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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is #noshame ..s2..

Hi, I'm Ryan. Adult by day, frickin' fantastic by night. Pokemon Trainer. Hogwarts Alum. LSU Tiger. Mail me if you'd like to get to know more. Do not spam me, I will filter you.

Joined March 3, 2010

One of my favorite people I have had to joy of meeting,
my valentine: ♥rdesch1♥Diva1♥

Skype: slytheryan

3DS FC: 4398-9656-4417

"It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission"

Highest Rank: 42nd

*Inapropros - 47 Merges*
*12000..It Glitched! - 16 Merges*
* for Karma - 18 Merges*

Winner of Big Brother Bravo 6
Winner of The Cage 3
6th Place in the Race to Black Challenge [Aduro]
Member of the first tribe to do 3 10-0's in a row

(47merges) rdesch1: Throughout my entire merge streak, I must say you were probably the most intense player and ally I had. We made a lot of the decisions together on what was going down with the tribe and I absolutely LOVED all the food charts you made, and how much effort you put into helping out the tribe. It was absolutely devastating when we finally ended up merging in minority and you were voted off  Even after you were gone though, you continually messaged me and encouraged me to go on and get the top spot for the both of us! Well here I am, and I honestly thank you for being there for me because I know there is no way I would have made it without you. - Pepper


Current Merges [-]
Consecutive Merges [47]

Stars 92: 16th - 50.5% (v. Jtotalturtle)
Stars 98: 13th - 51.1% (v. Uskyld)
Stars 110: 13th - 54.7% (v. Quackerz)
Stars 142: 3rd - 24.7% (v. titan24maniac & BBDamian)
--Nominatons Survived:
---4th - 47.1% (v. dorkishbarbi)
---7th - 44.9% (v. LucyX3Jean)
---9th - 48.6% (v. mack3199)
---10th - 48.9% (v. Sass21)
Stars 187: 14th - 55.5% (v. Quackerz)


*Strawburry Tuhtles - R.I.H.*

My Games 288 games played

2 Aug, 14
28 Jul, 14
22 Jul, 14
21 Jun, 14
1 May, 13
1 May, 13
28 Apr, 13

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