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if ur joining hg skype me

0 gloss13, Apr 10, 2015

skype me so i can sponsor... 2 people will be sponsored
glossy_dominic is my skype... ask #ohhayy for proof


I remember when I used to have friends

13 Petunia, Apr 9, 2015

that would have made sure I got a full avi before some random ass cunt like barbiie now I'm just sitting in a corner wondering where it all went wrong.
boneworks cfff thumper91 #ohhayy monique90210 tabatha jenna2010 gagAluv mikey04wp olympia lemjam6


A message from Tengaged_Moderation

43 Johneh, Apr 5, 2015

(posting this on their behalf as they do not have access to the moderation account yet.)
Hello Tengaged!
I am the new moderator on Tengaged. I am new to the staff of Tengaged and I am writing up this blog to explain the recent large amount of bannings we have received on Tengaged.
The following users have been banned for cheating in Hunger Games: #ohhayy, #bamold1999, #macken, #pens87, #saraj10, #samnala and #Wwxcrunner1. These are the ONLY bans that have been done due to cheating. Any other ban was made due to a bannable offence that they have done such as homophobic language, death threats or something else that would get them banned.
Johneh did NOT ban any of these users. I was behind banning them all and there was enough proof to go ahead and ban them all. My goal is not to ban the users of Tengaged but to make sure that everybody is playing fair and that people are following the rules. The rules are there for a reason, and they must be followed. All offences that have been made in the past few days, have been reported to Johneh and have been forwarded to me. This means that I am always the one who bans the users unless it’s something blatantly obvious that Johneh decides to deal with.
A common message/complaint we have received has been that people have been warned about their next ban being permanent, and these users have not been permed. The reason for this is that I disagree with some of the past warnings that have been sent out. The only reason I believe somebody should be perm banned for is if they post porn or are a huge problem in terms of disciplinary issues on Tengaged.
I look forward to working with all of you to make sure that Tengaged is a fun place for us all. I would like to ensure you that I will attempt to bring moderation to it’s former glory and make sure that the users of Tengaged are not ignored. There will be no sort of bias bans for absolutely no reason, I can assure that.
Thanks so much guys!



0 Delete2544, Apr 5, 2015



Mark's 1st Annual Hunger Games (Day 5)

18 Icarus_Mark, Jun 6, 2014

There will be 24 tributes battling to the death until only one remains standing!
~ I will make a blog at a random time which will be the new day.
~ On each day, the first 10 comments will only count and you can comment to give HEALTH or to ATTACK (NOTE: Since I did not post a limit before, I will allow #ohhayy's excessive posting.  From this point forward though, you may post ONLY once!)
~ ANYONE can comment either to help or hurt a player and of course you can health yourself!
~ If you choose to use HEALTH, you will receive 25 health points (everyone starts at 100)
~If someone gives you a HEALTH PACK, you will receive 15 health points
~ If you ATTACK someone, I will roll a 100-sided dice to see the damage you inflict on that tribute.
~ Please comment either HEALTH or ATTACK followed by the tributes username (ex. HEALTH _adidas_ or ATTACK Randomize)
Credit to #donaam, #WoollyBear98, #CheapCheep, and #Adidas_
Day 4 Results:
#ohhayy attacks #disneygeek -23 damage, attacks #samnala for a comined -48 damage, and finds 2 health packs +50 health
#rawr121 attacks #Stupendous -28 damage
macda27 sponsors #rawr121 with +15 health
andalarew_2231 sponsors #JourdanBabyXoXo once again with +15 health
1. Runaway - 14
2. MBG93 - 100
5. mikespike - 100
6. disneygeek - 77
7. KatnissEverdeen - 96
9. rawr121 - 140
10. LordJza - 100
11. cotbey - 100
12. SmoothStalker12 - 100
13. amylou8251 - 100
14. bowling4fun - 100
15. XavierR83 - 35
16. JourdanBabyXoXo - 145
19. ohhayy - 150
20. Darriusdabest - 111
21. Dalagninja - 100
22. ShadowBaller000 - 91
23. samnala - 92
24. Stupendous - 117
Death List:
20th: Survivoring - Brutally killed in a fight with #rawr121
21st: jbshafer - Burnned by #XavierR83 and killed by a rock (#lexi0103)
21st: MooseAntler86 - Decapitated by #amylou8251
21st: Carriexoxo24xo - Thrown by #Dalagninja into tar pit (##Mikey_Elite)
21st: _Adidas_ - Hemorrhage by thorns (#sosyomomma)


Random.org Hunger Games Day 9

4 XavierR83, Dec 2, 2012

Bottom 5 in Challenge (Lose 10% Health): #Ohhayy, #SunnyBunny, #EliOrtiz1234, #Finnick, #Lavaworks
Duels: #Ohhayy vs. #LHume | #Pens87 vs. #Dalagninja | #Mrkkkkyle vs. #Pacers
Duel Losers (Lose 25% Health): #Ohhayy | #Pens87 | #Mrkkkkyle
Tributes (When you DIE you LOSE your trend)
Snowflake3 D1 55% Health
Mjaa43 D1 55% Health
TylerK D2 40% Health
Soxroks247 D2 100% Health
KindlyCruel1 D3 45% Health
Dalagninja D3 90% Health
Roachster10 D4 30% Health
Lachie227 D4 90% Health
GentlemanG D5 65% Health
Mrkkkkyle D5 30% Health
Bowling4fun D6 40% Health
Kaden D6 70% Health
EliOrtiz1234 D7 65% Health
Finnick D7 90% Health
Lavaworks D8 65% Health
LHume D8 30% Health
Pacers D9 65% Health
DanielKennedy111 D9 80% Health
xGirlyBlondex D10 65% Health
Duke714 D11 90% Health
Pens87 D11 55% Health
Tigerfrmny D12 20% Health
SunnyBunny D12 80% Health
CK11 D13 90% Health
25th: #Ohhayy KILLED by #LHume
26th: #SamSam14 KILLED BY #Mjaa43

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