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Hello, my name is One of the Last Remaining Tengaged OGs :)

second chances, all stars 1, all stars 2, all stars 3,first boots,all winners

T-Vivor:Broadway 15th place.
Ninjohn’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 WINNER

lately you have been FULL of drama. i miss the old eric who would sing Rockin' Robin and upload them to tengaged despite all the hate he got. deep down ur a kind soul just don't let the hate get to you!-Jenzie

u r so much drama drama DRAMA !!!! but idk how because i've loved every convo we had ur SUUUCCHHH a sweetheart :)-Titoburitto

When we aren't feuding, you're the most iconic controversial person on this site alongside brayden_, so.., you do you cuz you're honestly a T-legend-Kaseyhope101

you're a superstar who is already my king-BenjaminS

Oh Eric, you are the only tengager ive ever met in real life and you are a really cool dude if somebody doesnt piss you off. You are a really nice person and i wish you well in t-vivor which i can see you are doing pretty good so far-Wildboy12

I don't know much about you HOWEVER I am supporting you in T-Vivor, good luck!-Mickyboomy9

Like - you've done nothing to me and most of the things you say are fact & you're always logical.-Badboyy2699

I like that you stand up for what you believe in no matter what < 3-Danger

I wish I known you enough to give such opinion. What I can say tho is that you seem pretty chill and nice. Please stop censoring yourself, free yourself !-Arris

i wish you made it farther in tvivor :( i would have loved to play with you at the merge <3 i think you are a very sweet guy :) and wish nothing but the best for you :)-Thumper91

ERIC! we haven't ever talked before but i always respect u for being comfortable being u and doing ur thing! a tengaged legend with ur singing ways and not afraid to put someone in their place u truly are a great guy :)-vansreborn

Lord almighty you've always been the meme of Tengaged and I dont really see that changing-Aquamarine

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