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Hello, my name is Sir Donut III

"A thing isn't beautiful because it lasts" -Vision

"Is it incredibly painful without friends? Isn't life in general?"

"Disappointment in your teammate’s skills transcends to disappointment in your friends and family."


Highest Rank: 520th (I have also achieved the rank of 556th)

POV Chart:

4th place in THG Something:

I got 2nd in THG once too:

Also I once got arrowed out when I had 2 xp. I was honored:

4th place in Stars 247:

2nd in Stars 340:

Joined January 31st 2011

★★★Creator Of The Guardian Angel Twist★★★
In this twist, there is a Guardian Angel and the angel's target. The Guardian Angel's job is to take the target to the final 5. If they do this AND stay in the game, they get auto finals. (Just the angel, not the target) If they do it but are eliminated in the process, they re-join the game, making it final 6. If they fail to protect their target, they lose the next 2 individual immunity challenges and cannot vote for the next 2 tribals. Also, the Guardian Angel has a special idol that can only be played before the final 5. It can be used only once, and saves their target. This idol can be used even after the Guardian Angel has been eliminated from the game.

♦♦♦Co-Creator of the Anti-Idol♦♦♦
In this twist, there is only one in a season. If you retrieve the idol, this one isn't used for nulling votes. It's used for nulling idols. So, if you think someone is going to pull an idol out of your pocket that you don't want them to pull out because they will be going. Play the Anti-Idol, any votes that WOULD'VE been gone by them, are back on them. (If you have two idols, and you want to play both, the idol that is real will count as well since it won't be nulled by the Anti-Idol)


This twist comes into affect after the first tribal has happened. With it, the previously eliminated player will choose someone to be the MoT (Master of Terror) That player will be anonymous, and will be mailed 3 options that will wreak havoc on the game. They can choose any one, and it will be announced before the challenge begins. The person will also be save from being eliminated, and this will work as an idol, nobody knows who the MoT is until they have already voted.

Please give 01Gohan and I credit whenever you use these.


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