. Tends to be in many bottom set classes.
#baza76 - Bailey - 10/10 - I like the name Bailey! Reminds me of royalty
nikki101 - Nicole - 1/10 - Nichole tends to be the hygiene freak, who claims to have OCD and Insomnia, extreme feminist who probably reads Women's Weekly.
JoelW55 - Joel - 6/10 - Alright name, trying to seem a bit unique by adding an extra letter on the name 'Joe'
Vanili - Sara - 7/10 - I quite like Sara. Seems like the sort of girl who stands her ground.
Justunreal - Jerome - 7/10 - Sporty name, I think. Not bad
KyleDile - Kyle - 10/10 - With Kyle you just can't go wrong! Kyle tends to be a laugh, somebody quite natural, and ballsy.
SkooterEYZ - Seph - 5/10 - Seph's quite an unusual name. Not bad though
WannaBeeFriends - Chance - 0/10 - Oh! A name that makes my skin crawl. I find a name like that ridiculous.
Tetsuya - Callum - 6/10 - Don't mind Callum
acyuta - Acyuta - 7/10 - I don't really hear that name, but I think it's quite catchy
coolnarwhal88 - Bennett - 5/10 - Not too sure if it's short for Benedict, but whatever. Quite 50/50 with that name
CaitlinBella - Imogen - 6/10 - Celebrity/singer name. Quite a nice name though
krrais - Krisna - 5/10 - Never quite heard that name before...


♡ RAY (MrBird) ♡

28 garrievans97, Aug 15, 2014

I will reveal someone on this site who I find extremely attractive. If people neg it, I'll just keep it the way it is even though it'll be under the number it says it had xD
20: #Shonaynay
40: #KylieJay
60: #seemlyrough
80: #TaylorStLouis
100: #Xoxu
120: #KyleDile
140: #Solinne64
160: #Bowler23
180: #Timberlie
200: #JayElveeIsBack
220: #Simpizzle
240: #meduncan
260: #Dhucking_Quacks
280: #Maxi1234
300: #Etienne
320: #Foxox
340: #Balloons
360: #Missimogen
380: #DiamondsArentForever
400: shawnpat7
420: #MagicDuck
440: mack3199
460: lilfamousz516
480: NotAfraid
500: DaniD
520: GothicZebra
540: lemonface
560: tharealmike
580: jenzie
600: yankees14456
620: BBobsessor
640: #PotatoSalad
680: #rationalmadman
700: LiteCitrus
720: #Donagal103 (even doe I dont like u ur still good lookin')
740: Qwert2
760: JonoB
780: Rebelman2227
800: owlb0ned
820: #amills7
840: krazyjordan7
860: Snix
880: bowling4fun
900: #Mackie
920: realitynerd
940: KatnissEverdeen
960: saraj10
980: Schmooboy
1000: RawrItsNick
1020: The guy in Tyler93's last pollbox message
1040: #garrievans97
1060: #Samhuss
1080: #Dancefloorparty's Mom
1100: rawr121
1120: Kayla_18
1140: Whoever this is:
1160: Gojira
1180: Whoever this is:
1200: Whoever this is:
1400: YuNoLoveMe


Appreciation Blog

7 LukeyRegan, Aug 2, 2014

I finally got to play my first survivor and made merge! - thank you so much for the help guys



10 jadennator1, Jul 4, 2014

And someones elses name and I'll say who I like more :)
shonaynay or magicduck - #shonaynay
unkown or bernonavy - #unkown4lyfe
marwane or macken - #marwane
atti12 or hobnobgpro - BOTH


No title

0 sosyomomma, Jun 28, 2014

#shonaynay and #magicduck both got banned for the same shit


Who are your top 6 most talked to on Skype?

5 Temeky, Feb 6, 2014

Mine are (in this order):
My ex boyfriend who doesnt have Tengaged


Say What??

1 SurfBuddy2010, Jan 31, 2014

Why are these people trying to ban themselves. Starting new is okay, but if it is just to get a new username, then what is the point. Trust me as a white level, I am fighting to get enough T$ just so I can branch out more. I mean seriously. Why people?
Seriously why??

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