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Hello, my name is Brian And I LEIK MUDKIPZ

I joined this site on May 23rd of 2016. That's right people, I joined during the first of the Dark Ages of Tengaged, shortly after Randomize left the first time. I have seen it all. I have seen this site at it's worst. And I am thankful that, despite it's decline, it is far better than it was when I started.

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Brian King

The Irrelevants - Boring
The X Factor - Liars Everywhere
Friends Before Wins - Winning Is All That Matters To Them

Tip the scales in the other person's favor, so that when you are victorious, they cannot say you cheated.

I'm Obsessed, I can't stand to see people getting unfair advantages and not getting called out on it. If I see it, bitch it is on.

When putting Gasoline on the fire, make sure you don't burn yourself.
馃Remember those who have passed on馃

brittyxx (Car Crash - March 2012)

Carlena aka LadyLizard (Comitted Suicide - January 2016)

Silas aka Silas86 (UK - 2016)

ggjamesgg (Car Crash - November 2017)

lmaobrit2214 (Suicide - 2017)

Moneybags1015 (Surgery following Skiing Accident - January 4 2018)

Sammy aka Sammyforeverr94 (Cystic Fibrosis - February 7th, 2018)

Most points for:
Design: 161 (Mockingjay Tee)
Blog: 872 ( )
Group Games History:

Wins -
D&B's Survivor: Philippines(5-3)
Mud's Survivor Season 12: Tasmania (4-3-2)
Adele's Survivor: Big Brother(2-2)
Papa's Survivor: Belize(3-1)
The Power Struggle 16: Brain Brawn Beauty II (4-4-0)
~ Cromatic's Random Stars ~ (38.2% Final Vote)
Aria's Series One: Stars
Aria's Next Top Model: Season 1
Adamslater's Celebrity Big Brother

Others -
(2nd) Antonio's CBB (40% Final Vote)(Host lied and said I won lol)
(2nd) Magic's Big Brother Season 1
(2nd) ~ Cromatic's Random Stars ~
(2nd/3rd) Big Brother: Awakening Stars (tied)
(3rd) Pokepat's Survivor: All-Stars
(3rd) Adele's Big Brother (UK)
(3rd) Aria's Skype: Fast Big Brother
(4th) Liam's Survivor: Malaysia
(4th) WANJ's Survivor Blood vs Water
(4th) Blatastic's 2nd Annual Hunger Games
(4th) DC's Survivor: Fiji
(5th) ~Stun's 42nd Annual Hunger Games~
(5th) Zombie's Survivor Jamaica
(5th) BSS: Survivor: Cuba - Factions
(6th) MJF's The Apprentice
(6th) The Amazing Race (Partner: Jacaduex)
(7th) ~Stun's 41st Annual Hunger Games~
(7th) Novamax243's 1st Hunger Games
(7th) WANJ's Survivor: Argentina
(7th) Vegas and Kondons' Survivor: Morocco
(7th) JustinV53's The Mole (Season 1)
(8th) Blatastic's 1st Annual Hunger Games
(8th) Gaia's 3rd Hunger Games
(8th) WANJ's Survivor Vanuatu
(8th) Noah's Idiotic Game: 1 Jury Survivor
(9th) Liam's Survivor: Arabia
(9th) Pokepat's Survivor: Galapagos
(9th) Jessie's Fast Survivor - Season 1
(9th) Renny's Big Brother: Old School
(12th) Mikey's Survivor 1:Borneo
(12th) L&J's Survivor: Uganda
(13th) D&B's Fans Vs Favorites: Micronesia
(13th) Pokepat's Survivor: Hawaii
(14th) ~Stun's 40th Annual Hunger Games~
(14th) WANJ'S Survivor: All-Stars
(15th) M&N's Survivor: Nicaragua
(15th) BB: Just Desserts
(16th) Mud's Survivor: (S7)Blood vs Water
(16th) Big Brother: Icons
(17th) The Power Struggle: 18 (Final Season)

WANJ - Brian you are good casting. Always active/good player/not boring to watch

Anonymous - Brian is definitely one of the people I think are cool on tengaged. I've been in his Hunger Games group game before, and it's also funny how easily he can get annoyed xD Not much else to say about him really. He is an icon though


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