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34 SharonMaItems, Feb 11, 2021

for an opinion.
#Jessie_ - haven't talked to you much but you seem really nice and sweet haha! i hope we can potentially get into some games and maybe get to talk more.
#christossss - i'm pretty sure the first time i've ever talked to you was in that frooks a few days ago but you were so fun to play with! you were really nice and i had fun playing! hopefully we can play more games together as well!
#Kindred7 - haven't talked to you much either but all the times we're made some small talk it was pretty decent! like the others i hope to play with you and others more :)
#druu - tysm for giving me #mrsstealyoPNGs! LOL but for real, you're pretty cool! i haven't talked in depth with you but we're good i suppose? haha
#Yawnha - we've played a few games of frooks together and everytime we played i enjoyed playing the game with you! i hope we can become better friends and play more frooks together LOL
#Zeptis - i don't know you!! sorry :( but you seem really nice? i need more details LOL
#BrainJak - i think we've talked a few times in the past but not as of recent! you're pretty cool though. i think that we need to play some games and get to know eachother if you really want a full opinion LOL
Harry1210 - we've played a few castings together before! i enjoy speaking with you even if it's for a partial amount of time. i like talking with you and the others about how our days are going, hope to chat more if i'm not busy!
KingB24 - i loved talking with you in stars! i liked chatting with you even if i was only there for like 2 days LOL.. you're a pretty good player and i respect that as well. hope you do well in stars!
BB5lover - i don't think we've spoken before but from what i've seen on your blogs page you seem very passionate about specific topics LOL i kinda enjoy that you are very passionate about your causes (even if I might not agree with them in a way) but i like how you're not willing to be quiet when there's a major issue on the blogs page!
Marwane - i also don't think we've spoken before but you seem pretty cool! i hope we can play a game together and get to know eachother :P
RockyPop101 - ily <33 but tysm for being friends with me! i really enjoy talking to you. tysm for the gifts btw!
Olympia - your blogs are interesting (?) to say the least! i don't think we've played together but you seem pretty nice! i hope you're able to get the help you wanted in your serious blog <3
DaveLooney - i don't know you that well, but first impression: pretty adventurous? you seem like you like taking risks LOL but i think we might need to play a game or two to figure out how i think of you~
turkeylover - we've played a few games together and have mutual friends but i don't think we've talked that much? i know you like a bit of kpop and *probably* like turkey LOL also waiting for your music..


PYN - Mean Girls

42 CutieAmy, Feb 4, 2021

and I will tell you which of Gretchen, Regina, Cady, and Karen you remind me of and why. This will be absed either on your personality, gameplay, or other attributes.
#Jessie_: Cady! Since your return to the site and people have been most intrigued by you. Just like Cady, you are not trying to dwell on your past, but instead, you are pushing to prove yourself that your past doesn’t define you. You are here to showcase that you are well capable of adjusting to the site after being long gone from it.
#Turkeylover: Gretchen! I think you have a bit of spice in you to fuck shit up. You probably have seen enough episodes of Gossip Girl to master the art of gossiping.
#Blahblahblahblah: Karen! You strike me as someone who is a total sweetheart. You don’t try to cause any drama and you generally want the world to be better for yourself and others.
#Birks4444: Regina! I mean, do I have to explain why? Just looking at one of your blogs, you strike me as a bad bitch; “Some people are so weird. I don’t know you, stay in your line.” You probably judge people on what they wear in your life and its making your gayness tingle from joy.
#Lexeyjane Easily Karen! I think you try to be nice people and they take advantage of you. Your past friendship with itsA*exia is probably similar to what happened to Regina & Karen. You also stan Taylor Swift and that’s the whitest thing a Karen could ever do.
#Lovelykiss: Regina! You are a bad bitch and you know it. You are not scared to speak your mind and put a bitch in her place. People probably walk on eggshells when interacting with you because they don’t want to wake up the beast that is hidden inside of you.
#Maxi1234: Gretchen! When you get paranoid, you become unpredictable and a loose cannon. So people need to always assure you that you are in a good spot or else you may ruin their entire career and spill their juiciest secrets.
#Guigi: Cady! Just like Cady, you can easily adapt to any situation and this shows that you are quite the social threat. People should not mistake your kindness as a weakness because you have a knife and are ready to push a bitch in front of a bus if you have to, at least in your mind.
#joshgillespie: Cady! Looking at your first game, I came to find out that you have recently joined the site. And judging from your blogs, you are giving me the sweet version of Cady that we have seen at the beginning of the movie, so hopefully you stay that way and don’t end up coming across a bunch of Reginas that may turn you into a toxic person.
#Jenii_Valenta: Karen! You got the looks to pull a Karen. You are the trade of your group and you got praised for your cheekbones just like how Karen gets praised for her breasts. You also never involved in any tengaged drama during your Plastics days and made sure to watch the shit gets unfolded from the sidelines.
#cheritaisdelicious: Cady! Like, totally. You have too many..



2 Girllover101, Jan 26, 2021

UNBAN #jessie_



0 Yandereboy12, Jan 25, 2021

Lets get #Jessie_ that stars win



0 ponga, Jan 25, 2021

Randomize please look into #Jessie_ and overturn his ban. He is not a multi user, you can check is IP, he is innocent


Unban Jessie_

19 BB5lover, Jan 25, 2021

For those of you who don't know, the reporting system on this website is becoming more of a witch hunt than an actual fucking useful system. People are using the report button to report individuals they don't like, and because randomize has no fucking clue that this website is filled with trolls and sore losers, he is banning people that are not even apart of the pedophilia problem this website faces DAILY.
#Jessie_ was given no reason for his ban. When he logs in, this is what happens:
My thoughts are that individuals that don't know how to properly take a fucking "L" in stars reported him. I often joked in stars that he was a multi, but never would have taken actions to report him, since I had NO idea whether it was true or not. After actually speaking to him outside of stars, I know that hes not a multi whatsoever (I can attest to that).
Long story short, randomize needs to put ACTUAL MODS that are USERS ON THIS WEBSITE in a place of power, or even create a group where we can guide him on who to ban if he refuses to appoint someone.
This random banning is the fucking definition of corrupt and if the real problem of pedophilia is ignored, action must be taken.


why is

0 ricardogv, Jan 25, 2021

#jessie_ banned :O


randomize deleted my comment

7 Aquamarine, Jan 25, 2021

EDIT: He's mailed at least me, I don't know if anyone else got one so...progress??
so i figured i'd blog it as well, where (in the now deleted comment) I suggested koolness234 report this website to the FBI since its owner is complicit in consistent child predation and refuses to add moderation.
also justice for #Jessie_ he was literally just mass reported for no reason, as far as I am aware.


The way I got attacked

4 Bluejay7622, Jan 25, 2021

For calling #Jessie_ a multi.
Karma: 644
Played: 50 times
Last Activity: 9 hours ago
I hate you all so fucking much


Some stars screenshots

6 blazermaniac94, Jan 5, 2021

I found some screenshots from stars that might be a little interesting and thought I'd share some more.
First off we have actual proof that people were using Amandabynes bamold1999 Jessie_ and I being mutual friends with the same person as a reason to target us.
Maybe #Jessie_ is actually Cheritaisdelicious.  Also imagine thinking Honalulue isn't a Queen and an amazing person.
The guy who almost never survives a poll is a popularity threat.


Thank you 53.5%!

13 blazermaniac94, Jan 5, 2021

This is my blog asking you to save me in stars, but it's also my blog ranting because this cast is all sorts of trash and I fell like it
First off I don't know which one of two things is more ridiculous in the game.   
1.   The fact the cast thinks I'm best friends with bamold1999 based only on the fact we are mutual friends of cheritaisdelicious. (I blame Marwane joefromunderarmour and Lemjam6 for putting that thought out there).
2.   The same people who decided to renom Jessie_ are the same people who already decided that the game is over because he's to much of a popularity threat.
Now to talk about some of my fellow castmates.
First off my fellow nominee iigalaxyii  who is one of the people who already said the game was over but was pushed a set with #Jessie_ in it today just for good measure.
Then we have Mathboy9 who won't stop talking about how he wants christossss out but keeps splitting to save Chris's best ally Wes.   Newsflash Wes isn't going to help you put up Chris and neither am I.   Also you simultaneously think #Jessie_ is a huge threat but also need to nom him more in order to weaponized him to take out other players.  WHO?!?!
BB5Lover Another person who admitted he things the game is over and is playing for second.  Which makes sense seeing as he's probably the second option on any alliance he thinks he has.   
Or this game will run right past you.   You're lucky you have as great of friend as Wes.
Bluejay7622 I have nothing bad to say about you other then renomming Jessie was dumb.    I just can't wait until you have to start nomming everyone who has been splitting to protect you.
Isandeh.  I've had several people in this cast tell me talking to you is about as exciting as talking to a wall it's about as productive as well.    I don't know you that well so maybe they're wrong but jsyk.   
I think that's all for right now.    Save me y'all.
Here's some more screenshots.

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