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[PYN] For An Opinion/Ranking

103 BengalBoy, Jun 16, 2019

Post ya name and I'll give you an opinion and an arbitrary ranking based on how close we are (or how close we could be ;) hehe). If you're low we prolly just don't talk much.
#jacksonjoseph99 - Oh Jackson! *Lets out a brief but hearty chortle* I think we ALL knew you'd be the top spot! We're the type of bros to hit the town in our check trousers and paint the town red. Some would call us a pair of manipulative rats, others would call us wickedly smart, but no one would deny that we're a coupla spaghetti and meatballs kinda fellers who do spaghetti and meatball kinda feller things.
#SAWCHUK55 - We clicked the first time we talked and pretty much never stopped ๐Ÿ˜Ž. We have the kinda chemistry where we can make anything from Monopoly to boring ass Red Deer more fun and it's effortless. See you soon babygirl ๐Ÿ˜˜
#jenzie - You AS HELL would be ride or die thats forsure! Known each other for *checks watch* 7 years? Had plenty of laughs, a lil cheeky fun, and never had probs. Appreciate u
PureEssence - From a long-time fan to a friend ๐Ÿ˜Ž used to be a lot closer but every now n then we still end up talking for hours or reading Reddit posts and chucclin on call.
#blogs - TOP OF A HILL WITH A LOAD OF STAIRS! Top mate for like 12 years? From bullying you for your Habbo music videos to you pretending to be an orphan to meeting, we have the most outlandish friendship arc. Need to catch up soon and get some travel tips from ya
Diva1 - Always been m8s, always will be. People used to claim your friends use you for gifts but I was just in it for the good conversation and cheeky blog comments
#Memphis_Grizzlies - Like a loyal lil bro who I have to teach starjumps to
Arris - Always seen eye to eye and always had good banter, I'm sure we'd be top m8s if we talked regularly
#bibbles - As many as I damn well please. You've been a genuine and real lass since 2009 and never changed a smidgeon. Also ONLY 7 WEEKS TILL YA BURFDAY ๐ŸŽ‰
#eliserose - We have a solid low-maintenance friendship ๐Ÿ˜˜ you're a loyal lass with a lot more depth than you get cred for. We'll prob get closer over time since we have similar personalities and live to have fun
anthousai - Used to be my go-to for banter since we could share AnYtHiNg and come out with 10 new inside jokes and phrases every night ๐Ÿ˜Ž Now we're not rly close and the convos are more vanilla but still a good Aquarium DBF to my Caprisun DAM *ticcles your chin*
#Willie_ - Bicep bros ๐Ÿ’ช only bloke I have a snap streak with. Always a good time talking to you and trolling with you fam
2388 - BLOODY HELL one of the funniest dudes in chats and on the blogs page, always been homies since day 1
#tiffanox3 - It's been foreverrrrr but we alwaysssss had fun and you were the first to make a WB blog when I came back. A sweet, genuine lass by all accounts. I'm sure we'd be..


โ˜… Top Fashionista โ˜…

61 chibideidara, Feb 10, 2016

Requested by Minie , as far as i could retrieve them. I missed alot of people so if you won it, tell me the date and i'll add you to it.
6/20/13 - #jacksonjoseph99
7/2/13 - #Paul41
7/3/13 - #Lemjam6
7/9/13- #dsrh68
7/19/13 - #Lemjam6
5/5/14 - #Valdamien
7/4/14 - #Absol
7/26/14 - #ParvatiS
7/30/14 - #peterya
9/2/14 - #Chibideidara
9/7/14 - #JamieAndre
9/5/14 - #yoshicoolman
9/9/14 - #Lemjam6
10/4/14 - #Carrot
10/5/14 - #RobertGuajardo
10/24/14 - #AustinRules6969
10/28/14 - #Gagaluv
11/1/14 - #Minie
11/27/14 - #Timberlie
12/29/14 - #drb00m
12/31/14 - #CheapCheep - Last of 2014.
1/4/15 - #Arcaninemaster
1/20/15 - #Timberlie
2/7/15 - #sahmosean
2/23/15 - #RobertGuajardo
3/7/15 - #Timberlie
3/8/15 - #IAmVegas
3/20/15- #Arcaninemaster
4/8/15 - #Tyler93
4/11/15 - #yoshicoolman
4/18/15 - #Tyler93
4/29/15 - #CheapCheep
5/9/15 - #HaliFord
5/12/15 - #Vanili
5/14/15 - #Arcaninemaster
5/16/15 - #Lucinda
6/9/15 - #g1ng4
6/13/15 - RobertGuajardo
6/14/15 - JayElVeeIsBack
6/16/15 - iScotty
6/17/15 - tonyalbright
6/18/15 - FairyBoss
6/19/15 - Galaxies
6/20/15 - unkown
6/21/15 - JourdanBabyXoXo
6/23/15 - #JourdanBabyXoXo
6/27/15 - sihz
6/28/15 - #RobertGuajardo
6/29/15 - #RobertGuajardo
6/30/15 - fraCcionEs31
7/1/15 - Adee7
7/2/15 - baza76
7/3/15 - suzycroatia
7/4/15 - #Minie
7/5/15 - #Galaxies
7/6/15 - #JourdanBabyXoXo
7/8/15 - Ashleybabyx3
7/9/15 - papibadd
7/10/15 - ParvatiS
7/11/15 - #JourdanBabyXoXo
7/12/15 - GalaxyOrb
7/13/15 - #Qooper
7/14/15 - hpopo101
7/15/15 - disneygeek
7/16/15 - #M2thamax
7/17/15 - #XoAmanda
7/18/15 - #Padfoot
7/19/15 - #Lexibear
7/20/15 - #_Aria
7/21/15 - #SexGoddx
7/22/15 - #Sludge My birthday < 3
7/23/15 - #tennisplayer963
7/24/15 - #unkown
7/25/15 - #Archerskyfire
7/26/15 - #FighterMan
7/27/15 - #JourdanBabyXoXo
7/28/15 - #SmoothStalker12
7/29/15 - #carlyjordan14
7/31/15 - #Music
8/1/15 - #Forest_Knight
8/2/15 - #Piddu
8/3/15 - #Halloween
8/4/15 - #mastropola
8/6/15 - #TheSexiestDude990
8/7/15 - #PrincessTeePee
8/8/15 - #seemlyrough
8/9/15 - #Javy9
8/10/15 - #Maliyah
8/11/15 - #Evildeadgirl
8/12/15 - #fieryred11
8/13/15 - #DiamondsArentForever
8/14/15 - #GoodAllan
8/16/15 - #hints
8/17/15 - #Qooper
8/18/15 - #Manalord
8/19/15 - #Halloween
8/20/15 - #SexGoddx
8/21/15 - #Phenomanimal
8/22/15 - #etaco75
8/23/15 - #zachbbs
8/24/15 - #iScotty
8/25/15 - #Swaggy
8/26/15 - #Padfoot
8/27/15 - #Lucinda
8/28/15 - #Minie
8/29/15 - #Halloween
8/30/15 - #JGoodies
8/31/15 - #tuter32
9/1/15 - #RobertGuajardo
9/3/15 - #Jilbert
9/4/15 - #Willie_
9/5/15 - #PaulaDeen
9/6/15 - #AlyssaB
9/7/15 - #zachbbs
9/8/15 - #zachbbs
9/9/15 -..


daily reminder,

2 Halloween, Aug 28, 2014

#jacksonjoseph99 and me are lab partners
we are gonna go to holllyy1230 's job one day and scare and show youtube and tengaged
eyoomarcus is gross
splozojames50 has acne
dj4460 steals everyones joke
mexash still hasent left tengaged
somebodyawesome loves me more than cutieamy
eyoomarcus has herpes
@im a queen
Carmen is kissing Johnny
You can rewrite the story on Toontown Rewritten.


This is Bullying

2 babiicakes, Aug 17, 2014

[11:03:09 PM] Barbie: " FUCK U IKEA"
[11:03:14 PM] Barbie: and she went crying
[11:03:15 PM] Barbie: i died
[11:03:16 PM] (skai) jackson: The Ika letter scene wasnt even the best one
[11:03:18 PM] Sasha Pieterse : HET NSME ISNT IKEA
[11:03:18 PM] Barbie: omg
[11:03:24 PM] Sasha Pieterse : ITS NOT IKEA
[11:03:26 PM] Barbie: .......
[11:03:29 PM] Sasha Pieterse : ITS IKA
[11:03:31 PM] Max Fabray: IKEA


Name a man.

3 Halloween, Aug 15, 2014

I'll begin.


daily reminder,

1 Halloween, Aug 14, 2014

#jacksonjoseph99 and me are lab partners
we are gonna go to holllyy1230 's job one day and scare and show youtube and tengaged
eyoomarcus is gross
splozojames50 has acne
dj4460 steals everyones joke
mexash still hasent left tengaged


Bitches xo CLOSED

9 ImGonnaWin, Aug 14, 2014

oh wow my first shop expierence :O
it was fun ^^ but so stressing
i got like 50 mails after an hour i got my shop
i finnaly have a decent avi :)
im sorry to
that ur design got stolen
Solinne64 was lucky that i had stock left for the female so i re gifted her
stunzer im sorry to u  :/ ur in my gift list tghough
and i wanna thank all the people that gifted to my friends !!
and so many more :x but i forgot ur long ass name xo comment below if ur one of the gifters and i forgot to add u !!
and _Aria and Lucinda  and RoughNightBro
for letting me use ur designs :O  ^^ perfect
i mean for my first shop  33/35 is pretty good :D
i wanna thank EVERYONE
who  +ed my designs when i was  being annoying and spamming :x
i got 7 designs with a total of 4800 ts
and i bid 1300 ts
with a total of 6100 ts
( 6121 ts to be exact )
i tried for a shop in december but i failed the first time and i  surrended and quit
this time in  a week and a half i got 7 designs in auctions :)
i will be coming back for another shop ! idk when but yeh :P
ImGonnaWin a.k.a bitchesxo
for now ;)


PYN and I will tell you

109 DanielKennedy111, Aug 4, 2014

how I really feel about you. I am going extremely inactive in like 11 days so I have nothing to lose
chibideidara - you are really cool I wish we were closer because I think you're awesome but yeah
#jacksonjoseph99 - ugly
_Aria - I wish you liked me more because I think you are really cool but I honestly believe I just have never been someone you would want to be friends with so thats probably why!
#judicamille - you're really fucking annoying when you try to act like some1 from bad girls club but when you are acting like a normal person I enjoy talking to you so thats like 20% of  the time
#ajg31397 - you are too nice and you trust in people too much. stop allowing others to make you feel like shit, especially people online. get over your issues and dont let others bring you down, it's not worth it at all.
amf7410 - you are so sweet but I think you flirt with almost every male between the ages of 16-18 on here so
Beer - multi of idk and i dont care
#stoopkid95 - you're nice and I lead you on many times after we broke up because I thought I wanted to get back together with you and in reality I was just bored, but you are really nice and go find someone who will actually treat you well unlike me lol! I am really shitty.
orlando652 - you are very cute but your friends are complete trash unfortunately. im glad you haven't turned into them!
#zakisaboss - you're a mess when it comes to jenzie, you literally look like a fool all the time
#electraviv - love you, you're crazy
striky - no clue who you are
bridgette77 - i would rather eat horseshit
allieboballie - you are quite naive and I think you are fake at times with many people because I don't think you consider many people your "friends" but when we talk I think it's real but I can be wrong
tengaged_moderation - I trust you more than most people on this website which is really fucking strange. the only thing I wish that changed in our friendship is your personal identity and that is only because I really want to know who I am talking to about things I wouldnt talk to people IRL about
rawr121 - didnt know you were anthony until today...so
jojo7784 - stop calling yourself a girl you are a guy we have all seen your vlog. you are a little kid in my eyes and you need to grow up but you are like a little brother to me at this point... but probably only the annoying part
bigdizzleyomama - stop being so FUCKING weird all the time because people are so turned off by that. you are really funny to me and I will literally always consider you a close friend just stop acting weird
jenzie - i respect you 100% for being one of the most fake people on this website yet never being called out on it. you can literally make fun of someone 24/7 for weeks on end and..


Exposing JacksonJoseph99 :)

2 DanielKennedy111, Jun 15, 2014

This blog is about me.
#jacksonjoseph99 owes me a gift because I spammed one item into auctions for him. Earlier on this week I played a frooks and jj happened to be in it.
When he went up for 13th I saved him, however when he went up for 11th I evicted him and he was evicted. When he asked me if I evicted him I said yes and he went off on me. He took away the gift as well. So just for everyone to know, Pat is a bitter oh so so bitter frooks player.
EDIT: Idk do you think I should've LIED to his face?
EDIT: And now hes saying I sent death threats over skype? I didn't and if you knew me more than just a spamm, you would know I would never say that. Jackson.
So uh yeah. lmao
If you dont believe me, Skype me at daniel.tengaged and I will show you it myself that none of what he said is true. :)


June 12th Blogs: PART 2

7 Patrick319, Jun 13, 2014

PART 1: http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Patrick319/5499002/how-many-blogs-were-created-past-24-hours
How many total blogs were created on June 12th?
5502275 (End) - 5498906 (Start)
= 3369
June 11th: 2801 blogs
June 12th: 3369 blogs
We've seen an increase of 568 blogs. The first World Cup match was today so that may be partly responsible.
29 / 3369 x 100 = 0.8607
I contributed approximately 0.86% of all blogs created today. Congrats everyone.
Now I won't be doing something to this extreme every single day but I wanted to test out a larger and more diverse sample. This sample consists of 60 players with a minimum of 1 and maximum of 5 users representing each colour level, with the exception of white.
Phenomanimal                  2
obscurity                3
jdog                6
#jacksonjoseph99                5
#sprtsgy1989                18
chrisw756                3               
suzycroatia                10
#Runaway                6
#dustin24688642                 7
#shawnpat7                 2               
baza76                21
BOBROCKS333                1
#Valdamien                1
#jharrin7887                3
#DarkTyphoon23                 4               
sjsoccer88                 3
Darrel42                22
bowkane                2
SomebodyAwesome                11
mattmon3365                5
Moonfelar                9
TheEclipse                9
rawr121                 9
#SurvuivorRulz96                8
#FrenchMaid                4               
craycrayaye                2
TylerKeith                17
#babiicakes                17
#PurpleCows                2
#Rain848                2               
Loopulle                4
haileySx                2
#mastropola                1
#MrOrange890                1
#Piddu                2       
Skyler_TW                3
iSocialize                11
#JudiCamille                24
#Dryerfish                10
#ilovetosing                1               
Youssarian                1       
gloss13                8
Jordonk                1
#Mantyke                2
#Archerskyfire                1
#survivornerd                1       
IceIceBaby                4
Cromatique                 2
#Duffybutt11                 1               
madwolf                 1
wyatt33                2
#Survivoring                1
#DatBlackGuy                4               
waterfall                1
#Queenisha                2               
papibadd                5
#ItsAustin                1
#westyman558                5
#Vivor                10
#Timmay                13
TOTAL: 341
- This sample of 60 users contributed about 10.1% of all blogs posted today.
- The average # of blogs per user was 5.68
Now we can figure out the average # of bloggers today in 2 ways.
FIRST: If an average Tengager posted 5.68 blogs today, then we can assume that about 593 users blogged today.
SECOND: If we assume that every 60 different users contributed about 10% of todays blog total, we can assume that about 600 users blogged today.
Therefore, it can be estimated that give or take around 50, about 600 users blogged today.



65 Teddybear, Mar 30, 2014

& I'll tell you what I think you think of me. I might skip you if I really don't know you. Don't try to dispute my opinions because I know i am right!!
aimers - I think you're too busy worrying about what people think of you to see the faults in other people, so I think you like me as a person and like being on a tribe with me. you think i find you annoying sometimes and sometimes you think i'm not being genuine, but i also think you sorta trust me and think i'm a good friend!
#jacksonjoseph99 - I think I bugged you because of some game shit we had, and before that I think you really did like me and thought i was pretty/wanted to be better friends.
lemjam6 - I think you don't like me because of some stupid reason, like I didnt pick you for a group game?! but you probably have other reasons of your own like maybe you think i'm annoying or an attention-seeker (which is true), although you used to like me.
etienne - Umm i dont think you have a strong opinion of me because we havent talked much, but i dont think you dislike me or anything like we've commented on each others blogs sometimes and agree on some stuff. BUT you could probably give or take my presence in the tengaged community.
obscurity - I think I like you a lot more than you like me LOL but i still think you like that i share your sense of humor so we can laugh about shit, so you consider me a good friend, and you like my CAT.
Milkisgood - There has been times when i annoyed you over games, but in general i think im one of the every-girl-on-tengaged that you like to hit up!! LOL i genuinely think that you like talking to me sometimes though and have enjoyed our calls, and maybe you wish we talked more.
#jdog - You talk to me because im a girl and you also like to hit up every girl on tengaged, but i think you do like me when we actually talk, youre really not someone who hates anyone though!! and you sometimes think you annoy me, but still consider me a friend who youd trust
ghoul - Hm you're an odd one so I cant say for sure. When you were a mod I always felt like you thought I was using you or something even though i genuinely like you. you prob think i dont because i never reply to you but thats cuz you usually message me when im not here or you have some weird name that idk + i usually only talk on calls/in groups. but yeah i think youd like us to talk more.
#dinosaurdan - idk :/
smuguy2012 - WELL i dunno you used to like me then you started hating me because of .es hunger and maybe you found me annoying. i think youre a bit over it now though, but you probably still think i dont like you
tofutime - I think that there may be a couple things about me that bug you, but in general I think what you think of me is positive. you think we're a lot alike and have..



0 BlakeIsBack, Jan 18, 2014

#Jacksonjoseph99 - "Stonewall didnt happen so gays could wear urbanoutfitters"


Goodnight gaged (:

0 Dusty12910, Nov 20, 2013

gl jgoodies in stars ^_^
and grats #jacksonjoseph99 & cocoabean on their shops :D


Grats on your shops =]

5 Cerulean, Nov 19, 2013

GentlemanG < 3
#JacksonJoseph99 < 3
And grats on moving on this week =]
RoughNightBro < 3
If anyone needs help gifting or anything I am willing to help although I'm not very good anymore =[
But I can back people up =]


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