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23 NotNicky333, Sep 30, 2017

Hey, guys! I have been really busy today, I stayed up until about 3 AM last night to secure I didn't go up and I have been behind schedule ever since! I have recorded two vlogs and the second one will be out shortly :) Please check this one out! It's a short watch haha :)
Good luck to s73100 and allison. Both amazing people.
Vlog 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a9jQraIKfg&feature=youtu
In this vlog I address my gameplay, and how I was able to remain un-nominated in stars 463. Also, regarding the #allison sheeping mess; I didn't mention it in the vlog because I thought it was obvious I didn't sheep him. I forget y'all aren't in the game with us. Anyway, we didn't even lock in with each other for half the game. Also, when we were against each other he knew I was leading my side into nominating his closest allies, yet he still wouldn't counter me. Also when we were together, it was flipping the house (multiple times) and I made sure I always had an advantage out of it.
Also, if you have any questions about ANYTHING, post them here or mail me. I will answer them privately or in the stars public chat. :)
Please vote for NOTNICKY333 in this poll ---> https://tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-176252


Just watched the 1st Ep of BBCAN,

1 wumblebee, Mar 8, 2014

All the house guests are actually good looking.
Paul is annoying af literally cannot stand him.
+ since when was Bridget Mendler going into BB? #Allison.


whats a good antm cycle to watch

4 Dusty12910, Jun 10, 2013

the only cycles ive seen are 12 and 18
#allison < 3

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