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Please Tag Me!

0 TJ2807, Jul 20, 2018

Please tag me in this blog!!! I really want this HOH! I’ll plus any spam in return!
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Tag me for HOH!

0 TheRoseHorse, Jul 20, 2018

Tag me for HOH! I just got back in the game and want to secure my safety.
#castings #rookies #survivor


Tag Your Username Plz.

6 TheRoseHorse, Jul 14, 2018

I need 8 people to tag their username.
#castings #rookies #survivor


Big Brother 2 Spoons

3 Maxchaos, Jul 10, 2018

Select somebody to give a spoon to. HOH is safe and is automatically sent to the next round. (HOH is chosen by random and a player cant win HOH twice in a row.)
Mike (Safe)
Will (Safe)
Autumn (HOH)


RPDR: All Queens Big Brother EP 1

8 Allyxox, Jun 15, 2018

Every Queen that has appeared on the show ever has appeared on here, who is Tengageds Favourite Drag Superstar?
Victoria Porkchop Parker (S1)
Tammie Brown (S1)
Akashia (S1)
Jade Sotomayor (S1)
Ongina (S1)
Shannel (S1)
Rebecca Glasscock (S1)
Nina Flowers (S1)
BeBe Zahara Benet (S1) (AS3)
Shangela Laquifa Wadley (S2) (S3) (AS3)
Nicole Paige Brooks (S2)
Mystique Summers MAdison (S2)
Sonique (S2)
Morgan McMichaels (S2) (AS3)
Sahara Davenport (S2)
Jessica Wild (S2)
Pandora Boxx (S2)
Tatianna  (S2) (AS2)
Jujubee (S2) (AS1)
Raven (S2) (AS1)
Tyra Sanchez (S2)
Venus D-Lite (S3)
Pheonix (S3)
Mimi Imfurst  (S3) (AS1)
India Ferrah (S3)
Mariah Balenciaga (S3)
Stacy Layne Matthews (S3) 
Delta Work (S3)
Carmen Carrera (S3)
Yara Sofia (S3) (AS1)
Alexis Mateo (S3) (AS1)
Manila Luzon (S3) (AS1)
Raja (S3)
Alisa Summers (S4)
Lashauwn Beyond (S4)
The Princess (S4)
Madame LaQueer (S4)
Milan (S4)
Jiggly Caliente (S4)
Willam (S4)
Dida Ritz (S4)
Kenya Michaels (S4)
Latrice Royale (S4) (AS1)
Phi Phi O'Hara (S4)(AS2)
Chad Michaels (S4) (AS1)
Sharon Needles (S4)
Penny Tration (S5)
Serena ChaCha (S5)
Monica Beverly Hillz (S5)
Honey Mahogany (S5)
Vivienne Pinay (S5)
Lineysha Sparx (S5)
Jade Jolie (S5)
Ivy Winters (S5)
Alyssa Edwards (S5) (AS2)
Coco Montrese (S5) (AS2)
Detox Icunt (S5) (AS2)
Roxxxy Andrews (S5) (AS2)
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (S5) (AS2)
Jinkx Monsoon (S5)
Kelly Mantle (S6)
Magnolia Crawford (S6)
Vivacious (S6)
April Carrion (S6)
Gia Gunn (S6)
Milk (S6) (AS3)
Laganja Estranja (S6)
Trinity K Bonet (S6)
Joslyn Fox (S6)
BenDeLaCreme (S6) (AS3)
Darienne Lake (S6)
Courtney Act (S6)
Adore Delano (S6) (AS2)
Bianca Del Rio (S6)
Tempest Dujour (S7)
Sasha Belle (S7)
Jasmine Masters (S7)
Mrs Kasha Davis (S7)
Kandy Ho (S7)
Max (S7)
Jaidynn Diore Fierce (S7)
Miss Fame (S7)
Trixie Mattel (S7) (AS3)
Katya Zamolodchikova (S7) (AS2)
Kennedy Davenport (S7) (AS3)
Pearl (S7)
Ginger Minj (S7) (AS2)
Violet Chachki (S7)
Laila McQueen (S8)
Dax ExclamationPoint (S8)
Cynthia Lee Fontaine (S8) (S9)
Naysha Lopez (S8)
Acid Betty (S8)
Robbie Turner (S8)
Thorgy Thor (S8) (AS3)
Derrick Barry (S8)
Chi Chi DeVayne (S8) (AS3)
Naomi Smalls (S8)
Kim Chi (S8)
Bob The Drag Queen (S8)
Jaymes Mansfield (S9)
Kimora Blac (S9)
Charlie Hides (S9)
Eureka O'Hara (S9) (S10)
Aja (S9) (AS3)
Farrah Moan (S9)
Valentina (S9)
Nina Bo'nina Brown (S9)
Alexis Michelle (S9)
Trinity Taylor (S9)
Shea Coulee (S9)
Peppermint (S9)
Sasha Velour (S9)
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (S10)
Kalorie Karbdashian Williams (S10)
Yuhua Hamasaki (S10)
Dusty Ray Bottoms (S10)
Mayhem Miller (S10)
Blair St Clair (S10)
Monique Heart (S10)
The Vixen (S10)
Monet X Change (S10)
Miz Cracker (S10)
Aquaria (S10)
Asia O'Hara (S10)
Kameron Michaels..


lol i remember my noob days

0 Memphis_Grizzlies, Jun 3, 2018

on my old account where i would put #castings on all my blogs


I never understood why people

6 Arris, Jun 3, 2018

use #castings in random blogs. Like what does your blog have to do with castings?


PYN for Hunger Games Blog game!!!

1 Cookie_13, May 11, 2018

District 1
-Mystery Tribute
- aria_grande
District 2 
- BrainJak
- kgunzrok
District 3
- AintItFun
- chris2pei
District 4
- Latisha0987
- melindaMrskk
District 5
- C00LDUDE1000
- BigBrotherDonny
District 6
- harrywasnak
- GoodKaren
District 7
- ollyjay202
- TaraG
District 8
- Icarus_Mark
- Katherinee_
District 9
- Macda27
- coolKat
District 10
- dandoe
- Allyxox
District 11
- FireX
- me2013
District 12
- LunaLoveduck101
- Cookie_13


Tengaged Book Reviews

24 ytrewq111, May 5, 2018

Hey all!
Maybe I should actually be known for something, lol. I have really gotten into reading lately. As a result, since I spend time on here and reading, I thought, "why not have Tengaged tell me what to read, and I can give my honest review on it?"
Go ahead and name some books for me to read below. Even if I have already read them, I'll read them again. Any piece of literature works.
Once I am finished reading them, I'll go ahead and review them on my blog. If this gets to be a thing (which I highly doubt but I have a seed of faith), I will go ahead and make a group for this. If you are interested in doing that, drop me a line in the mail and I'll get you some information.
Once again, feel free to recommend any book to me; I'll read them all. Can't wait to hear your suggestions!
(Current Schedule: https://tengaged.com/blog/ytrewq111/8554072/tengaged-book-review-schedule )


Am I the only one who does this?

0 Maxchaos, Apr 12, 2018

Whenever I play a Rookies with people speaking another language I always go inactive. (Im not trying to be rude but its just hard for me to play when I only know English. And yes I know translators exist but Rookies are so active its usually hard to keep up.)


Survivor Rankings Ep. 4

1 Dibby1010, Mar 22, 2018

Here are my survivor rankings! An link is on the page.
- Say it with me now "WE HATE BRADLEY". god... i just... i cant
- Kellyn seemed like she might not do much but now her and her "free spirit" is all the way up Bradleys butt
- Libby's performance in this challenge was such a shit show. Like how did yall think she was so good.
- Laurel is my queen. I think she has a good game going socially and can kick it into overdrive when she needs to win challenges.
- Michael got lucky. Thank god for the tribe swap as long as it doesnt screw Laurel.
- WTH does Desiree think she is. Let me just go through Stephanies bag. The hell you do. Ugh.
- Chelsea proved this episode that either 1) she wont stand up to her alliance and is a sheep or 2) this is foreshadowing for a flip.
- Angela was snuffed again along with Wendell and James really lol idc.
- Donathon had some good moments this episode that actually made me feel sincerely bad for him.
- The fact Chris and Sebastian are going up in the rankings is because I am hating others more.
- Dom I am excited to watch because he is either going to make a crazy move or it will all blow up in his face.
- Jenna fell because she is starting to seem more useless and now that Steph is gone she will have to find a new brain.
Rankings after vote 4
Biggest raise: Donathon
Biggest Drop: Desiree
Ask any questions and express any concerns!
#castings #rookies #survivor


Those poop gifs are fucking nasty

2 Crayadian, Mar 18, 2018

But what’s even nastier is that there is someone out there with that shit saved on there computer. Who obviously enjoys looking at them seeing as they post a million and a half of them on the daily and that’s just fuuuuuuuuucked up


Survivor Rankings Ep. 3

0 Dibby1010, Mar 15, 2018

Here are my survivor rankings! An link is on the page.
- "I want to be a Boston Rob or a Kim Spradlin" If I could have moved Bradley lower I would have that little twit.
- Kellyn plummeted because she is just Bradleys little slave and minion at this point.
- That's also why Dez fell too.
- Angela fell only because other people grew.
- Sebastian (who BTW STILL gives me Ozzy PTSD) went up even though I hate him he seems to be the weak link in Bradley's Alliance and I need him to flip.
- Laurel SLAYED even more this episode
- Chelsea I guessed was mentioned in this episode and is probs on the bottom of that alliance but she is a sheep still at this point so not expecting much.
- Michael's lie was A+ like it made sense had practicality and was all at the right moment. Too bad it didnt work.
- Steph had her moment this episode and it did make me fee some emotion so she went up.
- Donathon is a follower at this point.
- Libby, Wendell and James did not do much this episode.
- Domenick scares me with that idol as my favorite is Laurel and he better not idol her out.
Rankings after vote 4
Ask any questions and express any concerns!
#castings #rookies #survivor


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