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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Kez ☆ ..s2..

I love all my friends on here so much.. you're AMAZING :') Thanx for the memories

❝ Seeing things though a different set of eyes changes the whole picture. ❞

♥ ☆ Tribe Mositivity - 110 Merges ☆ ♥
♥ ☆ ¬¬' Survivor Tribe - 60 merges ☆ ♥
♥ ☆ Gifnor Survivor Tribe - 36 merges ☆ ♥
♥ ☆ Tribe Karma - 18 merges ☆ ♥
♥ ☆ 12000 Survivor Tribe - 16 merges ☆ ♥
♥ ☆ Total Merges - 319 ☆ ♥ (Last counted #131397)

☆ Kez - I love you :) You've been the best friend I've had on here.. just because you get me. I'll find a way to get in touch with you again but for now i need to head out of here. You're an amazing person.. with a heart too big for some people on here. You may never read this, but i felt putting this in this blog was fitting.
I could go on and on about all the times we've had on tengaged. Aside from one fiasco, you're probably the person i've spoken to on calls most on here (which i know isnt much at all.. but still). We share so many jokes. So much information about our lives. So much of everything. Which is why i think we'll still stay in touch regardless of what happens.
You're just a really cool chick who will one day make some guy a really really happy bloke.
No matter what, i hope you know how much you mean to me. I'm glad you chose me to swap scores with that day.. and i'm really happy i fought my ass off to merge onto the tribe.. its the only time i've truly tried in a game.. and it shaped the way everything on tengaged turned out for me. And if i could go back.. i'd do it all over again.
Ily kezbug. Lots and lots.
-by Sash :') My favourite numpty! <3

☆ You're more than just amazing. :')
Sent by AlphaBravo,Apr 1, 2010

☆ Knowing you for the last 16 months has been amazing. The last 8 months in survivor have been my favorite on tengaged. We've had alot of struggles lately, namely balloon folk ;), but I always know that we'll be ok. You've helped me through so much in my life, I don't think I could have made it without you. Thank you so much for being your wonderful, amazing, beautiful self, even when I'm a total nutjob. I love you to death, and I always will.
-By Ryatur20

☆ BlueStar - Kez. What is said in our Skype convos remains in our Skype convos. :X If anyone seen them we'd be in serious shit. I don't need to tell you how much I luff yooh cause you already know and if you don't, well now you do. Sawted. Thanks for putting up with me and thanks for the minutes of lolz you've provided over the last few months! You're more than just a mediocre designer to me, you're a mediocre spamming designer. ;) Laughing Out LOADS! "Truth be told Gwen, I couldn't have done it without you."
- By AlphaBravo

☆ Kez - I think I've shared the most laughs on here with you since the start. We've had the most random talks. About food. About skype sex symbols. About relationships. Guys. Girls. Everything lol. I know whenever i need someone to cheer me up, i can come and joke with you. Remember Numbers 3? It'll happen one day Kezzy and you'll eat your words :P Ily though, you've got an amazing heart. You care about your friends so much and none of this would have ever started without you. I'm so happy to not only have met you from this, but to have grown so close to you. Ily <3
-by Sash

☆ bluestar - wowww kez, we have known each other forever. It's weird though cause we used to be so close before tengaged, like we used to talk for ages every day :s I joined tengaged then and told you about it and you said it sounded crap haha. You eventually gave in though and joined the site which eventually let to us not talking and our friendship was gone :( Well I wouldn't say completely gone but obviously no where as near as it was before. It's weird though cause by telling you and bringing you to tengaged it kind of ruined the real good friendship we had =/ Not all of our tengaged time was like that though, for like the first year we were still good friends but as you went up the levels we just started making different groups of friends. It was dead sad ;( It's funny when you think of all the memories we have from c4 and from here, so many!! I can't believe we have known each other for like 5 years :s ugh but yea recently we were on skype and we kinda asked each other what happened between us and I'm real glad that happened. I had wanted to bring it up for ages but I dunno, I just didn't cause I thought you moved on :s After that talk though we started talking more which led to us actually meeting up, after 5 years!! People on here judge you too quickly first it was cause of shops and now its because of survivor. Speaking from experience of knowing you for that long, if someone is a friend to you then you are an amazing friend back :') So yea we have had our ups and downs but I'm glad with where we are at now, I know its still not how it used to be when we were on c4 and im not sure if it can ever get back to that but at least we are improving lool. I was really scared of telling you something recently since like I lied to you for 5 years but it didn't even bother you. I would have understood if it did but luckily you were fine with it!! So yea you are amazing and I will always be your cloney :P haha
"and I feeeeeeeeeel like taking off let me beeeeeeeeee your supernova"
-By Oleary91

☆ Train to Manchester: £50
Haircut: £19
Getting your haircut by the best hairdresser in England: Priceless.
For everything else there's Mastercard.
-By BengalBoy

☆ I always mess with you, but you know its only cuz ILY. You dragged me through stars, and your blogs were the only thing that got me into 5th the next time. For some reason drama follows us into games, I never have more drama than when I'm in a game with u, but u make it fun :) Thanks for making the site fun to be on, without you, I prolly wouldn't still be here <3
Sent by ryatur20,Apr 1, 2010

☆ bluestar - kez <33333333333333333333333 whatta woman :)
you're fun, smart, sexy and too cool :) you're the full package, you're defo a hit with the fellas and i can see why. what always strikes me about you is your versitility, you can fit into any group while being all girly with the girls but you fit in with the fellas so well too which i love, you can get along with anyone which must come in handy as you are a hair stylist and have to talk to the customers all day. i remember we used to play that song game with rory, dan and puma and ofc you beat us all <3 you're a star here on tengaged and i know you'll be a star in real life too. a real classy manc, absolute legend <333333

☆ Hmmmmm, my best memory? There seems to be tons! Ever since Strawburry Tuhtle has begun, we've become fast friends and I have made so many memories with you. One thing that stands out is Willis interviewing you, and you explaining it back to me about what you wash in the shower first. LOL. And pretty much any time you decide to point out the false logic in peoples' statements. Love you Kez! <3
Sent by rdesch1,Aug 16, 2010

☆ Kez- I.F.L.Y!!!! You are always there for me and ask if im doing ok. We were instantly targetted in stars together cuz everyone knows we are in love ok? :P You helped me out so much recently with designs for shops and always put a smile on my face when we are on calls talking bout other ppl and how some are "proper twats" :D
- By Dools

☆ Its amazing how close we have gotten lately <3
I remember hearing your voice on mic for the first time and telling you it sounded very soothing LMFAO and you giggled :P And how i always stuck up for you with your shops because your designs were the best :DDD and i hate ev32.. and we have what 7 merges strong so far, and your still the only girl <333 I remember when i thought you were bisexual thanks to a miscommunication, and when josh got 218 in words, and niku got 850 in wof LMFAO or how i always argue with blaze and your always caught in the middle and my favorite memory of you: Giving me that duel shirt and then getting on call with us both being nervous as i knocked peeps right out of shops :)))))) FOCKIN LUVS U KEZ <3
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Aug 17, 2010

☆ [12:10:33 AM] Alegeeter: Kez, I'm gonna tell you how much i love you and think you are one of the most down to earth people and friends on this site, for two reasons. One, because I want to be in your profile, and two because it is a true statement. You are one of the few people I look forward to talking to on skype, who I enjoy having conversations with, and will always consider a good friend.

☆ Bluestar - Kez there is NOBODY on this site like you. Those that don't know you are sometimes quick to judge, but they'd be wrong if they assumed you were anything other than incredible. It's so hard to even find words to describe you! I just have such a blast with you all the time, whether I'm howling about knocking out the million in dond, or giggling at our misfortune in games, or if I'm really upset... You are always there for me. And you know I will always be there for you. I love you so much MamaKez <3 You are freakin' amazin', as the mancs would say. Oh and I'm amazingly sorry.
- by Minsikid

☆ Kez - MamaKez<3 I remember seeing you all alone in that Survivor over 3 months ago and joining faster than a fat lady runs to a piece of cake. Well, that's a bad analogy, but you get the point. Haha. I've absolutely loved getting to know you over the past months and you are so funny. You accent is absolutely amazing and you are completely epic.
- By Sass21

☆ BlueStar - Kez you're pretty fucking awesome! You've been nothing but sweet and kind since i met you and you're a great person to talk to. You're genuine and dont take any crap and i think thats a really awesome quality you have! Ok, now that i'm done with the sucking up, move me up from 8th on your boyfriends list please.. thanks! <3 :P
BlueStar - I love you Kez! You know how much i rely on ya for soo much shit and as much as i may hate it at the time, i love the advice you give me. I love the fact i know you're there if i need your help. And i love the fact that you're one of my closest friends on here <3
-by Sash

☆ Kez: Oh my dear Kezia. I love you so much. You are so fun, witty and bubbly. You have the personality that just makes me smile every day. I couldn't picture skype/tengaged without your presence. Even if you are somewhat of a "hair bitch" as Willis would say, I would come to Manchester to get my hair cut in a heart beat. I definitely want to play more games with you and I will always have you very close in my heart because you are just a pocket full of sunshine =]
- by Dools

☆ bluestar - kez, i'm pretty sure i knew you a bit before gifnor, but that was when i really befriended you, you are one of my favourite girls on here and like shayybayy, you also have to put up with a ton of shit, luckily you are mature enough to ignore the shit and realise that its all shit, you are beautiful and smart, and when people take the piss out of hairdressing it annoys me too because my girlfriend is one, you have a successful career ahead of you, doing what you love under a world famous brand name, people go to uni and a lot of time never come out with that success, i still want you to cut my hair
- By Blogs

☆ Oh Kez, my momma Kez <333 God how I adore you. I know that seeing me make the Top 20 has your skin crawling because as you keep reminding me, I play way too many damn games xD You've made this past half of a year so special for me, you really welcomed me openly into your tribe and dare I say it your heart :P You're just a very loving and passionate gal and you've got talent up the wazoo. I couldn't be more proud to call you one of the people I care about most on here <3
- By MinisChild

☆[20:49:49] Danny: i reckon kez is the girl most likely to chop the d*ck. off of a cheating boyfriend
[20:50:04] Danny: the hairdressing scissors
[20:50:09] Danny: snip snip!

☆ No one cares if Bluestar is a man
Mar 11, 2012 by Popeye
We care more about if he is gay
Because i will be the first to hop on that dick if he is
K thanks

♥ Tengagers I've met IRL ♥
Jubbzy x3
Alex1991 x3
Oleary91 x8
PrincessTeePee x2
Alegeeter x2
The_Domany x4
Zurks x2
Christopher/YMSH/TIMB/FMLwhyamiback x 7 years of amazing memories :)

☆ Winner of Big Brother : The Rivals - Season 1 ☆
☆ Winner of Eliminated 2 ☆
☆ Winner of Patricks Stars Quickgame - Season 3 ☆
☆ Winner of Big Brother Blaze ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged X Factor: Season 6 ☆
☆ Winner of Power Struggle ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 15 with Ellie Goulding ☆
☆ Winner of Big Brother United ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 24 with Beautiful Small Machines ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 30 with Hot Chelle Rae ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 74 with The Whip ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 75 with Spector ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 122 with Ozark Henry ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 133 with Machines are People too ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 144 with Vaults ☆
☆ Winner of Tengaged Song Contest 175 with Years & Years ☆

☆☆☆☆☆ Stars 52 and 90! ☆☆☆☆☆
☆☆ Survivor ~ 110 Merges☆☆

GiGi10 12 min ago
Kez you are literally amazing at this game.

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