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32 rawr25, Sep 12, 2017

Haven't done one of these in over a year, comment for a rate out of 10 and a short opinion.
Cleared my filter list except three people so everyone should participate, odds are I probably don't hate you ! :D Also feel free to comment to me in mails about your PYN or even give me one back :)
Using 5 as i don't know you.
#Billions (11) I don't have to even put a sob story up, you know how much I care about you and what we have been through. I'm so glad we can still have a relationship and be as close as we are without talking all the time. I'll always care for you and consider you one of my best friends irl & online.
#jenzie (10) You already know I don't have to get too SAPPY here, but I love you soooo much, you are hilarious and such a caring person to your friends. The literal queen of tengaged, add me back to the millz tho bitch! But honestly you helped me thru alot with my issues last year and idk how I would be today if it wasn't for you so KISSES MY NUMBER ONE BITCH.
#DanielleDonato (10) I'm sorry if you felt at any point that I didn't care about our friendship cause that's complete bs. You are top 5 when it comes to my favorite people i've met on here hands down. You helped me SOOOOOOO much with my relationship issues last year and was always there to call <3. I loved that couple months and how close we were. Hell you even stayed on the phone with me while i was puking. I just don't take games seriously/don't wanna start drama like before. If you ever need me i'm always here for you :). Also simpdonato for life even though steven is lowkey a bitch!
#MrOrange890 (9.5) oh god idek where to start with you LMAO. We've had the weirdest relationship ever. Glad i got to you know as well as I did even tho we don't talk much anymore. First person i ever slept on call with lmaooo. Oh godddd love you josh
#IYBF (9.5) loveeeee youuuuuuu, one of my fav tengagers. You listened to my hours and hours long rants about my life and spent all night with me when I needed someone. Even though you completely ignore my life advice when it comes to tengaged I still love you and hope your life is going amazing cause you deserve it
Xx_Legend_xX (9.5) baby daddy, ilysmmm you still have me #1 your an icon, that's why i still gift you, you are perfection xo. We need to play a game together soon again!
#lemjam6 (9) i think we always used to be close except when you fucking voted me out of vivor! Your personality and how you handled games was my inspiration after i always used to flop hunger. “Nice people don’t win games”. You do constantly try to guilt trip people which is the only thing i dont like about you. Otherwise one of my top 10 tengagers for sure :D
#baza76 (9) My first real friend on tengaged after coming back as rawr. You honestly paved the way for me on .com and got me into alot of the friend groups i still have today. Without you I probably would've never became relevant. Our relationship was fun for that month or..

0 TGBB11 (18)

3 disneygeek, Aug 18, 2016

Eviction Order:
8th- #Billions
9th- #DillyDally
10th- #C_Shizz96
11th- #JourdanBabyXoXo
12th- #ghrocky100
13th- #deshonBANNEDISBACK
14th- #LoveLife
15th- #ImGonnaWin
16th- #lemjam
17th- #perfectprizetag
18th- #Marble
19th- #DuncanSurferBoy
21st- #aj1111
22nd- #bowkane
23rd- #MrPokeguy9
24th- #MJFJUNE
25th- #Brandt69
26th- #BBCANfan
27th- #PinesDipper
28th- #Midgetkitty123
29th- #spinfur
30th- #MrBird
By a vote of 1-1-0-0 saved #dinosaurdan from the 1-1 tie. Which means #Billions #C_Shizz96 & #DillyDally  you are evicted from the TGBB house.
~Last Double eviction this week.~
HoH- dinosaurdan
Pre Noms- rawr121 Paigex & Darriusdabest
POV- garrievans97
Used?- On Paigex
Final Noms- rawr121 Darriusdabest & Macda27
Vote to SAVE! (Anyone but the Nominees can vote)



40 CutieAmy, Apr 30, 2016

for a ranking out of 10 and an opinion.
#Billions - 8/10. You're so nice to talk to. You're truly amazing and not like a rude person to people. You don't like meaningless drama and you enjoy associating yourself with good people. It could be a 9 if you add me on skype already =[
#Ashleybabyx3 - 9/10. I remember when you were like a red level, you were legit psychotic. I couldn't stand you. However, my opinion has changed after you became less crazy about games and actually started wanting to get to know people outside of them. I got to know the real Derek in way or another and you have been amazing so far. I love you, xo.
#Crissy15 - 7/10. I can't remember why I disliked you when we were in toxics together. But, I am obviously over it now! I am glad you came back to tengaged and I hope you find you way into a full honey blonde collection. :)
#Vanili - 9/10. You are so adorable and your accent is everything. I know how you look at things around tengaged and it is what made me drawn to wanting to talk to you more (probabltywhy I finally added you to the chat). I hope you don't get tired of us because we love you! Anyway, you're simply flawless and I adore you lots. Good luck in stars, kill it!
#Ethan000 - 8/10. I like how you're friendly and easy to talk to. Although you may suck at it for the most part. Regardless, I know you mean well and you're not about starting stupid drama for no reason. You just want to enjoy your time on tengaged and get to know people and that is why I like about you the most! Good luck in stars and I hope you don't get a disgusting 3rd placement.
Haliford - 10/10. I love you so much! You're literally amazing in many ways. I love the way we always feel comfortable talking to eachother about whatever. I will always be here for you. You have a good heart and I wish people can see that. You don't deserve the way some people treat you. You need to start pulling the people that like you closer to you and cut off the negativity. You're friendly which is why I enjoy talking to you. Never doubt yourself.
Judi - 8/10. You were such a raging bitch last year. You sorta calmed down this year, LOL! You're hilarious and actually fun to talk to on calls to from what I recall. You need to be less dramatic and give people a chance because you are not as bad as what you make yourself seem to be.
m7md26 - 10/10. I feel like you are a brother to me. I love how we have been friends in so long and we never got into a fight. I know I suck at replying back and I need to work on it more. I just get distracted by so many things. It is not about you so you have nothing to worry about. :) I love you < 3
Willie_ - 20/20. Wow! did you just see what I did there? I am usually picky to the people I want to get close to because most people on tengaged are careless in the way they perceive themselves on blogs page/in games. I am glad I took the initiative to wanting..

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