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49 owlb0ned, Sep 19, 2014

I never thought I would see the day that I'd be anything higher than black or even this high at that! Thanks to all the friends I've made that have stood by me for my whole time on this site. :)
Shout out to the people who helped me reach blood!
~~~~~PYN for a 3 sentence opinion~~~~~
#meduncan - you're someone i've kept close to for the longest. i like how if we don't talk for awhile we can hop right back into sync. you're one of the funniest people i know.
#potatosalad - i remember you were in my #owlb0ners frat so i will always love you for that. you're a funny guy. we don't talk much, but you're genuine.
#darrel42 - i know you from #realhousewivesofdisney chat. i'm glad we started talking from group calls cos you're really funny and a lovely person. i like how we both feel the same when jay starts preaching about things.
#purplecows - i like your personality cos we seem similiar. i wish we talked more, but that is my fault since i don't make the effort. you're funny and blunt so i love it.
#forevermissprice - first i love your hair. second you sing so well!!!! third you seem lovely from the mails and comments back and forth we've exchanged.
#negasub - i used to think you were really creepy, but now i think you're okay. i'm thankful you join games with me cos that's nice of you. i wish you wouldn't ignore africanwoman :/
#bengalboy - you're one of my closest friends even if we don't talk much. i like how funny you are and can always have a laugh. i'm glad i can trust you and know you are there for me.
#mikespike - mike daddy you still are one of my best mates even tho we don't talk as much as we used to, which needs to change btw!!!! we have such similiar humour and you are someone who can keep up conversation. i know if i ever came to australia i'd wanna hang out with you cos you're the best :)
pens87 - noah, we met from playing those back to back frookies on that call and it was so fun. you like hockey and it's one of my fav sports so that makes you cool in my book. we don't talk often, but we should more.
#clueliz - liz i am so glad i met you on the group call cos you're literally one of the most genuine people on this site. you're so lovely and we kept making each other laugh the whole time. i wish you were still on the tribe tho cos ily
jeffwinger - i'm so glad we met in hunger games cos you're such a gr8 guy. you kept making me laugh in the game and on the calls. i really do hope we talk more.
#cdawg97 - chris you gifted me one of my fav designs aka england jersey. i'm so glad we're talking again cos you make me laugh. you're so kind and i wish people wouldn't be so mean to..


wow @ trending

2 Patrick319, Oct 27, 2013

get out #jm101


As I found

0 Rockslide, Nov 18, 2012

#jm101 irl :-( Sorry that this happened ;-(


PYN I just bought Dark Green!! :*

46 JohannaMason, Jun 21, 2012

PYN and Ill say 3-5 things about what I really think about you < 3
Zamchise - I dont know you but you are a noob so I love you < 3 Im a noob too so we should play a game some time!! (:
Dzenan00 - I think we played that group stars game? That pissed me off lol I wanted to win to get a gift. Everyone seems to know you and Im sure you know me since Im hated but I dont know who the hell you are so I would love to talk to you and get to know you if you wanted to PM me some time?
BenjaminB - I love you. You're always so sweet to me but you are a noob so dont be mean to other noobs lol it doesnt matter how cute you are xoxo
Schmooboy - You are my best friend no matter what happens I will always love you and I know we dont ever talk about like nothing personal like deepest darkest secrets but I love you and I wanna lick you and I love you and I hope you win stars because then we can both be winners < 3
RandomRawr2 - I dont know you but you are a noob so I love you < 3 Im a noob too so we should play a game some time!! (:
ToriMarie - Your so gay or "bi" but I love you. And Im waiting for that sex and puking on my face or whatever. We never trust each other in games LMFAOOOOOOOOO and Im sure we wouldnt talk to each other if we didnt play skype games. But I love you Montana (: And Im sorry I evicted you in stars I would have saved you if you were against anyone else.
MyLovelyNothing - Your a whore. But a cute whore. So I love you, ok?
Dorothy - I love you < 3 You're always so nice to me even when I'm mean to you xo and You are always so nice to everyone (: I hope you win our crookies cause I know my ass is gone LOL
MichelleObama - UMMM I LOVE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU!! :* We need to talk more (: You are always so nice to me and I was surprised you told me who you were and I love love love you and we need to play a game some time!! :* Ok? PM me some time too xx
DarkTyphoon23 - I love you so much you were my first friend I ever had on this account < 3 I am sorry that Im not a girl and that you hate me because of it but we are gonna go married and make everything better, ok? I love you Ian and Im sorry for lying to you about who I am I just didnt want you to hate me like everyone else < / 3
SweetHeart95 - Your fake but I dont know why you love me but you do and so I have to love you too :* You never talk to me though because your an asshole < / 3 SO TALK TO ME!! :*
Black0ut247 - LOL I know you arent PoVing me and I was just upset that you were nomming me AFTER I asked you to join. And PLus I had so many damn bets lol I was kinda shocked. But what are you gonna do? YOu back stab me every damn game we play. Skype or Tengaged so its fine. I just know who to evict in stars now :* Cause I didnt like getting bitter over..

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