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70 So You Think You Can Dance 3- Week..

5 Leoma_Agent0, Sep 13, 2012

iMiracle -Eliminated for Contemporary Performance Week 6
RoboZoe -Eliminated for Contemporary Performance Week 6
VoLcOmVaNs -Eliminated for Disco & Waltz Performance Week 5
Aquamarine -Eliminated for Kalinka & Jive Performance Week 5
Other_Student -Eliminated for Quickstep Performance Week 4
JediJani44 -Eliminated for Pop-Jazz Performance Week 4
MoreBeastThanYou -Eliminated for Broadway Performance Week 3
Kentuckyy -Eliminated for Hip-hop Performance Week 3
zimdelinvasor -Eliminated for Waltz Performance Week 2
AlexRyder -Eliminated for Hip-hop Performance Week 2
Dane_Williams -Eliminated for Samba Performance Week 1
conza1994 -Eliminated for Samba Performance Week 1
Week 7- Since there will be 2 winners this season from now on our Top 8 dancers will be on their own, no more partners. They will partner up with others but will be judged individually from here on out
Partners- #DCSooner & #Bradyman7
Style- Rumba
Music- "Heartless"—Kris Allen
Partners- #LiteCitrus & #NotAfraid
Style- Pop-Jazz
Music- "Battlefield"—Jordin Sparks
Partners- #Diva1 & #Sheena
Style- Contemporary
Music- "This Woman's Work"—Maxwell
Partners- #bellajennaxo & #vh1luvr15
Style- Hip-hop
Music- "They're Everywhere"—Izza Kizza
Dancer- #Bradyman7
Style- Contemporary
Music- "The Moment I Said It"—Imogen Heap
Dancer- #NotAfraid
Style- Contemporary
Music- "...Slowdance on the Inside"—Taking Back Sunday
Dancer- #Sheena
Style- Rumba
Music- "Seduces Me"—Celine Dion
Dancer- #LiteCitrus
Style- Jazz
Music- "Hater"—Various
Dancer- #vh1luvr15
Style- Ballet
Music- "Heads Will Roll"—Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dancer- #DCSooner
Style- Broadway
Music- "Old Devil Moon"—Jamie Cullum
Dancer- #bellajennaxo
Style- Contemporary
Music- "Let the Drummer Kick"—Citizen Cope
Dancer- #Diva1
Style- Jazz
Music- "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That"—Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Results/Call Out Order
#LiteCitrus -Safe
#vh1luvr15 -Safe
#Bradyman7 -Safe
#DCSooner -Safe
#Sheena -Safe
#NotAfraid -Bottom 3 NotAfraid Eliminated
#bellajennaxo -Bottom 3
#Diva1 -Bottom 3 Diva1  Eliminated

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