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S15: Battle of the Seasons RESULTS

19 J2999, May 4, 2021

No sign up blog for this as it wasn't gonna be easy that way to get 8 teams of 4
Note: Team 'War of the Worlds' consists of 2 who only played WOTW 1, and 2 who only played WOTW 2.
Team Vendettas:
Christian_ - 10th season
GiGi10 - 5th season
IceBeast - 6th season
Jaxon - 15th season
Team War of the Worlds:
Eoin - 2nd season
MrBird - 7th season
tonyalbright - 7th season
Willie_ - 4th season
Team Free Agents:
Bluejay7622 - 2nd season
Kyle12212 - 6th season
Nelson - 6th season
useamint - 9th season
Team Battle of the Exes:
Absol - 3rd season
iYBF - 2nd season
nmh95 - 2nd season
peace123 - 3rd season
Team Cutthroat:
FireX - 6th season
immaxyman - 3rd season
jacksonjoseph99 - 3rd season
mradamman12 - 2nd season
Team Total Madness:
CocoVanderbilt - 3rd season
endIessryan - 3rd season
smuguy2012 - 2nd season
Solinne64 - 7th season
Team The Gauntlet:
Admir - 2nd season
Arris - 3rd season
Maxi1234 - 3rd season
winner132 - 3rd season
Team The Duel:
Ethan000 - 2nd season
Jameslu - 3rd season
#Kentuckyy - 2nd season
#varlto - 2nd season
Link to all stats and seasons, charts for this season are 'Battle of the Seasons' and 'BOTS' :)
- It being till ep 5 when any team lost all members was cute
- there being numerous occurrences of a 'WIN OUT' or a 'WIN GAP OUT'.
- Congrats to Kyle12212 on being the third 2x winner!
- Daily wise was mostly a War of the Worlds vs Free Agents showdown, them taking over half the daily wins between them.
- Everything about team cutthroat speaking _underdog_.
Fun format, good season =]
Sorry if your season wasn't represented - i tried to avoid duo seasons but ultimately in seasons NOT duo ones, there weren't really enough people who debut'd to return [or at least weren't a one and done first boot] and I wasn't about to Camila people, team consistency !
And sorry if you weren't either, tried going for people i know enjoy / would want to be tagged, but then with the earlier few kinda randomised a few spots within them teams also lmao.


fun fact

5 Aquamarine, Oct 19, 2015

if #kentuckyy and #brandonpinzu ever shared accounts, #kentuckyy would have been rednosed every time JustMe, #brandonpinzu and Tengaged_Moderation were rednosed. But he wasn't, so alas, just another cover up by the mod team.


Rumour has it

2 Funnehliner, Oct 19, 2015

#Kentuckyy was banned for being #brandonpinzu's friend yet Brandon is corrupt, right?????????


Ranking every player in my stars' on gameplay

27 KrisStory, Dec 5, 2014

THIS IS MY OPINION PLEASE DO NOT GET ALL PISSY AT ME. This is for a particular stars and maybe you are a good player, you just had a bad game. Chances are that's what it is.
For example, Jm101 is a good stars player, he just didn't try in the game I was with him in so he was ranked 132nd. I think I messed up the numbering so if anyone points that out then thanks lol. Once again, you're probably a better player than it appears on the list for some of you, its just the specific game I was in with you! The best is at the bottom...
152. Vans                254/10th
151. Dorkishbarbi        286/16th
150. Johneh        260/16th
149. jenii_Valenta        254/16th
148. etaco75        313/16th
147. jm101                260/13th
146. tyleror                267/14th
145. KingB24            319/10th
144. Zeptis                267/12th
143. danio                274/16th
142. SexyTex        279/16th
141. jdog                260/14th
140. Lynette        292/3rd
139. Pens87        279/4th
138. KarmaSutra        279/18th
137. tannerandkaleb 286/5th
136. tyleror                286/15th
135. tyleror                292/15th
134. Semajdude       319/16th
133. EricCartman        274/15th
132. Ladybug5         319/15th
131. Monomial                260/15th
130. hujain                313/15th
129. meduncan                286/2nd
128. survivorfan37        286/14th
127. SexyTex                298/16th
126. MJFJUNE           319/8th
125. melissasinclaire  319/7th
124. coreyants                 274/13th
123. Meyaar                279/17th
122. Thumper91        279/1st
121. LittleMix                286/16th
120. PurpleCows        313/4th
119. unkown                298/17th
118. CharlieScene        298/12th
117. Wonderland        260/2nd
116. Realchance        274/14th
115. MTman        267/16th
114. kentuckyy        254/15th
113. haiiderr        254/13th
112. LittleMix        292/14th
111. Sparky9171        267/15th
110. Abominable        274/12th
109. Monomial        298/13th
108. junsheaven        254/6th
107. LordZappy        254/14th
106. mrkkkkyle        286/13th
105. Coreyants        313/14th
104. SexGoddx        260/10th
103. zbase4        279/5th
102. Carsonl        292/13th
101. amf7410        279/10th
100. Gagaluv        279/12th
99. KingB24        313/11th
98. MichelleObama 254/1st
97. rippyroo        267/11th
96. Tigger       319/14th
95. RiDsTeR        292/10th
94. mastropola        274/1st
93. Halloween        279/14th
92. Carsonl        274/10th
91. coreyants        286/12th
90. jdog                313/13th
89. Carsonl        313/10th
88. austino15fffan        279/13th
87. Katia929        298/6th
86. ladylizard        298/5th
85. Sw33t     319/13th
84. zer0gravity        254/8th
83. Instagram        260/12th
82. Halloween        298/14th
81. iangavin        260/4th
80. teamjacz        279/11th
79. Carsonl                  298/9th
78. Dusty2244                   279/9th
77. magge555550101 286/5th
76. Spinner554                  274/6th
75. amf7410               267/3rd
74. TheIrishSmurf4 260/11th
73. BbDamian              286/12th
72. EyooMarcus              298/15th
71. Saftronbtr999        260/5th
70. danio                       286/7th
69. k4r4k                       254/2nd
68. jessebruenger        267/9th
67. Tabatha               286/11th
66. Imthtawesom    319/11th
65. Bradyman7               292/10th
64. maxiphone27        292/9th
63. Rebelman2227   319/12th
62. Schmooboy                313/8th
61. Runaway                267/4th
60. EliOrtiz1234        260/8th
59. Lemjam6               ..


I love Hugh [doodleshugh] ❤

85 suzycroatia, Jun 17, 2014

and zakisaboss and I will rate your personality on a scale from 1 - 10
#Kentuckyy 8.5
#lemonface 3 :*
#Milkisgood 8.5
#aimers 6 (BLAME ZAK)
#jenzie 9
alireza1373 10 although zak said 9 but idc
#holllyy1230 5.5
#PotatoSalad 3 we dont know you
#underwzc 9.5
#mikec51 5 we dont know you
#BengalBoy 9.5
#CocoaBean 6.5
#AllieBoBallie 6.5
#KittyTheEmolga 13
#Dhucking_Quacks 4 we dont know you
StaRfReSh33 -5 i dont know you
RobertGuajardo 5
jamie19 2 bc of faygo
unkown 8
Maxi1234 5.5
@Funnehliner 3 (blame zak!!!)
winners1 10 bc we dont know you
mikespike 7
DaniD 2
smuguy2012 7.5
Instagram 3.5 (blame zak)
Minie 6
jojo7784 6 bc we dont know you
BostonRob_ 3.5 (blame zak)
tonym101101 4.5 (blame zak)
1Swampy8 8
black0ut247 5.5
jdog 7
Thumper91 4
Piddu 7
SomebodyAwesome 6 zak doesn't know you
@simplyobssesed 6.5 zak doesn't know you
AustinRules6969 7
volcomvans 6.5
Chlltownofcourse 7
faygo 2 bc of jamie
Zacharyy 5 idk youuu


So uhm

3 Donagal103, May 28, 2014

Why is #kentuckyy banned?


Nommed for 5th ~Stars~

15 Bradyman7, Dec 27, 2013

People wanna get trashy....ok lets get trashy.
First of all,  me and #kentuckyy ran this bitch. it wasn't anyone else calling the shots...and we were lucky to have such good allies in Panda13 and krisstory.
I made all the tough calls that needed to be made and I controlled what happened in this game until about f7. At that point, all my victims decided to band together and that's fine.
But lets be honest...if ANYONE thinks Runaway did ANYTHING other than send half-naked pics to people and try to flirt.....then they are sadly mistaken. I played this game, I got here by "busting my ass" in this game.
I have no bad words to say about amf7410 because he is a nice guy.
Please save me, I want this so badly!


Can Jm

0 chrisw756, Apr 4, 2013

Joins the Ranks of #Kentuckyy and ThatKoolKidOverThere as a Double Winner?


Yet another example of Kentuckyy's..

5 Zeptis, Nov 4, 2012

[8:08:42 PM] #Kentuckyy: If you have a fucking problem
[8:08:53 PM] #Kentuckyy: You can come say it to my face, instead of talking shit about me to people
First off I am pretty sure, I have talked about my problems with you to your face, so don't try to pull that crap, second off, how can I talk to you about my problems that I have with you, if you have e blocked!
[8:09:36 PM] #Kentuckyy: You are a fucking fat loser, who needs to learn how to shut the fuck up. When you learn how to shut up people may actually learn to like you. Enjoy being a fucking Gay boy for the rest of your miserable life.
I like how when ever you try to insult me you describe yourself at the same time. Call me a fat fucking loser? have you looked at yourself? and don't tell me I need to learn how to shut the fuck up, when you have the same problem. And I don't need to explain why you call me a gayboy (which is a nice more unbannable was of saying what he called me) is so hypocritical. And the rest of my life won't be miserable, I am happy with who I am.

38 So You Think You Can Dance 3- Week..

0 Leoma_Agent0, Sep 13, 2012

zimdelinvasor -Eliminated for Waltz Performance Week 2
AlexRyder -Eliminated for Hip-hop Performance Week 2
Dane_Williams -Eliminated for Samba Performance Week 1
conza1994 -Eliminated for Samba Performance Week 1
Week 3
Partners- #Kentuckyy & #JediJani44
Style- Hip-hop
Music- "By My Side"—Jadakiss featuring Ne-Yo
Partners- #Other_Student & #Bradyman7
Style- Jazz
Music- "Heartbreaker"—Pat Benatar
Partners- #Aquamarine & #DCSooner
Style- Rumba
Music- "Emotion"—Destiny's Child
Partners- #bellajennaxo & #iMiracle
Style- Hip-hop
Music- "What a World"—Common
Partners- #LiteCitrus & #RoboZoe
Style- Viennese Waltz
Music- Sweet Dreams for You"—Jewel
Partners- #VoLcOmVaNs & #Diva1
Style- Contemporary
Music- "Koop Island Blues"—Koop featuring Ane Brun
Partners- #Sheena & #NotAfraid
Style- Paso Doble
Music- "O Fortuna"—Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg & Kurt Pretsel
Partners- #MoreBeastThanYou & #vh1luvr15
Style- Broadway
Music- "Moses Supposes" from Singin' in the Rain
Results/Call Out Order
#Aquamarine & #DCSooner -Safe
#VoLcOmVaNs & #Diva1 -Safe
#bellajennaxo & #iMiracle -Safe
#LiteCitrus & #RoboZoe -Safe
#Other_Student & #Bradyman7 -Safe
#Sheena & #NotAfraid -Bottom 3
#MoreBeastThanYou & #vh1luvr15 -Bottom 3 MoreBeastThanYou Eliminated
#Kentuckyy & #JediJani44 -Bottom 3 Kentuckyy Eliminated



244 ShayyBayy, May 28, 2012

and i'll rate how relevant I think you are on a scale of A-F
A (talked about like everyday or very well known):
Bridgette77 (I've been told you're the ShayyBayy 2.0 of whatever that alliance you're in is called)
Prince_Charming (You aren't known for very good reasons, though)
blogs (I'd place myself in B or C. I used to be popular, I don't think I am anymore)
#gagaluv (everyone talks about you, LOL.)
#Inb4 (because of your name - yeah. Pretty much everyone knows you)
#Jheldsdon2478 (I don't think you are known for very good reasons, though. But that's just me. I've heard you were dinoM 2.0. BUT I LOVE DINOM so don't take that as an insult from me)
#Diva1 (DUH?)
I decided to put on the B list that they're basically a low A-list, they just don't really play their popularity like A list people do all the time with pics or top blogs, or public fights or something. So don't be offended if you're B list. thanks.
B(well known, but not as popular as you could possibly be if you played your popularity right:)
#rt72 (aren't you that cute guy that made those vlogs?)
#SchmooBoy (for being a whore, love you :*)
#survivorparv123 (after that vlog, you're B list. Play that popularity and you'll be a-list. :))
#GayJohnny (sadly, most of your popularity comes from the "joke" that you're Aquamarine's multi.)
#Woahcourtney (you've done well in the past 2 stars you were in I think. I think you're becoming more known.)
C(people know you. May not like you all that much/talk about you all that much,..

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