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Hello, my name is Yes i really am a girl

WINNER OF STARS 115: QueenDoe -- Stars Giveaway 5-won as a purple level
Love The Flyz( well most of u :p)
by QueenDoe 14 min ago
yeah, haha hi duckie, i just realized i am the only girl here, yay , lol

by ducksfan2091 11 min ago
haha yes you are, otherwise its a sausage party in here.

by QueenDoe 7 min ago
that makes me the buns right? lol

by ducksfan2091 5 min ago
hahahaha yeah

by QueenDoe 4 min ago
yay!!! haha

by ZEEnon 0 min ago
Shout out to the QUEEN of Tengaged; QueenDoe!!!!! :D<3
OMG ORGASM MUCH? I feel so honored & lucky to be your friend... you are the sweetest girl ever & I don't think you've ever said anything mean to anyone! You wouldn't hurt a fly.<3 You always have my back & I love it! I supported you 150% in your stars, and i'm SOOOO HAPPY that you won.<3 You deserve the fame babe, you are true royalty. :')

[7:07:54 PM] Katie: Queenie, I dont know what to say about you!! You are one of the best friends anyone could ask for. You are always so nice and you never have a bad word to say about others. Our skype chats together are always fun, especially when Rock is around :P. I dont know what I would do if I hadn't met you, or if we stopped being friends :(. Luv you queen, dont stop being who you are because you are literally perfect!

[9:06:16 PM] Rocky: Queen… Queen… Queen… and Queen! There is so much I wanna say to you, but I doubt this page would be able to hold everything. The first word that comes to my mind when I think of you is “amazing”. I don’t just say it for the sake of it, but I literally mean it when I say this… you are, hands down, one of the most amazing people I’ve met on this site. You are on person who I have so much respect and love for, and you know that too! With all honesty, you are truly an embodiment of high character and a great source of inspiration. The fact that you have an optimistic attitude, sweet temperament, and sound moral character is what makes you a valuable friend. You are my true motivation, and I respect you a ton for an amazing person that you are. ILYSM Queen!!! <333

[10:35:16 PM] vike loves ???: queen, even though we've had some tough times, you've always been there for me and i greatly appreciate that:)
ily and i think of you as my mother on this site:) Don't change who you are and i just want to let you know that you're awesome :)

[4:45:59 PM] Jordan(dolf): Dear Queen, How fun art thee. Queen of the Flyz. You’re amazingly witty and super talented. Cool as beans like David, smart as Alex, a leader like Andrew, a girl like Ashley, fun to talk to like Chris, Evan and Jacob, As sexually crazed as Lucas and Tom. But most important to me… A lover of Pewdiepie. Lolz no I’m kidding that’s not the most important to me. What’s most important to me is that I met you and we’ve stayed side by side like bugs in a carpet. You’re always there in my time of need. This happens a lot. I mean A LOT!!! When it happens I get so cranky and pissed at everyone, your there for me. But I really do appreciate it so much. Though I may not show it at the time, it affects me. I feel as if I call your name you’d be there for me. You’re never a downer, always cheerful and happy. That’s who I need to be surrounded by. People like you make the world go round. Not money or T$. I wish I could get you some wings but... I’m too poor. But I think you wanted this more anymore. I really hope you take this in a serious way: P cause you know I’m a joker. But you got the guy who got an A in creative writing: D I really do hope that we never separate from each other no matter what happens. I would send you my heart but I didn’t think you would want that Lolz. So instead you get something from the heart, the way I feel. And it is better to give than to receive. But for you I will be glad if you enjoy this.

Loves you <3 Muah

merry Christmas Gurl.

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