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126 wwemrpeeps, Jun 5, 2017

UPDATES http://imgur.com/a/L76bw for people that are getting blurry pictures
Also gagaluv fixed the video except because of the music rights you can't view it if you don't live in the US sorry :
ADDED http://imgur.com/a/gbzE2
181. #litecitrus
182. #A_La_Fac
183. #LuckyLefty
184. #Forest_Knight
185. #Jacobus
186. #deeannamorgan
The 2017 Tengaged Collage is finally here what you all been waiting for. If the collage is blurry try a different browser. Also click on the video to watch on YouTube until gagaluv fixes the settings.
Thank you gagaluv for all of your help love you babe
#Katiecatfun8888 yes she looks way underage its Brandt69 adorable little sister
Jenzie and DJ4460 did a sign swap
I know past collages they would not allow pictures that did not include signs but I had people complain about not accepting their pictures. There is still 143 pictures with signs which is a lot.
Any rude comments towards anyone featured in the collage will be removed because this is meant for fun and not harassment.
Good luck to GothicZebra who will be doing next years collage
Lastly I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that took part in the collage :) the pictures are amazing.
001. #Darriusdabest
002. #Jordanxo
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004. #Subfriend
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S29. Survivor Atractiveness Tournament: San..

12 maxcrosby2419, May 29, 2015

Here is how it will work:
-Every day I will post a season (not including All Stars) with the cast of females who were on it.
-Then you guys will rank the castaways based solely on looks.
-1 being the most attractive 8 being the least attractive.
-Once one day ends the 3 castaways who are the highest ranked will move on to the round of 90.
*Only comments with all 8 ladies will count*
*I do have permission from original creator to do this series*
Standings (As of #LiteCitrus):
1. Jaclyn Schultz (23)
2. Julie McGee (22)
3. Kelley Wentworth (16)
4. Natalie Anderson (14)
5. Nadiya Anderson (13)
6. Baylor Wilson (10)
7. Val Collins (6)
8. Missy Payne (4)
Survivor: San Juan del Sur Females:
Baylor Wilson:(http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140827175913/survivor/images/5/51/S29_Baylor_Wilson.jpg )
Jaclyn Schultz: (http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/survivor/images/7/77/S29_Jaclyn_Schultz.jpg )
Julie McGee: (http://s1.ibtimes.com/sites/www.ibtimes.com/files/styles/v2_article_large/public/2014/08/27/survivor-julie.PNG )
Kelley Wentworth: (http://s1.ibtimes.com/sites/www.ibtimes.com/files/styles/v2_article_large/public/2014/08/27/survivor-kelly.PNG )
Missy Payne:
(http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/survivor/images/1/15/S29_Missy_Payne.jpg )
Nadiya Anderson: (http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/amazingrace/images/7/7d/S29_Nadiya.jpg )
Natalie Anderson: (http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/survivor/images/7/7a/S29_Natalie_Anderson.jpg )
Val Collins: (http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/survivor/images/5/5a/S29_Val_Collins.jpg )
TOP 90 (Don't rank these):
Hali Ford
Sierra Dawn Thomas
So Kim
Remember to rank the ladies 1-8 with 1 being most attractive to 8 being least.



3 Yaxha, May 10, 2015

(this is totally the wrong event to be doing this but I am so happy for you you'll always be my sissy even though you're an ad*lt now)
http://i.imgur.com/UMqUgnO.png i made this 4 u
Robert :D happy birthday you sexy boy. Just like the 20 other tengagers who are in love with you, I too think youre gorgeous and fabulous and sexy as fuck. I hope you have a great birthday and get heaps of new toys and birthday cam sex from all your toy boys. Youre amazing and i love you. :* youre lucky im not there or youd be covered in kisses. Xoxo love from Foxox.
~ yaxha
Robert, we met over league of legends and I am usually a shy person. I don’t typically like meeting new people, but you made it easy. You were so friendly right off the bat and I felt comfortable talking to you. I look forward to the weekends where I can play league with you because we get to go on call and talk. I remember when I first met you I thought you were like a god at league(especially Elise). You showed me how to be a good player and I learned a lot from you. I am glad we are still friends and ya you are just awesome. Happy Birthday =]
~ michelleobama
Happy Birthday Robert, you New Zealand piece of ass! ;) Robert, you are an extraordinary human, and friend, whether you know it or not. We met as shop owner and designer, and that relationship of businessman and factory worker soon turned into a beautiful, lasting friendship. I'm so glad to call you one of my greatest friends, Robert. Every time we chat, it makes me so much happier, although you really SHOULD reply faster. xD I love going on calls with you, and just having a great time. We could be talking about ANYTHING and make it fun. I really enjoy playing games with you as well! I don't play as many Frookies as you do, but I wouldn't mind playing one with you in it! :D You have a vibrant, happy-go-lucky personality, and you exude optimism. I think that you are one of the most genuine people on this site, and this little write-up doesn't even come close to showing how much you mean to me! Robert, you are one of the greatest people a friend could ask for. You're overall just a wonderful person! Anyways, I hope you have a fantastic birthday! You deserve it! :) Love you! (hug)
~ insanity
Oh Roberto. First off Happy birthday you little cunt! (we still need to finish all the HPs since we are always procrasinating and blowing them off LOL). But anyways,..



2 brade14, Jul 15, 2014

Vote to save litecitrus please she has worked so hard the past 6 stars days she needs ur vote let her have a chance to win please tengaged thanks for ur support \


~Four Year Anniversary!~ woo! party!

26 Halloween, Aug 15, 2013

So 4 years ago was I was a lil fella' , I was playing a youtube camp and I was asked if there was any online big brother websites, I looked on the main Big Brother U.S Wikipedia, and there it was! Not knowing what in the world to do,I decided to join a "castings" , back then castings were 9 (12 hour day change), days, where you try and talk the most to avoid the nominations, I made it to the final 5 in my first one, but when somebody told me if you won a castings, you would be on the real big brother, I wanted out! I ended up receiving 4th place cause that was STUPID! After that I got kinda bored then they announced that a fast rookies would come out, I was sooooooooooooooo excited, I was always so poor,  So I finally joined one 2 weeks after it arrived to recieve a 9th place! yay me!!! After I got banned on many accounts, I tried on a account named "funnydude" I was gonna try and not get banned on this one!! I finally got to play a survivor and I got like 17th yay me....
After that a little while later I had the account, bigbrotherlover1!  I found everybody was talking about skype, So I downloaded it, Little did I know this was now going to be my life.
I met so many people on skype I wish I could tag them all but that takes a while...
On a skype call, I met a tengager named Akora , me and him would ALWAYS go on calls, we were best friends, Then I discovered what a Skype Game was!!! wow, that kinda changed a lot on my tengaged life... I met my BFF splozojames50 , who is so amazing I dont know what I would honestly do without him , he is like my power DUO, I annoy him always to do my foreign challenges on .es and .br and he gets so mad but its so fucking funny!!!
I also met some tengagers like Austinrules6969 , Dusty12910 ... who I hate a lot as most of tengaged already knows.
Also, I met a fella' named LiteCitrus & HighNoon (tayvi) , and I got hooked on there skype games!
After many sob sessions, I decided bigbrotherlover1 had to go!!!
I then made Halloween! and here I am today!
I finally got to play a few stars which I SUCKKKKKKKKKKK at!
Without you guys I would have probably left, I love all the following people I trend below and many more, love you guys!!!
~old friends : dusty12910 mattmon3365 austinrules6969 vh1clown jgoodies ~ even tho you guys dont like me i have to thank you all for helping me before I hated you all!! ~
mexash kizzi..


Random.org So You Think You Can Dance 3- Week..

4 Leoma_Agent0, Sep 13, 2012

VoLcOmVaNs -Eliminated for Disco & Waltz Performance Week 5
Aquamarine -Eliminated for Kalinka & Jive Performance Week 5
Other_Student -Eliminated for Quickstep Performance Week 4
JediJani44 -Eliminated for Pop-Jazz Performance Week 4
MoreBeastThanYou -Eliminated for Broadway Performance Week 3
Kentuckyy -Eliminated for Hip-hop Performance Week 3
zimdelinvasor -Eliminated for Waltz Performance Week 2
AlexRyder -Eliminated for Hip-hop Performance Week 2
Dane_Williams -Eliminated for Samba Performance Week 1
conza1994 -Eliminated for Samba Performance Week 1
Week 6- Bottom 2 teams will perform solos in attempt to stay in the competition
Partners- #LiteCitrus & #RoboZoe
First Dance Style- Viennese Waltz
Music- "Kiss from a Rose"—Seal
Second Dance Style- Contemporary
Music- "In Your Eyes"—Jeffrey Gaines
Partners- #Bradyman7 & #vh1luvr15
First Dance Style- Funk
Music- "Love Sex Magic"—Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake
Second Dance Style- Contemporary
Music- "Dream"—Priscilla Ahn
Partners- #bellajennaxo & #iMiracle
First Dance Style- Contemporary
Music- "If It Kills Me" (The Casa Nova Sessions)—Jason Mraz
Second Dance Style- Jazz
Music- "Marina Gasolina"—Bonde do Rolê
Partners- #Sheena & #NotAfraid
First Dance Style- Paso Doble
Music- "Dies Irae"—Karl Jenkins
Second Dance Style- Ballet
Music- "Gabriel"—Lamb
Partners- #DCSooner & #Diva1
First Dance Style- Broadway
Music- "Aquarius" from Hair
Second Dance Style- Broadway
Music- "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart"—Rufus Wainright
Results/Call Out Order
#Sheena & #NotAfraid -Safe
#Bradyman7 & #vh1luvr15 -Safe
#DCSooner & #Diva1 -Safe
#LiteCitrus & #RoboZoe -Bottom 2
#bellajennaxo & #iMiracle -Bottom 2
Dancer- #iMiracle
Style- Contemporary
Music- "Rock Your Soul"—Elisa
Dancer- #RoboZoe
Style- Contemporary
Music- "Unchained Melody"—The Righteous Brothers
Dancer- #LiteCitrus
Style- Broadway
Music- "Train Fare Home"—Muddy Waters
Dancer- #bellajennaxo
Style- Salsa
Music- "This is Miami"—Sander Kleinenberg
Results/Call Out Order
#LiteCitrus -Safe
#bellajennaxo -Safe
#iMiracle -Bottom 2..


Random.org So You Think You Can Dance 3- Week..

3 Leoma_Agent0, Sep 13, 2012

MoreBeastThanYou -Eliminated for Broadway Performance Week 3
Kentuckyy -Eliminated for Hip-hop Performance Week 3
zimdelinvasor -Eliminated for Waltz Performance Week 2
AlexRyder -Eliminated for Hip-hop Performance Week 2
Dane_Williams -Eliminated for Samba Performance Week 1
conza1994 -Eliminated for Samba Performance Week 1
Week 4
Partners- #LiteCitrus & #RoboZoe
Style- Cha-cha
Music- "Hush Hush; Hush Hush"—The Pussycat Dolls
Partners- #VoLcOmVaNs & #Diva1
Style- Contemporary
Music- "Eyes On Fire"—Blue Foundation
Partners- #bellajennaxo & #iMiracle
Style- Broadway
Music- "Rich Man's Frug" from Sweet Charity
Partners- #JediJani44 & #vh1luvr15
Style- Pop-Jazz
Music- "Creator"—Santigold
Partners- #Aquamarine & #DCSooner
Style- Hip-hop
Music- "Love Lockdown"—Kanye West
Partners- #Sheena & #NotAfraid
Style- Classical Pas de deux
Music- Romeo and Juliet: Prokofiev's Suite (No.1 Op 64b, 6th Movement)"
Partners- #Other_Student & #Bradyman7
Style- Quickstep
Music- "Puttin' on the Ritz"—Rufus Wainwright
Results/Call Out Order
#Aquamarine & #DCSooner -Safe
#bellajennaxo & #iMiracle -Safe
#LiteCitrus & #RoboZoe -Safe
#VoLcOmVaNs & #Diva1 -Safe
#Sheena & #NotAfraid -Bottom 3
#Other_Student & #Bradyman7 -Bottom 3 Other_Student Eliminated
#JediJani44 & #vh1luvr15 -Bottom 3 JediJani44 Eliminated

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