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5 AmandaBynes, Jun 19, 2021




45 brightongal, May 31, 2021

plz I鈥檓 bored and broke and need t$
#amandabynes - i remember when we used to play habbo so obvi i always have/will love you and find you funny!! you better kick ass in tvivor also good looking < 3
#pr1ncecharm1ng - i find you so funny  and love how real/blunt you are. can't wait to get drunk with you
#peace123 - you seem really nice and peaceful
#krisstory - a distinct memory of you is you and your gf fighting me and someone cos we said you were brother and sister, but i think you're a nice guy and good luck in tvivor
andalarew_2231 - you've always been a nice guy and someone i enjoyed. i hope you're doing well < 3
mbarnish1 - super nice and funny blogs
bigdizzleyomama - king of good opinions and someone from tg i will always like. and funny
mexash - i remember when we used to play games together back in the days i dont think we ever had issues so you're a cool guy
yawnha - you posted the funniest blogs today about admir's top blogs but most of your blogs are always funny
lexeyjane - a true sweetie
@galaxies - i think you used to dislike me i remember your name is ben
christossss - i miss our fun game calls were a peak time of fun on this website. always will know you for being friendly and good genuine person
jaxon - i loved you in hannah montana
marietori - I鈥檒l always remember you for my first ever online call I had as well as our conquest mean girls alliance. All around one of my top online people I enjoy and I love how blunt you are as well as funny
tyler93 - I can always count on you to join a game with me then go inactive so I can get voted out 馃ゲ
skyler1822 - I remember you being one of the most genuine people on this website. I miss our old calls of playing games
kentuckyy - a literal queen and one of my closest friends! I鈥檓 so happy that we鈥檝e met and got closer! Every time with you is guaranteed for laughs with your humour and quick remarks as well as fuck because you鈥檙e nothing but good vibes. Also a future beauty mua in the making. Did I say beautiful? One of the best org hosts? A great friend, and the list could go on. Queen of the roof
ghrocky100 - I remember you hated me and would always comment rude things to me LOL hopefully that鈥檚 changed
bengalboy - my first big tengaged crush obvi. I would still consider you one of my closest friends on here for history and or knowing each other so long. One of the funniest people I know and lovely when it matters. Can鈥檛 forget good looks. Whenever I鈥檓 back home I know who to go to for a fun time out or just in general. You鈥檙e all around really likeable and probably one of my fav tengwged meet ups
druu - ur special ifly:* one of the biggest c***s I鈥檝e had and pleasure of riding
titoburitto - you鈥檙e..


AUS Survivor Brantsteele: EPISODE 3

5 CocoVanderbilt, May 26, 2021

Aganoa Tribe: 
Saanapu Tribe:
Vavau Tribe:
Reward Challenge:
Supply Ships
Tribes must paddle out to collect their nets containing cubes that they'll use to build a tower. The first two tribes to complete their tower wins.
Aganoa Tribe wins reward!
They win comfort items such as a blanket, pillows, and chairs.
Saanapu Tribe wins reward!
They win a tarp.
Immunity Challenge:
Caught In The Web
Tribe members must race up a platform and across a net to climb and retrieve the 8 puzzle bags. The first two tribes to complete their puzzle win.
AGANOA & SAANAPU tribe win immunity, sending VAVAU to Tribal Council.
Events: /There are a lot of events this episode./
Saskia Rae finds the Aganoa Tribe Hidden Immunity Idol.
Adee and Cheritaisdelicious have a major fight.
Aganoa Tribe Alliance #1 forms: Saskia Rae and Varlto.
Tester finds the Saanapu Tribe Hidden Immunity Idol.
Andalarew and Kindred bond strongly.
Saanapu Tribe Alliance #1 forms: Andalarew and Kindred.
Amanda Bynes and Hunty have a minor disagreement.
Systrix and Yeonjun have a minor disagreement.
Tribal Council:
Vavau tribe
If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and they'd like to play it, now is the time to do so.
No one stands.
I'll read the votes.
First vote...
Amanda Bynes
That's 1 vote Amanda Bynes.
Amanda Bynes
That's 2 votes Amanda Bynes. 6 votes left.
That's 2 votes Amanda Bynes and 1 vote Jaxon. 5 votes left.
Amanda Bynes
That's 3 votes Amanda Bynes and 1 vote Jaxon. 4 votes left.
That's 3 votes Amanda Bynes and 2 votes Jaxon. 3 votes left.
That's 3 votes Amanda Bynes and 3 votes Jaxon. 2 votes left.
That's 4 votes Jaxon and 3 votes Amanda Bynes. 1 vote left.
Amanda Bynes
Final vote count was 4 votes Amanda Bynes and 4 votes Jaxon.
There is a tie and a revote. Those in in the tie will not revote, unless no one received votes on the original vote.
First vote...
Amanda Bynes
That's 1 vote Amanda Bynes.
That's 1 vote Amanda Bynes and 1 vote Jaxon. 4 votes left.
Amanda Bynes
That's 2 votes Amanda Bynes and 1 vote Jaxon. 3 votes left.
That's 2 votes Amanda Bynes and 2 votes Jaxon. 2 votes left.
Amanda Bynes
That's 3 votes Amanda Bynes and 2 votes Jaxon. 1 vote left.
The 3rd person voted out of Australian Survivor 2016...
Amanda Bynes
Final vote count was 4..


i hope y'all

8 lemonface, May 17, 2021

have not forgotten about #AmandaBynes
i certainly haven't, because this pathetic worm is in my discord PMs begging me to blog about him
not gonna send this to you #Bynes because i know you've been refreshing the page for the last 2 days


Can someone explain me

4 Mrkk, May 15, 2021

What happened to #AmandaBynes?


stars simulator 4

9 Mrkk, Feb 13, 2021

looking at this cast it's gonna be fun!
the winner of the last simulation came 8th, I don't want to say that my simulations are cursed but, be careful
let's see who is the 4th winner of this "awesome" series
1st - Jordan009 (38% in final poll)
2nd - AmandaBynes (37% in final poll)
3rd - brosky17 (25% in final poll)
4th - bamold1999 (58% against #AmandaBynes)
5th - Paige54 (51% against #bamold1999)
6th - andalarew_2231 (55% against #bamold1999)
7th - Kevin0621 (54% against #brosky17)
8th - KingB24 (52% against #Paige54)
9th - blazermaniac94 (51% against #bamold1999)
10th - cheritaisdelicious (54% against #Jordan009)
11th - semajdude (53% against #bamold1999)
12th - tundrahenry101 (51% against #semajdude)
13th - Sam_Hamwich (53% against #Paige54)
14th - _Ravenclaw_ (54% against #AmandaBynes)
15th - ClassiCaz5 (52% against #blazermaniac94)
16th - kingjames13 (51% against #AmandaBynes)
that's it again! grats to winner and good luck to smi9127, aquamarine and crimsonteer for stars victory!


I鈥檓 basic and bored! PYN

43 ahea7561, Feb 9, 2021

For an honest opinion!
#AmandaBynes we don鈥檛 really interact like almost at all? But your username is iconic and if that shows anything towards your character you would be iconic as well
#skyler1822 - awe you鈥檙e so much fun to play games with! We usually just vibe in a Frooks and I miss that with this damn rotation
#turkeylover - idk you blog a lot, but we don鈥檛 chat all that much or really at all. You seem nice I guess but we don鈥檛 go out of our way to acknowledge each other鈥檚 existence Lmfaooo
#maxi1234 - you confuse me. One day you called me irrelevant, and then all of a sudden two days later you asked for my Instagram/kept calling me king then just stopped. It was a whirlwind of a couple days and yeah that鈥檚 it
#queenluna - I enjoy Frooks鈥檌ng it up with you now that we work together in games Lmfaooo! Queen stays queen
#Jessie_ my Canadian husband honestly! You are so sweet and just an icon tbh
#lexeyjane - I get I鈥檓 the worse Nolan on this site lmao but you like people with my name so like aye. Again we like hardly every interact but you don鈥檛 seem like an awful human! 6/10 would recommend
#lemonface - we played like one Frooks together where you and your friends so graciously took me to 5th LMAO. Much kind, very appreciate that moment! If we play another game together I鈥檒l make sure to not be a stranger
#marilise - sorry but like I have no clue who you are 馃槀馃槀馃槀 I don鈥檛 think we鈥檝e played together before but your avi is cute
#zach3051 - honestly you鈥檙e a king! We aren鈥檛 like the closest, but your sense of humor seems very similar to mine and I appreciate your kindness overall! 10/10 human
#tbrown_47 - you鈥檙e a flop. Boom roasted. Anyways- you are someone I鈥檓 glad to have met on this site bc you always make me chuckle and make this site a lil more enjoyable
#cheritaisdelicious - tbh I really enjoy our frooks rivalry! It was nice to have someone to challenge me and make me work harder in games! We don鈥檛 usually do so out of malice which makes it nicer as well
#kingb24 - I wish we were able to chat more in the group game before I was medivacd/the game died. You seem super nice and if we are in a game together down the road don鈥檛 be a stranger :)
#3pi14159 - I very much enjoy your presence on this site! You play really smart and seeing you in games and on the blogs page is a joy tbh! Good work on being a decent human
#BarbraStreisand - oh sethhhhhh what an up and down relationship we鈥檝e had LMAO! You鈥檙e fun to talk to even though in stars it was miserable playing with you 馃槀 stay stanning sir Darren
#FireX - hi you seem super kind and nice even though we don鈥檛 really interact! If we are in a game hit me up Bc I鈥檇 love to work with you :))
#joshgillespie - awe josh! You鈥檙e super sweet :) I鈥檓 glad I was able to get to know you a little bit during stars! You are very kind and tengaged doesn鈥檛 deserve you
#midiaw - it was also awesome talking with you during our..


PYN and I'll tell you where you will meet..

46 cheritaisdelicious, Jan 14, 2021

#AmandaBynes - You'll hook up with a random at the beach, and after, when you are discreetly trying to shake sand off your ass, the man of your dreams will walk by. Get him!
#LovelyKiss - You'll fly to Australia to attend one of Bynes' inappropriate parties. You'll lock eyes with one of her many, many exes. It's a guy she turned down for being ~too kinky~ but they will be a perfect match for you, and you will pee on their feet after sex.
#Memphis_Grizzlies - Two weeks into your freshman year of college you will be sitting at a table in the student union, drinking black coffee and listening to Justin Bieber on your headphones. You'll look up and a nerdy but cute girl will awkwardly ask if she can share your table. You start talking and find out you have a lot in common.
#Yawnha - You'll meet someone from another school at one of your swim meets. They will also take advanced math and rank vegetables by grossness. It's a perfect match.
#Jessie_ - During the whole two weeks it's warm in Quebec for summer you will decide to visit the beach, for some tengaged on the beach, the way all the cool kids do. In the middle of spamming for keys you'll look up and see a the most beautiful man, doing something equally dorky on his phone. You'll make eye contact a bit, then both pull up Tinder on your phone and match. He will come over to talk to you <3
#Brayden_ - You'll attend a party and get introduced to someone with overlapping social circles. They won't make a huge impression, but then you'll run into them at another get together a month later, and the second time you will have a long conversation and make a connection.
#turkeylover - You'll be in the lunchmeat section of the grocery store. You want ham because it's your favorite, but it's all sold out. You decide to settle for turkey, and are about to grab a package, when a guy walks up behind you and grabs one as well. He says "I'm a turkey lover" and you decide it's fate.
#tbrown_47 - You score Nuggets tickets from a coworker who is unable to attend the game. There's a hot guy in the set behind you, and you start chatting while eating nachos during halftime.
#3pi14159 - You've already met your soulmate. It's your calculus book. I hope you live a very long and happy life together.
#jetsrock12 - You'll develop a flirtation with a coworker that will start off charming and innocent, but quickly blossom into a full blown romance.
#Olympia - You'll get a new mail carrier for your neighborhood. He will be extremely attractive, so you will start casually leaving your house right as the mail comes and making excuses for small talk, which will lead to you slipping him your number.
#RedFabFoxy - You'll match on a dating app with someone with the username FoxLover. You'll decide it's a sign and strike up a conversation. They will ask you out, and you never reveal the correlation to your online username.
#salmaan - You'll be browsing the skincare aisle at Target and..

0 Stars 11th

0 ColinCoco, Jan 10, 2021

AmandaBynes has been evicted by a 63.6% vote
12th-#AmandaBynes (63.6% against #vanillatyberry)
13th-#Turkeylover (62.5% against #Lynn12)
14th-#MelindaMrskk (60% against #Mrkk)
15th-#christossss (61.5% against #vanillatyberry)
16th-#Yawnha (57.1% against #AmandaBynes)
Vote to evict between iSandeh and Charrison790564
At least 6 votes needed


Rate me out of 10/PYN

25 cheritaisdelicious, Nov 12, 2020

On any category you would like, and I will respond with rating you in that same category.
And y'all know unlike people like #AmandaBynes and #PrinceVans I will always update my PYNs
Delete2544 a mysterious 8.5 to you as well <3
lovelykiss you're kind of an airhead, but I'll give you a 9 overall as well I guess
turkeylover thank you for understanding this! 8 on the avatar, the dress is fantastic and the hair is cute and the background makes it nice, but don't love the sword through head, Halloween is OVER
lmaobrit2214 omnious mysterious 6.98 to you :P
AmandaBynes you LAZY BITCH I already gave you 11/10 on personality today
Nocturnal 34857&13*2
The_Kid 11/11 like your birthday :P
ilysuiteheart personality 10, avatar 9.5 (something about the lips I don't love), irl cuteness 11
PrinceVans I was sleeping, cunt
Washed_ravioli your avatar is 8, I love the color palette, and style points for the Blue Janelle. But that dumb background and I don't love the mouth
isandeh 549867hdjgy7856hfg478!~hgfud58.3
Yawnha 8.9 you're young and short, so even more room to grow :P
Franzella 9.99 always strive for that extra percentage point :P
Sk8erGal 11/10 sexiness ;)
Rubes 9.5 avatar!
Midiaw 10/10 being a sweet, kind person!
giovannimaxroma 7 for game skills, but you will get on my level someday!
Olympia tea, you are the 10/10 real number one Sondra fan
Absol thank you, I am hilarious. You get an 8/10 for entertainment.
kingjames13 meh you're okay. 9.69
Chels052_ you also have a 10/10 humor, snarky bitch <3


PYN for an opinion

51 tofutime, Apr 15, 2020

#AmandaBynes don't think I have ever talked to but u seem like a typical TG gay
#jacksonjoseph99 u used to be reallllly annoying (like really) and all your friends were too but you seem cool now and pretty smart/funny! hope we do well in survivor
#JasonXtreme cool guy who likes sports and probably has an undiagnosed anxiety disorder
#MichelleObama ur funny and also went to cornell so go big red i guess 馃敶馃惢 we shoulda met up
#AustinRules6969 nice guy who was a bit of a t-slut back in the day I think, haven't talked to u in a while
#jdog if I had to choose a guy
#GiGi10 one of my oldest friends on tg, great guy, wish we had met up at that mariners game but im too much of a pussy lol
_Aria u are objectively pretty funny but from an economics standpoint your former command of the shops game rubs me the wrong way, your designers should have seized the means of production (your shops and T$s) and profited off of their hard work instead of you. also league of legends sucks
Ethan000 you suck at trivia, sorry. and you need to stop moving so much.
Harry1210 literally don't know you or anyone you're friends with, maybe one day we will play a game together!
Timberlie your kpg sucks we probably couldn't be friends
Electric no idea who you are but I asked around and apparently your old account was michaelalf something and idk who that is either so yeah no opinion for you I guess
MarieTori I like ur friends and u have a good sense of humor from your blogs, I get the sense you think pretty highly of yourself
titoburitto not to be elitist but please learn to spell
Maxi1234 i know you think jade is yours but she would choose me over u without hesitation.  ur funny but kind of like a high school mean girl.
turkeylover idk you and i don't like turkey so that's gonna be a negative opinion off the bat
ElectraViv I will never forget that Lanvin gown Victor
FighterMan you're a leaker, backstabber, and all your friends SUCK (not that you stay friends with anyone for too long anyway)
Icing one of tengageds TOP designers, you have certainly made your mark and inspired many copycats including electraviv.  hope one day we can share a bottle or two of cupcake and reminisce.
NotAfraid sweet girl who makes funny videos. glad you enjoy my cow :)
peterya tbh you seem like a nice guy but i don't know you too well so I can't form much of an opinion!
BengalBoy probably TG's biggest (straight) player and you're not afraid to let everyone know it. pretty swell guy overall and it seems like u lead an interesting life. always fun to banter with too.
Bonkers don't think I ever really knew u but old school tgers gotta stick together
jadennator1 truly one of the coolest girls on TG, I'm so glad we grew up in the..


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