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BrittBritt - Cute lil Southern Belle with questionable choice in footwear, good evolutionary defense mechanisms, and a heart of gold. ~Dru


Are the worst players in this site
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Daily Reminder...
That brittbritt is the sweetest, nicest and most genuine friend you can make on this site. Rly the yin to my crazy ass yang. ~Zaki 💖
Pro- one of the more iconic real girls on the site, always nice to everyone have never heard a bad thing about you, REALLY good at frooks i peep that payout streak...
Con- you should hit your boy up more ~astone929


I hope he buys you flowers
I hope he holds your hand
Give you all his hours
When he has the chance
Take you to every party
'Cause I remember how much you loved to dance
Do all the things I should have done
When I was your man
Do all the things I should have done
When I was your man. ~BM


From the day we started talking, we've been through so much that i almost can't even keep up. From running one of Tengaged's BIGGEST AND BEST frats (shameless plug, come join the FratFrat) to getting BACK TO BACK TO BACK million dollar cases in deal on the same call, to making f2 in our first frooks trying to, I fucking love my best friend so much and cant believe how iconic we are lololol BrittBritt you are such a fucking amazing person that EVERYONE is better being friends with you. You make the world a brighter place and the only ones who disagree are people who dont actually know you. ~Ev 💖


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- BrittBritt

I can high kick a giraffe in the face. ~Stuart

She said im so close to top 300 im almost at 399! ~Anthony

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From: m7md26 Britt out of everyone I met this game
From: m7md26 you were definitely my favorite
Britt: Stop talking like you are leaving
From: m7md26 im voting myself
Britt: No you can’t
From:m7md26 I didn't expect this to happen i thought for sure ud take me out after i voted u... lmao, kinda funny how algo had other plans
Britt: Loyalty Mo. When I tell you I’m with you, I don’t go half way.

From: m7md26 Britt stop worrying I worried a lot
From: m7md26 ur game is one of the strongest
Britt: Not as strong as yours
From:m7md26 I think your gonna prove me wrong
Britt: You know I f*cking will, and I hate you for doing this....damn you
From:m7md26 I love you britt
Britt: I love you too, Mo

From: m7md26 lock me in
Britt: I can not do that.
From: m7md26 then abstain
Britt: I love/hate u right now.
From: m7md26 haha everyone does
From: m7md26 and u have to admit im one bad ass social player
Britt: You are everything tbh....
From: m7md26 and u will rise now
From: m7md26 don't cry because it’s over
From: m7md26 smile because it happened
~The Daisy Tribe, 11th Merge



Britt is the most amazing person on this entire site, always nice to everyone and always there for you whenever you need help. #teamloyal As soon as you meet her you just love that southern girl and im glad to be able to call her my BFF.


I think one thing everyone should do is to learn to love yourself. If you truly love yourself, you will always do the right thing, you will always push yourself to achieve your best potential, and you will know when it is best to walk away from a situation that isn't worth your time. ~Darbe


The Britt and the Brit. Britt and Brit. I knew you best coming into this, we fucking killed this, other than the last couple rounds LMAO. Us being a counter together a solid 5/6 times yet avoiding it each one? Amazing. Whilst I’m sad you got 6th and I got 1st, I am glad in the sense they could never enjoy getting us up together. I love you. You are literally perfect. Never think anything different. ~Jamesy


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