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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Courtney

i am a stay at home mom in Canada █ ♥ █ who loves reality tv :) also a huge gamer so this site is so awesome so glad i found it

Tengaged Birthday : May 03/2013 seems like much longer :)
Real Birthday : April 24

owed 2 gifts from Halloween
3 gifts from NoSuchName2

Enroll Best's:
Fastings: 1st
Castings : 1st
Fast Rookies: 1st
Classic Rookies : 1st
Survivor : 3 merges

Group games i host :

Courtney's next top Model - currently in season 1

Group games ive played in that i placed 3rd or better :

1st Hunger Games: 1st :) will no kills..impressive
WitZ's Survivor Maldives...F3 got 3rd :(
The Voice By Kyle: 3rd
The RIDDLER 4: 2nd ...blahh :(
Jakes Survivor premium : 3rd :(
Winner's Big Brother: Cliques : 1st Place[5-2]
pj082998 blog Big Brother : 1st(3-2)
Tot's Survivor Aral Sea : 2nd (fan fav award)
Survivor: The Congo : 2nd ( runner up )( game hero award :)
tunertin's Survivor Madagascar : 1st :) (fan fav award)
Avatar's Survivor: Caribbean : 2nd
NJ's Survivor- Jamaica : 2nd
DR's Survivor Season 1: Costa Rica : 3rd :(
Spin's Survivor: The Philippines : runner up :(
Last Man Standing: Season 5: All Stars : 3rd
Secret Story NG 3: All Linked Up! : 1st :)
DR's Survivor (S3): Fans vs Favourites : 1st (4/2/2) ( player of the season award too )
M7's Big Brother Season 2: High School! 2nd
2nd Annual Hunger Games : 1st :)
Rawr's Stars!: 2nd
Vinny's X-Factor Season 1(as XTina :) 1st
Deanos Stars : 1st :)
Dino's Survivor:Italy = 1st
Mrcool's Survivor Nepal = 3rd :(
Smackdown's Big Brother : 3rd
Survivor: Kiribati - Anarchy Island : 2nd
Mariah's Survivor: Jordan : 1st
Survivor 2: Kenya : 1st
SG1's Survivor Russia Loved Ones : 2nd
The X Factor Season 6!(Kelly Clarkson): 3rd :(
Stardom (as Xtina) 2nd (runner up)
The Music Wars( as Bruno Mars) 2nd
Merged Survivor Season 3: BvW - 2nd
The Music Wars season 5 = 1st as Alicia Keys
Stardom! Gone Country = 1st as Sugarland
TRGG10- The Mole Double Sabotage - I was the MOLE :)
VELOCITY Cycle 1 - 3rd
Ozzy and Kira's Next Top Model : 2nd (runner up)

Designs: Ill plus them usually won't respond or comment
Group Games: I vote if i don't see a friend competing, if my close friend is competing voting for them :P

Fav Tengaged players ive met :
@m7md26 .. my newest buddy :) love ya
@NJKoda1998... a new friend and great group game partner
@ boogie888...another great new friend ive made
@BBCanFan1985...My bestie love ya gal :)
@turtle0791 ... got me started here :)
@MrAhle...met and enjoy playing with :) ur groups :)
@Wwxcrunner1...just absolutly love playing in group games with u :)
@MariahAnn..ur an awesome chic :) awesome chic and always ready to help a girl out :)
@sosyomomma: its been such a pleasure getting to know u ;)
@krrais: gifting me my first gift ..will never forget u

peeps im not fond of :

RIP Paul Walker
u will forever live on in our hearts and ur amazing movies

new fav song :)

my designs

My Games 339 games played

13 Jul, 16
7 Jul, 16
4 Jul, 16
2 Jul, 16
28 Jun, 16
12 May, 16
12 May, 16

My Blog Check my blog!

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