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Thank you 12.1%

4 kevin121302, Nov 17, 2019

I honestly can't believe I made it to final 3 on my first stars ever, I thought I was going to get 15th because I'm irrelevant lol. From the start of the game I was called Tara's sheep and everyone wanted me gone, but I managed to convince everyone that I was not Tara's sheep. I made an alliance with basically everyone in the game and turned on them when I had to. Me and Absolutely called the shots starting from Tara and Draco's nominations. From there we managed to get everyone on board with whatever nominations we wanted. We managed to stay under the radar and nobody suspected that me and Jaime were running the show, that is up until we got to the final 6 people where the stars house blew up and everyone exposed each other's secrets. Unfortunately this caused Jaime to become everyone's target and I was unable to save him. In the final 5 things got even more intense because my two closest allies nikw98 and #absolutely were nominated against each other. However the three of us agreed to vote TaraG and Lacroix no matter what. I am glad we all stuck to that plan because that is how I ended up in the final 3. From the moment Tara survived her 4th nomination, I knew there was ZERO chance I was gonna win so I honestly didn't even try to make a finals blog. I am just glad my vote percentage wasn't lower than 10% lol
Here is a special s/o to the ppl that voted for me to win:
And s/o the the haters that called me a sheep <3


When I Text People...

1 JetsRock12, May 15, 2014

I always put
#Absolutely - Gia Gunn
#Party - Adore
But no one irl watches Drag Race besides me ;(

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