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Gift Game S:6 - Day 5 (DOUBLE EVICTION)

26 k4r4k, Aug 7, 2014

winner of this game will be gifted < 3
by a vote of 15 to 4... #striky you have been evicted :(
boots22 (1 pov)
theblackdog (1 nom)
yoshi13 (1 pov)
sparklesara (1 nom)
jdempewo (1 nom)
jojo7784 (1 nom)
forest_knight (1 nom)
parvatis (1 hoh)
cody_ (1 hoh)
chhsfreshman2009 (1 hoh)
purplecows (1 nom)
BrenLa (1 nom)
PureEssence (1 nom)
ghrocky100 (1 hoh)
tvdude01 (1 hoh)
Rockslide (1 nom)
peterya (1 pov, 1 nom)
yoshitomi (1 pov)
camgillies (1 pov)
1. Carriexoxo24xo (1 nom)
2. dabomb (1 nom)
3. imprincearthur (1 nom)
4. striky (1 nom)
- all HOHs, NOMs & POVs will be selected by Random.org each day.
- you may be asked to vote to evict OR save, so read the instructions each day ;)
- ANYONE can vote!
- voting closes when the blog expires
- there will be a chance for a player to return later in the game so if eliminated, don't lose all hope!
✰✰✰ SURPRISEEEE! - DOUBLE EVICTION DAY (just like on bb tonight) :x
there will be a total of 4 noms and you will VOTE TO EVICT 2 PEOPLE
HOH: #parvatis
Noms: #jdempewo, #peterya, #theblackdog & #pureessence
POV: #yoshi13 - used on #jdempewo
Final NOMS: #peterya, #theblackdog, #pureessence & #sparklesara
Please vote to EVICT 2 PEOPLE (please make only one comment with both votes): #peterya, #theblackdog, #pureessence & #sparklesara
- your first comment is the one i count. no changing! :x


PYN... Rate 4 Rate (Avatars)

11 JColeWorld, Jul 15, 2014

It's not a real PYN but Rate my avatar, honestly, I won't take anything personally, and maybe leave an opinion and I'll rate yours back
conjow - 8/10 (perfect Avi if you get a background)
acyuta - 10/10  (having eminem in the background did it for you... message me)
#Striky - N/A (Just a basic avatar... I'll try get you a design soon)
mrkkkkyle - 8/10 (love everything but just confused about skin. Is it leopard skin?)
vh1luvr15 - N/A (just a basic avatar... I'll change rating when I see your new avatar)
happy202 -  7/10 (love the theme, get a beard and some hair and it's perfect)
potatosalad - 6/10 (love the design but it's SOOO 2011. Hahaha)
starfresh33 - 8/10 (like it, but nothing that stands out as unique)
cheapcheep - 10/10 (wow)

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