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Hello, my name is Not Simon (;

2015 Prom King! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Total gifts left to get-
(3) from my boy @Cswagger
(2) from ole' Broskey

What's going on guys? My name is Simon, I'm from Illinois!
I'm very loyal and that is my downfall, if we connect well, you'll never see a vote of mine towards your way!
Class vice president of My Junior class!
I'm real outgoing, Love food, and talking!

Become A Yellow [X]
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Become A Dark Green [X]
Become A Blue [X]
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Become A SKY [X]
Get 1st Place In A Rookies [X]
Get Cool Clothes [X]
Eye designs [X]
Male Skin [X]
Hair In Shops [X]
Get Over 500$T [X]
got em!

"Perezzz, I've never had a friend with that many Z's in his username. You're also the best castings player I've every seen. That's actually how I met you, in a castings. You're actually one of the good friends I have on this site. I'll remember you as one of my first best friends. You'll always be my homie. Good luck"

"Perezzz Your a great friend even though I didn't get to know all that well till this game. I played before with you can't remember though. This game I felt brought me close to you, Jace, and even TheACF. I hope we can all play together some time, maybe make a pre-made. I hope I win but you deserve it more. Thanks for being loyal."

"Perezzz, We did it dude! hahaha omg im so glad I met you! You remind me of how i used to play the game a lot and it was really refreshing to finally meet someone who was really into the strategic portion! Grats on making it here. Im sure you'll make it to first. I hope you can look past that little hiccup we had, but i was just worried in general. We need to join more games together to destroy peeps in! hahaha GL dude and see you around!"

"perezz, thanks man for letting us making it to the finale! We started an allicance at 15 and we made it here! #BOMBSQUAD"

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26 to juuustjoeyin #179840won: 52.0
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26 to _Mattin #179813won: 52.0
26 to s73100in #179739won: 52.0
26 to leopontes_in #179472won: 52.0
4 to Ribbonsin #179440won: 0.0
22 to jtb354in #179440won: 28.6
26 to ManniBoiin #179421won: 33.8