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STARS Nominated for 8th place

1 Joshbb17, Feb 1, 2018

So it was my time to finally get nommed. This is my first stars, and it's been a roller coaster ride. I came into this game not knowing anybody on this cast, no premades, no alliances, and I knew I had my work cut out for me. I had to weave in and out of premades and alliances and was offered by several people that they would drag me in the end, but i had to just shut up and vote the way I was told to do.
To hell with that, first stars, I am not a coaster. I participated in blindsides and I put my heart and soul into playing this. I know I am not prominately known in the tengaged community, I mainly play group games here and there, but I came into this stars going guns blazing and I wanted to prove to myself that even if I am not well known, "popular", that I can do well.
Tengaged, ill need your help. I want to continue to cause a ruccuss in this game, and continue to show that anything is possible. It has been a great experience but I want to continue it.  Any questions Ill be happy to answer.
Thank you very much!



15 hints, Dec 30, 2017

& I will tell you if you've ever annoyed me & how :)
Trust - yes ur taste in music is revolting
fighterman - yes
petro - yes
iYBF - not that I can recall
GoodKaren - yes if i see that fucking cat on one more blog i will end up killing myself
eliserose - yes u did not take #Trust out in TBB2
Darbe - not that I can recall
Thirteen - i can't remember anything specific maybe u backstabbed me in a frookies once..
Gigi10 - yes voting me out of survivor 3 times and the time when u tried getting me out in a tie
rellizuraddixion - not that I can recall o actually it didn't annoy me but I just think you are too much of a nice person for the friends you are with on tg
allison - not listening to mine or anyones advice to stop blogging
Oliviaxoxo - no but if i see smoothstalker flying his banners around everywhere i click on tengaged for you to win stars one more time there will be a problem
mooohades - not that I can recall
mikec51 - not that I can recall


Guess what people who constantly join games..

2 TripleXXX, Jun 16, 2014

You don't get to control the backlash you get from the people you nom and evict. So move on and carry on.



1 TripleXXX, Jun 13, 2014

I love me some Rosa & Morello.


For everyone 20 points this blog gets...

33 Teddybear, Apr 5, 2013

I'll write a nice note to someone on Tengaged who I love, and would like to get to know better. :)
20: Lemonface - Becca, over this past weeks or months, I've had the pleasure of getting to know you. You bring so much entertainment to the Nanas chat, and your presence makes everyone happy. Thank you for being beautiful and amazing, you will always be a dear friend of mine.
40: Johnster - John, originally when we met, I was a little peeved because you chose to attack me in THG. However, eventually we realized we shared many common interests, and I look forward to the pleasure of getting to know you better. You are amazing at challenges, and I aspire to be like you.
60: AngelofWater - You are seriously the sweetest < 3 You were such an enjoyable tribe-mate, who actually did everything right and didn't piss me off. You're mature and fun to talk to, and I'm rooting for you in stars all the way. :)
80: Trust - Zack, I can always #Trust you to make a little short comment about how much I suck at challenges, but that is because you are so amazing that no one can be on your level. You're a really cool guy, and if we get to talk more in the future, well, that's cool with me. (:
100: BlueStar - Kez, for these past 4 merges, I've had the pleasure of being on a tribe with you. You are a great tribe-mate, and stop me from making stupid mistakes like voting the wrong person out. You've honestly always been one of my role-models on Tengaged, and I'm so glad that now we have a chance to talk. I hope we are together for many more merges.
120: Dak236 - DAKOTAA, you are amazing. You're so non-judgmental, fun to talk to and loyal. I can always count on you to make me smile. Thank you for being a good friend, and I hope we get even closer in the future. :D
140: theraditzofthegroup - Greg, you're hilarious and a super great ally, I love it when you message me on skype (which you should do more often) and I'm super proud of you for your THG win. Thanks for being amazing.
160: Bo_oM - Booooooooom, you're a slut but ily, thank you for bringing the entertainment to our tribe. It's great being on a tribe with you, and I look forward to your presence for many more merges. You're so lovable!
180: @Semajdude911 - James, you're so adorable, you post the funniest pics and even though I will never beat you in a crookies, you are a loyal ally no matter what, and I appreciate that. Thank you for being you.
200: Steel - LOL David, you are so hilarious, I love all of our withdrawals we have over the duel. Your little bro fights with Daviewilly are so hilarious, and Tengaged would not be the same without you. Message me more on skype, I love talking to you and I honestly missed you during the time you left. =[
220: Ghoul - Ghoul, you are an amazing mod, who is always quick to help me..


How long

1 AlexRyder, Feb 2, 2013

Is #Trust banned?



36 Manda17_xoxo, Oct 19, 2012

cause I'm bored so. PYN and ill rate your avi :)
Sparky9171 : 9.8
DumbGinger : 5
TBIbetch : 10
nmh95 : 10
EEstrada17 : 4.5
roachster10 : 9.9
austino15fffan : 10 BTW your next game is your 500th
Bo_oM : 10 ;) BTW your next game is your 400th babe.
LHume : 6.7
finklestein123 : 10000000 ;)
Lauren244 : 10
donaam : 9.7
brandonpinzu : 10
glam : 1
chad123 : 5
splozojames50 : 8
#Trust : 10
#holllyy1230 : 100000000
#Beautifulbones : 1000000000000 ;)
#Prince_Charming : 10
#Nikki101 : 8
#Inkread : 10
#evilgenious448 : 6
#nickp : 5



75 RiDsTeR, Jul 16, 2012

Hi ill do the rest in another blog =L
Hi ok, Everyone is being annoying and I need something to do.
& Ill tell you my favorite thing about you and my least favorite and it wont be that bullshit answer of "We dont talk enough" its gonna be legit so dont even post if you know I hate you.
Dash - When I did go on calls casually you were really funny. so that's the like. I dislike that you talk in 3rd person i wanna punch you.
Survivor8 - I like that you are really hot. oh and your nice and like We click well if were in game together.. Dislike - Omg, you... uh. hm.... Sometimes you get annoyed sooo easy with things on the bp and like idk how far to take jokes with you.
Akomes - I love your accent and you as a person, but sometimes you seem judgemental and kinda shallow.
Slice - I like that you are very helpful and giving tonyour friends... dislike - it seems you always have an opinion about like everything. :o
Tanarexix - You're a cunt and I dont like anything about you. leave. bye.
Greenivo - Dunno you sorry.
Imthtawesom - I love that you keep the bffs chat so funny and your honestly one of my favorite in there. also like how you go to bat and defend us when ppl call us annoying. dislike - I hardly know anything about you And I have how we dont have 1 on 1 convos
Bridgette77 - I love how you listen to my problems and help me. dislike - We've drifting apart rly fast...
ThatKoolKidOverThere - I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you are so fucking smart and you can get me away from these stupid ass ppl sometimes. dislike - Sometimes I want to just have like a fun convo but im nervous because everytime we talk its so fun but its serious. and after stars we havent talked maybe like twice? but ily
ryguy - we can talk about anything and youre like a brother to me dislike - Idk there is nothing loool "No bullshit answers"
Joee323 - We have a lot of things in common but like sometimes we talk about the samethings which is boringg.
BOBROCKS333 - Hi I like that you are smart and you can take jokes well, but I dislike the fact that you call me dunb because white bff, I really am smart and it hurts me sometimes ok? and black ppl have feelings ok? and ok!.
@Bf/#Trust - I like that you are my bf and I also like that you let me on the survivor tribe with you and also I like that your hot. ALSO I LIKE THAT YOU DONT ABUSE ME WHILE IM PREGNANT. I hate that all you know about you is you live in canada and your hot my fault tho.
#Owee13 - Hi I love that we are similar to a lot of things that comes to tengaged but like, our convos are always the same. which again gets boring and tbqh I see us as friends but like I don't think well ever be THAT close as bffs because were totally. diffrent people
#jhelsdon2478 - eh idk what I like but


He Got You Bff!!

3 dmann, Jun 28, 2012

[4:20:21 PM] Connor: better than living in a basement #trust


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