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41 RedFabFoxy, Mar 23, 2018

If I know you better, it'll probably be a longer one 😇
#FelipeS - One of the friendliest guys on this site ❤ Great person, great friend, and you have good taste in general too. You know how to make me laugh too, and I value that a loooot! And yes, we love your juicy brazillian... meals! #FELIPAIGEFOREVER
#aria_grande - We've been friends for quite a long time now although you've been shady. Still value you a lot, and you can be an iconic mess lmao
#BluJay112 - yes blujaddy king! LOL you're a fun and cute person, we might have only been in one game together but I already know how iconic you are!! Hope we can play more games together and even get to know each other more <3
#GoodKaren - Such a kind and pure person, you are SUPER iconic and I love to have you around. And I know you can have that slightly shady side which I love, but you still remain super nice!! Glad to have you as a friend girl!
#melindaMrskk - We haven't played many games together and idk if we even worked as an alliance in those but I do think you're iconic! I like your determination and bold personality. GL in stars boo!
#JackEdgeAKATheEdge - You know you can be a mess but you're still great LMAO. Glad I got to know you better in such a short timespan, and I'm secretly hoping you can worship me soon as much as you worship Paige, Karen and TJ...
#Maxi1234 - Attractive and quite funny guy! Definitely don't know you that well but I've seen you around. Nice fashion sense, something I'm yet to develop... oop
#Paige54 - Paige QUEEN! You're such a great person, a great GIRL to be exact, since people keep doubting your gender which is stupid as fuck... But anyway, I looooove chatting with you, you're pretty much one of my besties on here, and I'm glad we understand each other <3 Stay iconic and don't let the haters get to you!!
#TJ2807 - I remember when we first met and you showed me the way to FOW (now FBW) LOL, I basically thought you were the nicest person ever... Until you betrayed me in that group game... BUT ANYWAY, apart from that, you're still super cool and I love talking to you!! Also less "lol"s pls!!!
#BrainJak - LMAO ohhh brainy... Can't believe how close we've gotten the past month or 2 ;) You're definitely one of the funniest (and weirdest... and horniest...) people I've met on TG, and I surprisingly love that. We've had so many fights and annoying arguments together but we somehow remained buddies LOL. Stay iconic boo...
#adamgrant - Oh hi, suppose you stole something from me, mister? Perhaps a casting win...?
LOL jokes apart, you're a great and funny guy :) I'm glad to have met you, and I'm glad you could endure my "horny phases"... However you have a dirty mind too boo ;) lmaooo but yeah, I consider you a new friend!!
#mocallio - KING! Lol you've been with me for sooooooo long, we've talked so much and I definitely consider you as one of my most loyal and real friends, if not THE realest. I'm glad we still keep contact and..

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