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Does anyone wanna go to a jays

8 Tyler93, Apr 6, 2021

Game with me and #jasonxtreme
He's too embarrassed to go cause he thinks they will lose


PYN for Pokemon Gym Leader Type

49 koolness234, Apr 26, 2020

And your Pokemon Team
Champion Koolness234: VARIETY : Jynx, Raichu, Steelix, Tropius, Ryhperior ACE: MEGA AMPHAROS
#JasonXtreme  ICE TYPE: Froslass, Alolan Sandshrew, ACE: Lapras
#Kingb24 GHOST TYPE: Mismagius, Drifblim, ACE: Gengar
#Maxi1234 NORMAL TYPE: Audino, Miltank, ACE: Mega Lopunny
#Slice DARK TYPE: Shiftry, Umbreon ACE: Mega Gyrados
#_Aria GRASS TYPE : Vileplume, Weezing, ACE: Venasaur
#Lemonface POISON TYPE : Muk, Salazzle, ACE: Crobat
#Diancie FAIRY TYPE : Clefable, Mawile, ACE: Diancie
#Kindred7 WATER TYPE: Starmie, Tenacruel, ACE: Milotic
#MichelleObama PSYCHIC TYPE: Alakazam, Solrock, ACE: Delphox
The_Kid GROUND TYPE: Hippowdon, Golem, ACE: Steelix
smallchild99 NORMAL TYPE: Wigglytuff, Delcatty, ACE: Furfrou
Fighterman FIRE TYPE: Magmar, Charmeleon ACE: Infernape
Pinkiepie512 WATER TYPE: Golduck, Empoleon ACE: Relicanth
Kindred69 ROCK TYPE: Geodude, Shuckle ACE: Tyrantrum
Bengalboy FIGHTING TYPE: Machamp, Makuhita ACE: Hawlucha
Sihz FIRE TYPE : Houndoom, Camerupt, ACE: Macargo
vh1luvr15 ELECTRIC TYPE: Zapdos, Flaffy, ACE: Alolan Raichu
zachbbs PSYCHIC TYPE: Meowstic, Lunatone, ACE: Mega Alakazam
malachite05 STEEL TYPE: Steelix, Ferrothorn, ACE: Lucario
Milkisgood BUG TYPE : Butterfree, Scizor,  ACE :Ribombee
Survivor8 FLYING TYPE : Talonflame, Swellow, ACE: Crobat
Blujay112 GRASS TYPE : Jumpluff, Roselia ACE: Serperior
aes222aes GHOST TYPE: Duskull, Drifblim, Rotom
Christian37 NORMAL TYPE: Slaking, Tauros, Snoralx
Anas WATER TYPE: Gyrados, Sharpedo, Azumarill
Krissin  FAIRY TYPE: Atomatisse, Slurpuff, Gardevoir
Willie_ ROCK TYPE: Golem, Relicanth, Kabutops
TheGoodMan DARK TYPE: Malamar, Umbreon, Scrafty
Guigi ICE TYPE: Froslass, Jynx, Dewgong
Gigi10 ELECTRIC TYPE: Dededenne, Jolteon, Lanturn
redjean FIRE TYPE: Talonflame, Macargo, Rapidash
donosaurus_rex DRAGON TYPE: Kingdra, Axew, Dragonite
Crayadian FIGHTING TYPE: Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan
AkeriaChanel NORMAL TYPE: Blissey, Delcatty, Lickitung
Absol DARK TYPE: Absol, Purrloin, Spiritomb
Cocoabean NORMAL TYPE: Lopunny, Lopunny, Lopunny
RoboZoe GRASS TYPE: Jumpluff, Sunflora, Sceptile
MrBird FLYING TYPE: Talonflame, Pelliper, Swanna
Purplebb4 STEEL TYPE: Klefki, Empoleon, Lucario


PYN and i'll tell you

66 jdog, Apr 13, 2020

what activity you should try during quarantine
#JasonXtreme: Betting on Turkish bull wrestling
#BigJoeFrimodt: Knitting
#yoboyy_luke: bottle flipping
#The_Kid: doing wheelies in a wheelchair
#Brayden_: Being straight
#Arris: Learning every song and dance from high school musical 1,2&3
#peterya: Having a tea party with your stuffies
#Willie_: selling nudes online
#jmctwin: fixing drywall
#Mexash: Heroin
#Survivor8: Making voodoo dolls
#Admir: Adopting a small African child
#GiGi10: Playing 6's in EASHL with the snowmonkeys
#JonMcGillis: Tweezing your eyebrows
#cheritaisdelicious: Dressing up as Madonna and performing for viewers on twitch
#Joey96: Learn how to sing the friends theme song in 50 different languages
#Sweet_susan: capturing and taming the neighborhood raccoon
#_Aria: Beating guitar hero 3 on medium difficulty
#shellbelle: Selling your bath water
#Thirteen: collecting rats injecting them with ketamine. Once complete you will bread them until you create a super rat.
LovelyKiss: Finding the clitoris
danyyboy67: Baking cupcakes
jacksonjoseph99: Oiled up cock fighting
vh1luvr15: Painting nude photos of Danny Devito
Electric: Covering an entire chair in a thick coat of ketchup
Allison: Building a bird house out of twigs and used toilet paper
IceBeast: preaching the word of our good lord baz.. i mean Jesus Christ
jadennator1: Entering a German online bikini modeling contest
pinkiepie512: crab fishing in your backyard
anthousai: creating an onlyfans account
Guigi: creating your own brand of water
NotAfraid: facing your fears
tofutime: Creating your own mission impossible course and then beating it well high on acid
darbe: building an exact model of the statue of David out of nothing cut hair from the drain
danielledonato: Working on your female tinder profile
nichole98: Trying to drink a bottle of tequila in under 5 minutes
Lexeyjane: Finding a husband
MarekK27v2: getting back to tv star
Minie: Fighting online pedophilia
Jenna2010: Inventing a device to take over the world
Kiara_xoxo: Matching socks
TurkeyLover: Discovering other meats that are not turkey
BengalBoy: Setting up kills to go for a perfect month (30 women in 30 nights) when quarantine is over.
ParvatiS: Digging holes in your backyard to find old bones.
ItsAlexia: Installing a lovely bay window into your kitchen just like you've always wanted to
varlto: doing finger pushups
Funnehliner: Backyard lubed up pig wrestling
harley: directing your own "home made movies"



61 jadennator1, Jan 24, 2016

For an Anon opinion from One of the JJSTG members(me, #jasonxtreme #suzycroatia #tofutime #gigi10 )
joseline - I really like you girl, think you are soo pretty and your sassy attitude gives me life. BUT ur kinda tooo obsessed with tg games rip
jenzie - I think you have a big heart and are actually a really nice person, but you also are fake sometimes and let your friends do your dirty work for you.
maturo - your name sounds like something i would order at a japanese resturant and not know wtf it is hoping its good sushi shit
halloween - Queen Ween i honestly think you are one of the funniest people on tg, altho u are always shady to me in skype games I always enjoy playing them with you. Miss you
streams - you spammed for my shop, so your cool in my book
Maxi1234 - you're nice, but sometimes you seem kind of emotionally unstable
galaxies - I liked your old account better
gardenia - I like you and i think you have a cool personality but i also find you annoying sometimes woopsie, probably because u have 10000 friends and idk what is SO special about u but yeah you are cool!
danielledonato - favorite tg genderfaker tbh, love you dd happy we became friends after i kept blogging dick donato and calling u it with macksaddy all the time . U AND ISIAH TG OTP
brenla - you fucking snake me 24/7 and I hate it, also please lay of jade u fucking rat. also u take all ur snaps from the same angle and it makes me cut myself.
kinggeek - i think your blogs are really funny most of the time, but when I see maxi blogging about people who he loves and tags u and not me i feel like killing myself
saraj10 - you are nice and funny but your pals are kind of ew. I also think u dislike me for some reason :S 
scrafty - the only thing i know about you is that you are obsessed with rebekah mikaleson AND I AM TOO OMG SHES MY TVD AND ORIGINALS QUEEN SHE NEEDS TO COME BZCK
wade03 - ive never seen u on tg before the stars we  played together , we didnt talk at all so i nommed u but kinda hoped ud stay over king LOL
tennisplayer963 - Tim your a great stars ally and you are such a great guy to chat with, and during that stars me and you were robbed m8 but fk that we bonded, and also bro I just wanna say keep your chin up the LIONS ARE GOING TO SB51 #OnePride miss ya bro we should def talk again ALSO I dont care if this sounds like me fk the haters !!
Willie_ - hey fam your a great dude, with a great sense of humor, its always fun chillin with ya and talking with ya when we do! wont mention that team u like.... although they do suck but anyways ya
petro - tbh the time i wasnt active in click at all and u were I HATED YOU cause u made the click quiz and didnt include me so i felt..


Charity Rookies Game?

12 Tyler93, Sep 8, 2015

Hey friends, so Im at 399 games played and not really sure if I should have a charity game or not. My man, jasonxtreme pointed it out and suggested I have one. Is there anyone willing to help out? tagging a few of my friends that still regularly come on this website
dont really know who else. anyways, post comments/thoughts below :)



73 djrnc33, May 31, 2015

and ill tell you what TV show you remind me of
#JasonXtreme  -- SportsCenter
#SurvivorFreak13 --- The Voice
#arris --- Dora the Explorer
#GodsGift  --The Holy Rosary with Mother Angelica
#simpizzle  -- The Middle
#pizzawithcookirs - Beat Bobby Flay
#TotalDramaLover1234 -- Lost
#goodkaren -- The Ellen Degeneres Show
#Kiara_xoxo  -- Real Husbands of Hollywood
#AndrewIsBored  -- Family Feud
#zach32 -- Criminal Minds
#bandnerd  -- Wedding Band
#maxi1234 -- Awkward
#ohheydudeski  -- Family Guy
#joshlyn34 --  Drake and Josh
#loopulle -- Friday Night Lights
#quackattack817 -- The Crocodile Hunter
#tenacious__tim -- Baseball Tonight
#yoboyy_luke -- Kenan and Kel
#thumper91 -- Frasier
#icebeast -- Seinfeld
#caitlinbella -- Rugrats
#hayden9102 -- Nashville
#jassos4 -- The Good Wife
#JayElVeeIsBack -- That 70s Show
#lemjam6 - Grey Anatomy obv
#Sam_Hamwich -- Game of Thrones
#shyannemystik -- 2 broke girls
#koolcoop -- The League
#WannaBeeFriends -- Rocket Power
#ethan000 -- Dancing with the Stars
#joaquint561 --The Walking Dead
#realityobsessed - Keeping up with the Kardashians
#Pilatesgrl - Biggest Loser
#mitchthemachine -- Breaking Bad
#justme -- Brady Bunch
#thesexiestdude990 -- The big bang theory
#bryce12 -- Faking It
#_faboluz00_ -- Mad Men
#Orlando652 --Bones
ghrocky100 -- Better Call Saul
Mitchkid64 -- The Office
tonyalbright -- House of Cards
brandt69 -- Catfish
stuartlittle16 -- Angry Beavers
music -- TRL
geovanycaldeorn -- Hey Arnold
SurvivoroftheTocans -- Jimmy Neutron
winners1 -- legends of the hidden temple
@kweins18 -- Pimp my ride
guigi -- Jersey Shore
coolheat -- 60 minutes
steel -- Jackass
amandabynes -- amanda bynes lol
islandsurvivor -- survivor
dane_williams -- Punkd
answerable -- who wants to be a millionaire
Anoreoz897 -- real world
tdbigbrotherlover112 -- big brother
pureessence -- extreme makeover home edition
acyuta -- american horror story
rory17 -- the big break
sydneywalsh -- friends
conjow -- sons of anarchy
jharrin7887 -- the blacklist
kida -- castle
jaxon -- pretty little liars
lexibear - laguna beach/ the hills



61 alanb1, May 6, 2015

For a brow ranking from 1-10
I'm going to do all :)
#jasonxtreme 10/10 #Browquality
#ihasfood 10/10 #Browquality
#lighterfluid 10/10 #Browquality
#petro 10/10 #Browquality
#potatosalad ----------------exception
#goodallan 10/10 #Browquality
#orlando652 10/10 #Browquality
#simpizzle 10/10 #Browquality
#lexibear 10/10 #Browquality
#DanielleDonato 10/10 #Browquality
#danielleloves2000 10/10 #Browquality
#arris 10/10 #Browquality
#OMGitsGARRET 10/10 #Browquality
#kindlycruel1 10/10 #Browquality
#yoboyy_luke 10/10 #Browquality
#darrel42 10/10 #Browquality
#NotAfraid 10/10 #Browquality
#rperduex11 10/10 #Browquality
#pegasus1234 10/10 #Browquality
#thewinner 10/10 #Browquality
#2beastly 10/10 #Browquality
#sprtsgy1989 10/10 #Browquality
#dhucking_quacks 10/10 #Browquality
#pieguy555 10/10 #Browquality
#Booyahhayoob 10/10 #Browquality
#Etienne 10/10 #Browquality
#Guigi 10/10 #Browquality
#jkjkjk15 10/10 #Browquality
thumper91 10/10 #Browquality
crimsonteer 10/10 #Browquality
temponeptune 10/10 #Browquality
newnightmare7 10/10 #Browquality
ohheydudeski 10/10 #Browquality
loopulle 10/10 #Browquality
fighterman 10/10 #Browquality
judicamille 10/10 #Browquality
justme 10/10 #Browquality
survivorgame1 10/10 #Browquality
Mikeroro 10/10 #Browquality
Acyuta 10/10 #Browquality
vanili 10/10 #Browquality
makingallfall2 10/10 #Browquality
joshie1 10/10 #Browquality
carlisle 10/10 #Browquality
delete2544 10/10 #Browquality
jameslu 10/10 #Browquality
Rebelman2227 10/10 #Browquality
davidftw123 10/10 #Browquality
girllover101 10/10 #Browquality
christossss 10/10 #Browquality
tetsuya 10/10 #Browquality
c00ldude1000 10/10 #Browquality
geovanycaldeorn 10/10 #Browquality
somebodyawesome 10/10 #Browquality
woollybear98 10/10 #Browquality
alanduncan 10/10 #Browquality
haydennicole 10/10 #Browquality
jonmcgillis 10/10 #Browquality


PYN and I'll rate your avi.

12 Kaseyhope101, May 3, 2015

Out of 10
darriusdabest - you look like you did the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge. 6/10
jasonXtreme - sorta cute. 7/10
lighterfluid - uh. Ew. 2/10
jonmcgillis - you look like an anime boy with a lip disease. 5/10
arcaninemaster - um. I thought Mufasa died? 6/10
davidftw123 - you look like the green giant. 4/10
dash - you look like a sunburnt katniss Everdeen. 5/10
stuartlittle16 - basic version of #jasonxtreme 6.5/10
sydneywalsh - your hair is cute. Very cute. The lips look like Lisa Rinna's before her latest surgeries, the dress is ugly. 7/10 for cute hair.
joaquint561 (I didn't cop anything) - ew. Ratchet. 2/10
temponeptune - um... Alright. 5/10
carlyjordan14 - 10/10


PYN Categories

42 Arris, Apr 25, 2015

Wasn't gonna do it but since I'm bored I'll just bandwagon.
#JasonXtreme - Brother from another mother haha
#Styxxe - Frenchie's gotta be a VIP, no? 8)
#likevines20 - lmao I feel pressured to put u in here ^ jk, you're a great girl , love snapping and talking to you ^
#krrais - Had to put you here ^ I love our convos and the fall outs as well el oh el
Brookie0126 - Absolutely one of my favorite tengagers < 3 happy to see you back on TG btw !
carlab1 - There's no other place I could put you in ;)
Tyler93 - Hah that accounting tho!
Dhucking_Quacks - Love ya.
Great Friends:
#FairyBoss - We have up and downs, but you're like a go to polish guy in here LMAO
#christossss - Love talking to you bro ^
EyooMarcus - I wasn't sure where to put you, don't know you THAT well but from what I know you're a great guy :)
Carlisle - So that means spamming is working lmao anyways you're a Keele boo ^
#ohheydudeski - we just met, but you're on a right track ;)
#TheLogic - Atta boy !
#KyleDile - We just met, but like you're my guy about horrors and stuff ;d So deffo right track! ;)
PureEssence - It's always fun talking to you haha ;p
Acyuta - My go to MARVEL guy ^ On a way becoming great friends, I hope ^
Forest_Knight - You're always fun to talk ^
Thirteen - You're a very smart person, like talking to you.
#JustMe - I've heard about you, and correct me if I'm wrong, you've done stars assessment but never really talked to you, wouldn't mind getting closer though :)
LordJza - I was THIS close to put you in a friends, but you hate me so haha ^
koolcoop - I've heard about you, but we never really spoken.
Amnesia_ - I've seen you around, but we never talked.
Friends at One Point in Time:
#Maxi1234 - We don't even talk anymore, but I still like you haha !
Never Heard of You:
#dmann - Well I'm kinda new haha sorry for that ^
#AllieBoBallie - How come I've never heard about you? :OO
BrendonByrne - I feel so stupid for putting the TV Stars here :(
Glinda - I love your nick tho, makes me think of Wicked ^
Brad13535 - What's with your color level ^
Would Like to Know You Better:
JourdanBabyXoXo - I've heard bout you, we talked on blogs few times, yo see nice :)
Thumper91 - I know you a good friends with David, so you gotta be nice : ]
GetSomeColdCuts - We're in the same rookies game atm, you seem like a nice person :)
JesseM - I see you around a lot, but we never talked haha
ghrocky100 - Same as JesseM.
wildboy12 - You seem like a funny dude..



10 Tyler93, Apr 17, 2015

this background though. jasonxtreme you are the man! Living my dream in the Toronto maple leafs arena!
who wants to come to a game with me!!?? :)
tagging my leafs bros:
thanks so much for the gift. and my right hand man mikey_elite for always wanting to gift me :)


need health for survivor so pyn

41 kwiens18, Mar 25, 2015

and I'll give an honest opinion plus my favorite memory of you
also help by donating here
danielledonato you're super sweet and seem to be friends with everyone which at times makes me a little bit jealous but hey just shows how sweet you are, sometimes I wish I could keep more of my personal life secret like you do but I'm not very good at that lol ily
favorite memory: when you made a post and I randomly discovered that we were in the same town
hippydude126 never seen or heard about you before but badass name and badass avi I feel like we could be friends
favorite memory: you posting on this blog
pieguy555 you seem like one of those really popular guys on the site that I've just never happened to talk to or played with but you seem really cool
favorite moment: you commenting on this blog
vienna16 when we first played together we didn't really talk but we became friends through a rookies and we were dominating until I gave up my veto and f7 because I thought I was safe and got voted out
favorite memory: when you and I started talking in a rookies and you ended up being super cool
joey96 your avi is always beautiful
favorite memory: you commenting on this blog
guigi you know your name perfectly fits you, idk why you aren't the top fashionista in the HOF every day because your avi is always beautiful, never talked to you personally but you seem super sweet and friendly and you kind of have to be to have a shop as long as you have
favorite memory: you commenting on this blog
thejoe dude I started commenting on your blogs and we became friends but I've been a total ass to you and your friends recently and I need to apologize about that
favorite memory: hopefully you forgiving me
leemontgomery_0 only played a couple games with you and both times you got robbed, hopefully we can work together again sometime and we can get you a little farther
favorite memory: working with you in your charity game even though it got ruined
connorfitz15 I feel like we use to be closer friends, I remember working with you alot and you were always loyal and cool and I'm hoping we can hang out on here again sometime, hit me up
favorite memory: I believe I won a frooks once while working with you
icebeast will you're super awesome and we were super close until you won stars then we drifted apart for a bit while you went into tengaged stardom but we've reconnected since and I'm glad because you're super funny in skype chat
favorite memory: literally screaming at my computer screen watching you do battle for the win in hunger games
andalarew_2231 it throws me off that you're not wearing your traditional mustache but hey I'm pretty sure you are badass at comps really cool never talked though
favorite memory: you commenting on this..

42 Stars 1

11 Carlisle, Jan 8, 2015

16th - Michaelf1114 - 54.3% against #JasonXtreme
15th - blakejenkins14 - 58.6% against #GrrrImABear who got the noob support sorry!
14th - _Adidas_ - 51.4% against #Johneh
13th - bamold1999 - 53.6% against #Jouix (although honestly both of your support seems to vary from Stars to Stars so it could've gone either way)
12th - Timberlie - 58.4% against #Maxi1234
11th - Maxi1234 - 50.2% against #Jouix (You just got spammed out by me x)
10th - ghrocky100 - 54.5% against #Johneh
9th - Johneh - 61.3% against #GrrrImABear (They tried to flavour you vs noob support but you didn't stand a chance)
8th - ElectricCheddar - 53.2% against #dak236
7th - CutieAmy - 51.4% against #GrrrImABear
6th - JasonXtreme - 52.2% against #AndThenThereWasOne (Would've gone the other way if ATTWO wasn't unnommed)
5th - AndThenThereWasOne - 54.9% against #Jouix
4th - dak236 - 58.8% against #GrrrImABear
- - - - - -
3rd - Jouix 22.8% (against a flavour/noob & unnominated :()
2nd - GrrrImABear 38.1%
1st - austino15fffan 39.1%


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