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Rat ~ Part 4 ~ "Bring It On Bitch"

2 turkeylover, Apr 30, 2020

~ Cast List ~
Caden Love / coolkat
Blake Mcpierson / bigdizzleyomama
Vinessa Fitzgerald / PennyTrationStan - Dead
Nicki Moore / nateclove
Leah Hope / MissBratitude
Topher Morris / AkeriaChanel - Dead
Cynthia Roe / smallchild99
Zach Joseph / #turkeylover - Dead
Ava Evans / #turkeylover - Dead
~ Part 4 "Bring It On Bitch" ~
Nicki and Cynthia run down the hall.
Cynthia: "I can't believe Vinessa's dead.."
Nicki: "Well, we're going to be dead if we don't hurry the fuck up."
The two girls turn the corner and run into Leah, Caden, and Blake.
Blake: "Oh I missed you guys so much!!!"
Blake immediately hugs Nicki and she hugs back. Leah looks at Cynthia.
Leah: "Where are Vinessa and Zach?"
Cynthia frowns and shakes her head.
Leah: "Damn..."
Nicki pushes Blake away from her and then looks at what's in Caden's hand.
Nicki: "What's that?"
Caden: "A bomb. We're going to blow this school up with all of the rats inside."
Nicki: "Oh period."
The group starts to make their way to the plant the bomb in the boiler room, a piece of the vents collapsed. Separating, Nicki from the others.
Nicki: "Shit! I'll make my way around to y'all!"
Nicki goes right while the group continues ahead.
Blake: "I hope she'll be alright!"
Cynthia: "She will be."
The group gets to the basement and heads down.
Nicki heads into the classroom.
Nicki: "There has to be another way to the basement."
While Nicki plans a way to get to the basement, the rat megazord walks into the classroom. Nicki turns around and glares at it.
Nicki: "Bring it on bitch."
The rat megazord swings its sword at Nicki but she flips over it and lands on a desk.
Nicki: "Nice try, bitch."
Nicki flips off of the desk and kicks the rat megazord in the face before landing on the ground. The rat megazord stumbles for a bit before regaining balance and charges at her. Nicki runs up the wall and then flips over the rat megazord. It turns around and glares at Nicki. Nicki glared back at it.
Nicki: "Bring it on bitch....again."
As the rat megazord charges at her, Nicki jumps into the air and flies towards it with her leg extended. The rat megazord stops charging and gasps as it sees Nicki flying towards him. Nicki's leg goes through its chest, causing it to explode. Nicki sticks the landing.
Nicki: "Holy shit! I killed that motherfucker!"
Nicki begins to violently twerk as the rat megazord begins to form back together. Nicki hears a noise and turns around. She sees the rat megazord, holding its sword.
Nicki: "Oh fuck...."
Ignore the grammar mistakes, etc. I decided to split the finale into 2 parts so yeah.....anyways..


Sharkcane ~ A Blog Series ~ Apps

11 turkeylover, Apr 20, 2020

Since Rat is ending, I decided to start another shitty blog series! This one is about a shark filled hurricane! This is totes an original idea!
The app:
Personality Traits:
Bio (optional):
I'll take like 8 characters for this so yeah. This will also be like 4 or 5 parts long.
~ The Cast ~
1. Finley Fin / coolkat
2. Sophie "Soapy" Mitchell / SharonMaItems
3. Octopussy Octo / SeaViper
4. Ivana B. A. Shark / PennyTrationStan
5. Lana Del ***** (censored due to racism) / nateclove
6. Juniper Beatrice "Junie B." Jones / smallchild99
7. Jean Poole / Macda27
8. Kinny Dredlocks Jr. / Kindred7
9. Lucy "Loosey" Fin / #turkeylover
10 Rebecca Fin / #turkeylover


Rat ~ Part 3 ~ "Locked"

3 turkeylover, Apr 20, 2020

~ Cast List ~
Caden Love / coolkat
Blake Mcpierson / bigdizzleyomama
Vinessa Fitzgerald / PennyTrationStan
Nicki Moore / nateclove
Leah Hope / MissBratitude
Topher Morris / AkeriaChanel - Dead
Cynthia Roe / smallchild99
Zach Joseph / #turkeylover
Ava Evans / #turkeylover - Dead
~ Part 3 "Locked" ~
Leah, Blake, and Caden successfully makes it to the chemistry class.
Leah: "What are we doing here?"
Caden: "I have a theory about the rats. I think the coffee they drunk turned them all vicious. Instead of energized and jittery."
Blake: "Woah....that's like deep bruh."
Leah side-eyes Blake but then looks at Caden.
Leah: "But how do we stop them?"
Caden: "We're going to build a bomb using chemicals."
Cynthia, Nicki, Zach, and Vinessa gather in the halls.
Nicki: "What the FUCK just happened??"
Cynthia: "I- I don't know!!"
Cynthia starts to tear up because this is, like, so hard to deal with. Vinessa glares at her and then slaps her.
Vinessa: "Shut the hell up and get it together, you walking abortion!"
Cynthia steps towards Vinessa but Zach steps in between them. Nicki groans and puts her phone away.
Nicki: "Ugh, I was about to film them fight!"
Zach shoots her a look and then looks at Cynthia and Vinessa.
Zach: "This is not a time to be fighting!"
Vinessa: "Well, tell that to the cunt faced whore, who thinks she can take me.".
Cynthia: "I will rip your teeth out and shove up your ass, bitch!"
Suddenly, the hall smells like pumpkin spice. Nicki looks down the hall and spots a megazorid made out of rats charging towards the group.
Nicki: "Damn...."
Nicki runs to a nearby classroom to hide in. Cynthia does the same after spotting it.
Vinessa: "Why the fuck is everyone leaving for??"
Vinessa turns and spots the megazord.
Vinessa: "Oh, that's why."
Vinessa pushes Zach down and makes a run to the classroom.
Zach screams as he sees the rat megazord.
The rat megazord steps on Zach, killing him before following Vinessa.
Nicki and Cynthia get into the classroom and Nicki closes the door and locks Vinessa out.
Vinessa: "Bitch the fuck? Let me in, whore!"
Cynthia puts her hand on the knob.
Nicki: "Don't do that."
Cynthia: "Why? She's my friend!"
Nicki: "She's not your friend, you're her pawn. She just uses you."
Cynthia frowns.
Nicki: "Plus, she could distract the rat thing while we escape."
Cynthia slowly takes her hand off of the knob.
Vinessa: "What?!?!?! Let me in!!!! Please!!"
Vinessa begins to cry as she shakes the knob.


Rat ~ Part 2 ~ "Hairspray"

4 turkeylover, Apr 18, 2020

~ Cast List ~
Caden Love / coolkat
Blake Mcpierson / bigdizzleyomama
Vinessa Fitzgerald / PennyTrationStan
Nicki Moore / nateclove
Leah Hope / MissBratitude
Topher Morris / AkeriaChanel
Cynthia Roe / smallchild99
Zach Joseph / #turkeylover
Ava Evans / #turkeylover - Dead
~ Part 2 "Hairspray" ~
Caden pokes at the dead rat with a ruler as Nicki watches over his shoulder.
Nicki: "Just tell me that little fucker is dead."
Caden: "He's dead. Like, dead as fuck. I just want to know why he attacked Ava."
Vinessa sits away from everyone, aggressively scrubbing the blood off her face, while Cynthia has a panic attack next to her.
Cynthia: "Oh my god. Oh my god. Someone just fucking died!!!! Right in front of our eyes!!"
Vinessa: "It literally just happened! Leave me alone!"
Cynthia frowns and walks away from Vinessa.
Blake stares at Ava's body as Leah frowns about this whole situation.
Blake: "She was a few seconds ago...."
Leah: "She didn't deserve that...No of us deserve this...."
Leah starts crying so Blake tries to comfort her.
Blake: "We're all probably fucked but I bet most of us are going to a better place. I know I will because I'll be in hell, throwing it back for satan."
Leah: "...You're not making me feel any better.."
Blake: "Oh......wanna get high instead?"
Leah shrugs.
Caden sits down at a table and Nicki sits down next to him.
Caden: "I also can't explain the pumpkin spice smell. It makes no sense."
Cynthia walls over to Nicki and Caden**
Cynthia: "Actually, I think that smell came from the lattes Vinessa and I were drinking. We threw them after like 2 sips so maybe the rats got thirsty."
Caden raises an eyebrow and Nicki's like ???.
Nicki: "Wait a damn minute, since when are rats drinking fucking pumpkin spice lattes?"
Cynthia shrugs and then walks away.
Nicki: "...I'm so confused."
Topher paces in front of Zach.
Topher: "Wherr did the fucking rats come from?? Are there more of them??"
Zach: "I don't fucking know! Do I look like a rat expert to you?"
Topher: "I think I should go up into the vents."
Zach: "That's actually a smart idea."
Topher claps to get everyone's attention.
Topher: "Listen up everyone! I'm going up into the vents to see exactly where the rat came from."
Vinessa stops using her hairspray and makes her way over to Zach, Nicki, and Cynthia. Caden shakes his head.
Caden: "I don't think that would be smart."
Topher: "Shut up. I'm doing this."
Caden rolls his eyes as Topher gets on a chair and climbs into a vent.
Topher crawls around in the vent, he gets to a corner..


Rat ~ Part 1 ~ "Cup Of Coffee"

4 turkeylover, Apr 18, 2020

~ Cast List ~
Caden Love / coolkat
Blake Mcpierson / bigdizzleyomama
Vinessa Fitzgerald / PennyTrationStan
Nicki Moore / nateclove
Leah Hope / MissBratitude
Topher Morris / AkeriaChanel
Cynthia Roe / smallchild99
Zach Joseph / #turkeylover
Ava Evans / #turkeylover
~ Part 1 "Cup of Coffee" ~
Cynthia and Vinessa stand outside of the library, holding their super venti lattes.
Cynthia: "We should have gotten, like, a smaller size."
Vinessa: "Yeah, this was like such a waste of money. Maybe if you listened to me and didn't buy the biggest size, we wouldn't be complaining right now, bitch."
Vinessa rolls her eyes and throws her coffee in the nearby trash can. Cynthia mumbles under her breath and does the same thing. The two girls head into the library, unaware of the crowd of rats, in the trash can, that are drinking the coffees.
Leah, who was doodling in her notebook, jumps when Cynthia and Vinessa strut into the library.
Leah: "Jesus, you guys scared me."
Vinessa shoots Leah a dirty look. Which causes Leah to turn to Caden, who's doing his Chemistry homework.
Leah: "So, what are you in here for?"
Caden: "Mr. West gave me an A instead of an A+ so I caused a little explosion in his lab."
Leah: "I-.."
Nicki, who's sitting behind them: "Yo, that's cool as fuck!"
Caden nods at Nicki and Leah turns to face her.
Leah: "How about you?"
Before Nicki could answer, she's interrupted by a snoring Blake.
Nicki: "If this bitch don't shut the fuck up."
Nicki hits Blake's back really hard, which causes him to jolt awake.
Blake: "Hey! What the fuck?!"
Nicki: "Anyways, I'm here because I almost got into a fight."
Nicki glares at Vinessa from across the room. Vinessa sees the glare as she checks her makeup, in a compact mirror.
Vinessa: "God, I hate that big nosed slut!"
Vinessa waits for a response from Cynthia, who's too busy drooling over Topher.
Vinessa: "Ugh you're useless...."
Topher turns to Zach, ignoring Cynthia.
Topher: "We should wrestle. I love when you pin me down!"
Zach side-eyes Topher.
Topher: "Uh I mean, I learn a lot when we wrestle together.....haha..."
Zach: ".....Okay..."
Topher decides to act more straight so he winks at Cynthia. Cynthia's like shejdjkdjzjdjjddmrmkrn and starts to shake. Vinessa looks at her.
Vinessa: "Are you having a fucking stroke?"
Cynthia opens her mouth to answer but Ava walks into the library.
Ava: "Sorry, I'm late guys! I'm here now and I'm going over attendance."
As Ava goes over the attendance, Everyone starts to smell a pumpkin spice latte. Blake glances at Nicki, Caden, and Leah.
Blake: "I..


Rat - A Blog Series - Apps

8 turkeylover, Apr 18, 2020

So uh this is a 4 or 5 (possibly 6) part blog series about killer rats that are attacking a group of high schoolers in detention so yeah.
Personality Traits:
Small Bio (Not needed but it's there):
~ Cast List ~
Caden Love / coolkat
Blake Mcpierson / bigdizzleyomama
Vinessa Fitzgerald / PennyTrationStan
Nicki Moore / nateclove
Leah Hope / MissBratitude
Topher Morris / AkeriaChanel
Cynthia Roe / smallchild99
Zach Joseph / #turkeylover
Ava Evans / #turkeylover
I'll probably take like 6-8 other characters.


🥄ParaSpoons S6 Winner Reveal🥄

0 Paralox, Mar 28, 2020

This is the finale so this time you will vote for who you want to win. Person with the most votes will be the season 6 winner. So you should vote for your favorite. Also special congrats to FireX for winning last season. Congrats #turkeylover for winning this season
Tanarexix    |||
turkeylover ||||||||
9th- charrison790564
7th- CalebDaBoss
6th- CrystalClod
5th- Chrisparker13
4th- slutishaomann
3rd- systrix
2nd- #tanarexix
1st- #turkeylover
#casting #spoons #ParaSpoons



58 iScotty, Mar 19, 2020

and I'll rate your ava /10.
#turkeylover - 3 - horrific in many ways.
#Ashleybabyx3 - 9 - glam.
#Zoon - 7- I hate that hair.
#Admir - 6 - the mouth looks weird but it can be saved.
#Decisions - 5 - i like what you're trying to go for but the exceution didn't work sorry!
#titoburitto - 1 - glam gown and hair but its too much
#Chic - 10 - its basically my avi
#Guigi - I'm sure she's legendary but she doesn't get a score
#Aidan0621 - 6 - wonder eyes in 2020?
#Lifeiscool - 5.
#Tanarexix - 4 - a whole lotta mess
#GloriaHole - 2 - pink eyes, pink hair, pink lips, pink outfit..
#Maxi1234 - 6 - very 2012
Jenna2010 - 6 - change eyes and remove crown
bomberv - 7 - the nose ring and bow make it bad
EmzThorne - 9 - kinda iconic
Jameslu - 8 - where are her arms?
Guigi - 5 - messy
rellizuraddixion - 4 - could be 90s perfection but turned out horrid
FelipeS - 10 - you've taken my advice
zachbbs - 6 - nose and skin and the hair don't really go well
holllyy1230 - 5 - bollywood meets Dsquared hooker?
PorshaWilliams - 9 - You did that miss thing.
Jenii_Valenta - 9 - I like but those items are reductive
AmandaBynes - 6 - meh
Carriexoxo24xo - outfit a 10 head a 2
IceBeast - 7 - not bad
Dannny - 5 eek idk how to feel about it
aria_grande - 4 the hair ruins it all
Akeria - 6 - scary eyes
islandsurvivor - 4 - we...
cheritaisdelicious - 5 - not good not catastrophic
jussy007 - 1 - frankie grande?
Acceptthis - 8 - liking it
Fares - 7 - cute
sjsoccer88 - 2 - hilar though
Rodulph - 5 - so so
Tester - 5 - looks like someone named hunter or tanner
M_Davis1998 - 5 - so so
Minie - 10 - perf
systrix - 6 not bad
andalarew_2231 - 2 a damn mess


MDR Brandtsteele Second Chance 1 Apps

23 Macda27, Mar 2, 2020

Instead of Season 7, I’ve decided to add Second Chance seasons as a “spin-off”. It’s basically a season of one-time players who didn’t get particularly far in the competition and deserve a Second Chance.
The format is like a Basic season EXCEPT multiple double saves and a comeback. OH and also the Lipsync For The Crown returns!
12 queens, twists and turns. Here’s how I created the criteria:
1. You had to be a one-time player
2. You can’t be Miss Congeniality
3. Your placement has to be 6th or lower. No queens from the Top 5.
4. Queens from S6 can enter, but only the ones that are confirmed out with no chance of returning for that season.
Here are all of the queens, split up by Tengager:
Dollya Black (Season 1, 6th)
Lady Maga (Season 2, 10th)
Qiu Lee (Season 3, 15th)
Clown (Season 1, 10th)
That One Queen (Season 2, 7th)
It’s Raining In Here? (Season 3, 7th)
Bam Yes-ma’am (Season 2, 13th)
Queenie (Season 3, 8th)
Missy Manono (Season 6, 12th)
Kayla Roxx (Season 2, 8th)
Gyllian Pharker (Season 5, 14th)
Blood Red (Season 3, 14th)
Ashley Jizzdale (Season 5, 8th)
#13bam (You should do this for your race!)
Matiah Springs (Season 4, 9th)
Fergie Thunder (Season 5, 15th)
Rose Gothika (Season 4, 11th)
Barbie Chip (Season 6, 11th)
Trixie Mattel (Season 1, 7th)
Vanessa Hudgens (Season 1, 8th)
Valentina (Season 1, 9th)
Estefaniaaaaaaaa (Season 1, 13th)
Dorca (Season 2, 9th)
Ami A’more (Season 3, 6th)
Fishy Fishy (Season 3, 11th)
Isshefishy (Season 3, 13th)
Red Velvet (Season 4, 7th)
Glow Jobs (Season 4, 10th)
Esty Dee (Season 4, 12th)
Periana Pooh (Season 5, 7th)
Esty (Season 5, 9th)
Coffee Brown (Season 5, 10th)
April Showers (Season 5, 12th)
Charlie Hides (Season 6, 9th)
Eureka O’Hara (Season 6, 10th)
Comment the name of your queen (or if you have multiple, pick one) to enter! These happen every 4 seasons similar to All-Stars so it’s not happening often! First come first serve.
Valentina aria_grande
Estefaniaaaaaaaa donuts
Matiah Springs 13bam
Fishy Fishy melindamrskk
Queenie Mitchkid64
Blood Red PennyTrationStan
Clown turkeylover
Esty Jameslu
Jayla Roxx CalebDaBoss
Vanessa Hudgens Systrix
Trixie Mattel jfaia
Isshefishy Dylangover1
I would like at least a queen from each season to..


The Chronicles of Stakewood Season 1 APPS

26 Macda27, Sep 13, 2019

A new blog series will show the lives of a Vampire family, the Stakewoods, as they try to hide from human society. Rival werewolf, siren and witch clans try to overthrow the Stakewoods for dominance and power.
APPLICATION: (You can have up to 3 characters!)
Age (Vampires need their age in vampire and human):
Hero or Villain:
3 Words to describe your character:
Their endgoal? (Love/Power/Family):
A small bio:
*Surnames may be determined by their family’s clan.
VAMPIRE 🧛🏻‍♂️: (Need minimum 6)
Davian Mosco Paralox  AGE 22/130
Andrew “Andy” Witherdean #turkeylover  AGE 16/96
Theo Stakewood tizian  AGE 24/257
Amelia Stakewood #tizian  AGE 23/244
Colin Loxton ColinCoco  AGE 20/100
Aphrodite Stakewood tashi  AGE 19/99
WEREWOLF 🐺: (Need minimum 6)
Dexter Renheart #tizian  AGE 36
Levi Stakewood Novamax243  AGE 19
Nevada Aster RightToCensor  AGE 19
Marcus Bloom #Paralox  AGE 14
Jeremiah #Novamax243  AGE 23
WITCH 🧙‍♂️: (Need minimum 6)
Ordelia Zuelke  AGE 16
Janelle Adams turkeylover  AGE 17
Anaya Adams #turkeylover  AGE 17
Bobby Jackson/Alex Jefferson ybbob AGE 27/22
Cassandra Glory Katherinee_  AGE 21
Susan Carrington DevinB  AGE 22
SIREN 🧜‍♀️: (Need minimum 5)
Brooke Prati Kelly2722  AGE 22
Chloe Black #Katherinee_  AGE 18
Asiya purplebb4  AGE 44
Florence McQueen tkoj555
HUMAN 👱‍♂️: (Need minimum 3)
Xoclin Campbell #ColinCoco  AGE 19
Gabriel Echo Varlto  AGE 16
Sys Systrix  AGE 20
Elaine Rogers #Novamax243  AGE 56
#Stakewood #casting

66 TGBB25 (1)

8 disneygeek, Sep 2, 2017

1st quarter quell twist reveal- so I mentioned the possibility of this season having the largest cast as well as the most evictions, this is correct. Of everyone that signed up, I went to each of your friends list and your number 1 friends are being added to the game. However, they won't be playing with nor against you. In fact they will all be in their own seperate game. There will be 2 games going on at once. 20 players just went to 40! Now for the most evictions? Every week will be a double eviction, resulting in 4 houseguests being evicted every time (until the final 6 in each game). Now I'm sure you all probably think that at some point the 2 games will merge, well they will... at the final 2. The winner of each game will become the final 2 and the winner of that vote will be the champion of TGBB25.
Let's begin!
Game A:
HoH- #turkeylover
Pre Noms- #ThebestlerHoH, #ImGonnaWin & #texty
POV- #rory17
Used?- On #ImGonnaWin
Final Noms- #ThebestlerHoH, #texty & #Jameslu
Vote to !SAVE! (Anyone but the nominees of THIS GAME may vote).
Game B:
HoH- #Vanili
Pre Noms- #GoodKaren, #jhoffheat & #Bella1
POV- #Haileyyy
Used?- No
Final Noms- #GoodKaren, #jhoffheat & #Bella1
Vote to !SAVE! (Anyone but the nominees of THIS GAME may vote).
Eviction Order:

35 TGBB24 (19)

6 disneygeek, Aug 30, 2017

Eviction Order:
4th- #turkeylover
5th- #evildoer666
6th- #TrYhArD1441
7th- #XoXU
8th- #Macda27
9th- #NicoleF
10th- #lliiaamm
11th- #GreenPotatoez
12th- #Sam_Hamwich
13th- #badbeetch
14th- #Jameslu
15th- #underwzc
16th- #Hufus
17th- #scooby0000
18th- #EyooMarcus
19th- #Libanz00
20th- #varlto
21st- #deeannamorgan
By a vote of 3-2, #turkeylover you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH Part 1 Winner- FrozenShadow09
HoH Part 2 Winner- Krisstea
Final HoH- FrozenShadow09
Final Noms- Monomial & Krisstea
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).

26 TGBB24 (12)

5 disneygeek, Aug 28, 2017

Eviction Order:
11th- #turkeylover
12th- #Sam_Hamwich
13th- #badbeetch
14th- #Jameslu
15th- #underwzc
16th- #Hufus
17th- #scooby0000
18th- #EyooMarcus
19th- #Libanz00
20th- #varlto
21st- #deeannamorgan
By a vote of 8-2, #turkeylover you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- lliiaamm
Pre Noms- evildoer666 & GreenPotatoez
POV- evildoer666
Used?- On Himself
Final Noms- GreenPotatoez & Krisstea
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).

85 TGBB16 (3)

11 disneygeek, Oct 24, 2016

ThisIsMyGame & perfectprizetag
Badboyy2699 & Osiris
Maryland & Brandt69
topazisqueen & RainbowKing
Girllover101 & karim
winners1 & randomize
LoopyCoco1 & Macda27
CrimsonEnnui & C_Shizz96
LoganPds & JoeMoe
MrBird & BluJay112
zachboy967 & MattLovesAmerica
benp428 & eric_136
NicoleF & nikw98
Eviction Order:
14th- #turkeylover & Demgirl6
15th- #Whorissa & #Ashleybabyx3
By a vote of 6-0 #turkeylover & #Demgirl6 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoHs- #topazisqueen & #RainbowKing
Pre Noms- (#Girllover101 & #karim) & (#ThisIsMyGame & #perfectprizetag)
POV- #ThisIsMyGame & #perfectprizetag
Used?- On Themselves
Final Noms- (#Girllover101 & #karim) & (#MrBird & #BluJay112)
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees can vote).


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