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Queens of Tengaged Season 1: FINAL

70 AliciaNever, Aug 4, 2014

By a vote of 10 to 5, Queen #Jouix as been evicted and is the second Runner-Up of the Queens of Tengaged.
Finalists Queens:
16th - Icing (3-1 against #jenzie)
15th - trishytrash (8-4 against #jenzie)
14th - Bridgette77 (4-1 against #Megan)
13th - STOKES2009 (3-0 against #Megan)
12th - BBlover96 (5-3 against #gagaluv)
11th - SexyBanana (12-5 against #Elvira)
10th - aimers (2-1 against #Jenii_Valenta)
9th - Thumper91 (4-2 against #Jouix)
8th - Jenna2010 (13-9 against #jenzie)
7th - Megan (3-0 against #Jouix)
6th - Jenii_Valenta (6-4 against #Diva1)
5th - gagaluv (19-12 against #jenzie)
4th - Diva1 (12-9 against #Elvira)
3rd - Jouix (10-5 against #jenzie)
Who is the Ultimate Queen?
Numbers of Wins: 4 (2 HoHs, 2 Vetos)
Numbers of Nominations: 2 (against #SexyBanana & #Diva1)
Numbers of Wins: 3 (2 HoHs, 1 Veto)
Numbers of Nominations: 5 ( against #Icing, #trishytrash, #Jenna2010, #gagaluv & #Jouix)
#QueensOfTengaged #bb16 #rookies #stars #casting


My Favorite T-Memories of 2013

19 dmann, Dec 31, 2013

i am bored so i am gonna make this blog ok :D
-getting unpermed (obviously it was important or none of these other memories wouldn't have happened LOL)
-winning stars (party) with a cast of some good friends such as peetah32, danielkennedy111, dusty12910, bamold1999, bigbrotherlover7, & #jouix
-reaching 150 gifts
-getting a bunch of shops to gift friends/newer players (pray i get my final shop of 2013 tonight!!)
-meeting some amazing friends/getting closer with some people such as amills5 bff < 3, vans, etienne, ricktworick1, dinosaurdan sbff < 3, jouix, aimers, m2thamax, orlando652, holllyy1230, suzycroatia, alireza1373, carlisle, jgoodies, kittytheemolga (technically we met last yr, but talk almost daily now this year!), & everyone else on my friendslist/mentioned in my christmas blog :p
anybody i had drama with this year or hurt, i am rlly sorry & i still love you all now (especially if we were friends over the year at some point)..including:
#whoever else


63 Icing, Nov 2, 2013

And I will say something nice about you!
#Jouix Nothing.
#Maxi1234 You have an enjoyable personality!
#Orlando652 You are really nice & always support me in shops. < 3
#obscurity (rofl)
#typhlosion37 Pokemon fans are the best.
#deshonBANNEDISBACK You represent Minaj lips well!
#nsurvivor I don't know much...SORRY!
#SmileyTaffy Love the username.
blandin12 You seem innocent & sweet!
jdog Hm...
1Swampy8 Pretty avatar.
SexGoddx Let me think, hun.
JGoodies Good taste in designs, stolen or not.
atti12 Aren't you from .br or .es? Loves my foreigners!
chips47 Representing Ombre Summer Sweetheart well!
Nattie Loved getting to know you better in BB Queens. Funny & sweet =)
tonym101101 You walked out of BB Queens with class.
thumper91 Is your name from Bambi? It's cute.
AustinRules6969 I've always liked you, and feel like if we were closer you'd be a great friend.
hobnobgpro I don't know much...SORRY!
Keyston I think you're a Gaga fan? Nice!
Jenii_Valenta Someone I have known for awhile now. Love you, even after the BB Queens rivalry!
NerdBird44 With a name like that, you have to be an innocent angel.
AlanDuncan You're good at THG? I don't know..
Connor_ No clue.
MoooHades No clue...
MichelleObama You have one of the best personalities on here. You're very sweet & never involve yourself in drama, and I admire you a lot for that!
SomebodyAwesome You're awesome.
Vitamin Not sure.
Chloeox Your username makes me think of the Kardashians & I love them.
haiiderr LOL!
BigJoeFrimodt I don't know you really
Cornelia You seem sweet & have nice taste.
zakisaboss You're funny & I see you as someone good at games on here.
Swaggy IDK
Ravenclawfan I was once a fan of Harry Potter, love the name.
Guillomouve You support my shop, thanks.


♥ Happy Birthday Dany ♥

62 sihz, Jul 14, 2013

post if you like/dislike me and a reason why, and I'll tell you how I honestly feel about you
dmann im honestly gonna say im neutral towards you because every time i see you being nice, then there's always some unnecessary drama that you create out of nowhere but i guess we're cool now, im sorry for being a rude ass in the past
lemonface truly a GODDESS, i dont think there's anything i don't like about you LOL i like how you stand up for yourself as well as for your friends which is LOVELY! i've played with you like once and i loved working with you even though your friends got me out l0l and you can judge me all you want x
tigerfrmny hey gurl you glitched me the fuck out of thg :( kidding, anyways i like how you dont take games seriously at all and how funny and cool you are, im glad me attacking you didnt affect each other's opinions :P
connorthomson probably one of the friends i've had for the longest on here, and proably the one i've fought over stupid shit with the most lmfao we have had our differences and have even stopped talking to each other but in the end we always end up coming up to the other, especially you cus you can't live without me < 333 anyways i love you to death even though i never say it!
ajg31397 hey yes lol i still have the signs i made over a year ago, i thought you had deleted it but anyways i cant honestly remember us being super close or anything, maybe we didnt talk that much? you seem like a cool kid!
nmh95 i have too much to say but i'll make it real quick, you're one of the most transparent, caring and giving people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting and i love how mature you are, def one of my best friends on here :) althought we hardly ever talk :(
chrisw756 lol chris yeah it was clusterfuck, anyways i do think you're a pretty chill and funny kid and it kind of makes me happier to see you around the blogs page, idk you have a positive vibe :)
Don_Draper every time i see you either on the blogs page or thg or wherever you are, it makes me laugh lol idk we have played together a couple time and i do wish we could have talked more because you seem like a cool friend
KittyTheEmolga you're really an adorable girl! and i really enjoying seeing you around, we have so many friends in common or at least people we both get along very well with so why should we not be friends then? just continue to be you :)
TBIbetch brian her we havent had much time to get to know each other that well, but all i can see from you is that you're a very cool kid! and it kind of shocks me how tengaged has straight guys! :OOOOO i like how honest and yet caring you are towards everybody.
SSDZ hey yo it's yo broda ssdz in da club.. you're funny as hell even though you mock on the miners of my country!11 such a big even it was, although i..


The cutest thing I ever read from my mentor..

4 Nizzygaga, Apr 28, 2013

#Jouix 25 min ago
missing nizzy :(



0 XoXU, Apr 2, 2013




138 Playboyy, Feb 25, 2013

And I'll tell you what annoys me the fuck out of you.
Don't post if you get butthurt easily, don't post if I don't know you, but if you're Tengaged 'relevant' then post since I'm sure something about you annoys me.
Brandonpinzu - You join too many of the 'big' games. Like you played I don't know how many hunger games which was kind of obnoxious (even though I had no interest in playing really) and I'm kind of tired of seeing you in Stars so much.
austino15fffan - Idk but I never fail to evict you in Stars.
Yaxha - Nothing really annoys me.
Zakisaboss - You play too many Frookies and are part of the Frookies nerd-herd. You should go outside or something.
BBLover96 - You play too many Frookies and are part of the Frookies nerd-herd. You should go outside or something. Not only that it's like you're proud of having no life and make like jokes about it and it's not even funny it's just like...bro I feel second-hand embarassment for you.
DanielKennedy111 - Well aside from the socially awkward losers you're friends with on this site it pissed me off the whole conflict with your sexuality that you have. Like I get it that it can be difficult but like you're gay, you like men, you're going to date a man, you're going to end up with a man.
You're not bisexual so get the idea of ever being with a woman out of your cute little head.
Clone - I love you but sometimes you just blog like immature things that I just don't find funny.
Dash - Nothing really but I think it's weird how you're like 13.
Chickadee - Nothing really
deshonBANNEDISBACK - Everything. You're just a stupid little kid who knows nothing about me yet insists of talking like he does.
You're like thirteen bro, get off the computer and go kickball with your friends.
finklestein123 - Well you hang out with a bunch of losers on here but that's bout it. Altho anyone that's in the hall of fame kind of annoys me as a whole since nobody should have that much free time on their hands.
XxLoveWakizaxX - I don't remember but you got mad at me over something idiotic in Frookies once. Like we were nominated together and you got evicted and then you yelled at me about it.
Like sorry I got saved :S
Xbac5 - Nothing really.
BengalBoy - Nothing really.
RoboZoe - Nothing really.
BryanXx - Nothing really
CocoaBean - You're really ignorant sometimes. Like sometimes you blog offensive things and you don't realize they're offensive. It doesn't piss me off because you're like young and don't really know better and are just trying to be funny but just like...think twice
HelenCoops - I don't like most of your friends and you don't really talk to me unless we're in a game or something but it's okay..


PYN :)

45 Guess_Who, Feb 1, 2013

PYN for your big brother usa placement and how you played the game :)
#jouix 10th- You strategise quickly and make a huge power alliance, but when an enemy wins HOH you are nommed and evicted 7-0
#Jess2 8th You would be the game's sweetheart and a bit of a floater with no real game plan, eventually you are put up as a pawn but is evicted 3-2
#Helencoops 2nd A challenge whore, wins a challenge every time she competes, but when you win HOH you nominated a lot of people making them bitter, therefore costing you your win to a jury of 6-1!
#LexiVazquez 13th (last) you are really quiet and don't fit in with anyone getting you evited 8-2.
#levonini 6th you are very eccentric and loud! You keep being nommed but always make it out (Like Jenn from BB8) you eventually get evicted 3-0
#DrPepsi 10th you are looking like a winner but then you get nominated when your best friend wins veto and doesn't use it on you ,you starting destroying cameras and you get expelled.
#Notforsaken 8th you are the villain of the season and are constantly backstabbing as you win lots of competitions but when you are nominated for 8th you get evicted 4-1
#black0ut247 3rd you play a solid game and you would definitely win jury but the winner of the final hoh notices that and doesn't take them with you
#Ryguy 1st you break 2 records most nominated and most povs you play an honest game and win 5-2
#SimplyObsessed 12th you are the first hoh and when the surviving nominee wins hoh you get nominated and evicted 6-3
Michael222 7th you are really nice too everyone but you are a major threat and you are evicted 2-2 and the hoh sends you home
Chlltownofcourse 9th inspired by chill town you have a 2 person alliance but when an enemy wins hoh you both are put on the block and you get evicted 4-2
Peace123 4th you are a horrible player but no one see's you as a threat so you float until f4 and you get evicted
Robozoe 7th you toy with 2 alliances but when they realise you have been playing with both alliances they get you out straighppokt a huge threat out you win the final hoh but some people thought you floated and you lose the final 4-3
Rhysarnie14 8th you play a solid game but a bad move of who to trust makes you a target and you get 8th place with a vote of 4-1
Donutdude556 11th you are a big brother geek and you make too many mistakes too early causing you to get evicted 6-2
LeXXXy 1st you are like a better Rachael you play a better honest game but you aren't good at competitions all the same you win 6-1
Mittens 3rd nicest person there but a bit of a floater you lose when a 2 person alliance wins final hoh
Jenniferr 13th you start to strong and become a target getting you evicted 10-0
Danio 9th you just about make the jury after being a backstabber the whole game and being nommed 3 times before your eviction you get voted..



2 BradWalachy, Dec 14, 2012

2 of my good friends on tengaged got permed yesterday.
I am so done.



1 pokemaster, Jun 21, 2012

Most associated with: Idk you so make a new friend in #Jouix k thanks
Needs to shag: #blogs cause i know you are gay bro


PYN - Monthly Gamers

118 Bo_oM, Jun 15, 2012

Imma do a pyn at work, so post your name if you'd like to see how many games you've played/started in the past month, as well as how many in comparison to the top 20 :o
Cheznahuf - 194
#Jouix - 174
Stokes2009 - 120
#I_PullDaStrings - 114
#hMzz - 89
#Milkisgood - 81
#MarekK27 - 70
#SuperPatrick - 67
Sandizzle - 57
#MontyBurns - 53
BBDamian - 52
#Athenaa - 52
#Nick24678 - 45
JesseM - 43
#alexclow345 - 43
#vikejk17 - 43
#AlexRyder - 41
dools - 40
#andalarew_2231 - 39
#laidback27 - 38
Aquamarine - 37
Emmaleigh - 37
#kdog - 36
#jess2129 - 35
#TheThomas23ism - 35
#JUM40BUM40 - 32
#NexusCain - 32
#austino15fffan - 31
BB5Lover - 30
#potatoman4 - 30
#Bradyman7 - 30
#RespectThePouch - 29
#Sukul9 - 26
#jhelsdon2478 - 25
#ohhayy - 25
#Meyaar - 25
Finklestein123 - 24
#Finklestein123 - 24
sprtsgy1989 - 24
#Nikkayy - 24
#JohannaMason - 23
#koolness234 - 23
#Lowwww - 23
#Dusty12910 - 23
#Dane_Williams - 23
#RandomRawr2 - 23
#DanielKennedy111 - 22
#hwest14 - 22
#Akora - 21
Phenomanimal - 20
Bo_oM - 20
#nasmay1 - 20
#XSaiX - 19
#TBIbetch - 19
#DCSooner - 19
#Xbac5 - 18
#rupaul - 17
#andrew8975 - 17
#BlueStar - 17
#atti12 - 16
#Danger - 16
#hinata0014 - 16
#mmar - 16
#Runner430 - 15
#TylerK - 14
#xXandytraicyXx - 14
#tyboy618 - 13
#Florina - 12
PrincessTeePee - 11
#Bix123 - 11
#dorkishbarbi - 11
#bobbert1000 - 11
#Realchance - 11
Akomes - 10
JordanLloydFan - 10
#dmann - 10
#Chemicalali - 10
#devinwithparasites - 10
#Trust - 9
Rippyroo - 9
DavidFisher - 9
#Johneh - 9
Megan - 8
#Meloetta - 8
#MoooCoww - 8
#Kimmal8 - 8
#iDannielle - 7
#ThePinnapleGod - 7
#BengalBoy - 6
#pugsrule13579 - 6
#Survivor8 - 5
#MikeRORO - 5
SexGoddx - 4
#Deceased - 4
#Delarmes - 4
#Anas - 4
#Danielvk - 4
#Brittney - 3
#Tyleror - 3
#sjsoccer88 - 3
#dudetb3 - 3
DinoM - 2
#TylerKeith - 2
#Castings - 1
#andychuck08 - 1
#prince_Eric - 1
#AceSurvivor - 1
MattyBB9 - 0
#xxJaym - 0
#Tevin1001 - 0
#CHAD814 - 0
#peaccealexxa - 0
#BlakeIsBack - 0
#Etienne - 0
idc, I'm counting each merge as a game.



4 gematria, Jun 10, 2012

Gotta love it Jouix
Merchant #Jouix says: I am a virgin and probably always will be...

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