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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is thats lite!!


Im Sooner Born, Sooner Bred
When I die I will Sooner Dead!

75th TV Star get at me!

ay shoutout to ea31, the sassy girl who continues to stalk this profile and axkxaxbatman's games. She also leaves out major details in her random stories and victim claims. Oh did I also forget about the amount of temper tantrums she threw at me, especially when it came to kaay. Well despite all that she's a great friend that I'm very fortunate to have met her. #realshit

Determination of blackness according to Zedd (facepalm):

[3:38:21 PM] The Fucking Baron: No seriously there's like different scales of black.

1. Michael Jackson
2. Prince
3. Chris Brown
4. 50 Cent
5. Will I. Am.
6. Seal

Here's a poem written by dog.
Apr 17, 2012 by Zedd

Roses are grey.
Violets are a different shade of grey.
Let's go chase cars.

^HAHA! genious

skype me if you like: thedcsooner
XBOX 360 gamertag: STUNNER N GGA2


Get at me!

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[11:52:15 PM] NotAfraid: D is for doorknob
[11:52:27 PM] NotAfraid: C is for crappy
[11:52:33 PM] NotAfraid: S is for Slow
[11:52:42 PM] NotAfraid: O is for Odd
[11:52:50 PM] NotAfraid: O is for Oldie
[11:52:55 PM] NotAfraid: N is for Newb
[11:53:00 PM] NotAfraid: E is for Evil
[11:53:12 PM] NotAfraid: R is for Rotten

^LMAO wtf? I refuse to take credit for that but I love my little ride or die chick

"DCsooner-I'm glad I met you in Stars, and glad we got to work together after too :) You are really chill and don't let things phase you which I love!"

- PinkKitten <-------- i love you and miss you

DCSooner: We've played a lot of games together, either with the Epics or with Heather and Sarah, you're a lot of fun to play with but it seems like me and you are the ones who always get fucked over first :D

- tyleror <------ ikr. We were always the last people on the premade, which caused us to get shitty places lol

"- DCSooner: I used to fucking HATE your ass. Straight up, I would neg every blog you make, laugh at all your shitty placements in games and mock you to my friends. It wasn't until I realized I was playing too seriously and reevaluated what I was doing on Tengaged that I actually took the time to chat it up with you. We have a ton of things in common, you're incredibly intelligent, you're a game player and I have so much respect for you now because you returned the favor and gave me a chance as well."

- Hash <------- very cool dude

DCSooner - Yet ANOTHER fellow NAACP member! I remember when you would join a game first and then about four OC members would join, resulting in you getting a horrible placing. Then you eventually joined the Epics (puke) and got better. Even though I think the alliance you belong to is garbage, I think you're a great person and should be respected and loved. Don't let anyone get in your way because you're a BOSS <3

- Dav_o <-------- word! (but now he on some other shit)

Sent by 2008girl,May 18, 2011 <------ all day

He's So Sweet, I wanna lick the wrapper.
Sent by 2008girl,May 16, 2011Delete comment <----------ok weezy lol

Chic is awesome. Dc thinks chic's is pretty cool. Dc's not that bad himselF
Sent by chicaaaa,May 18, 2011 <----------- ifly chicaaa!

DC is a dumb bitch
Sent by JUM40BUM40,May 16, 2011Delete comment <-----LMAO @ you trying to be hard

Your avi looks weird :D
Sent by hobnobgpro,May 16, 2011Delete comment <----yours do too

I feel pity for the fools who piss you off because even online you scare the shit out of me when you are mad.
Sent by khart92,May 16, 2011Delete comment <--------some people just don't learn

"Texas > Oklahoma + DC"
Sent by Nunley,May 16, 2011Delete comment <-------keep dreaming

Your Comment's On Blog's Make Me LOOOOOOL! And Your A Seriously Cool Dude! ;) <333333333
Sent by MoooCoww,May 16, 2011 <-------------------i love you and miss you MoooCooww

DCSooner is about as black as Mike Miller.
Sent by tbrown86,May 16, 2011 <------ ya mama.

Sent by zach32,May 16, 2011 <------- thanks i guess

Sent by Meowfie,May 16, 2011 <-----LMAO you say it so weird

I'm glad my friends and I ended up trolling you... it made us friends! :)
Sent by sarahnva,May 16, 2011 <------ LMAO ikr. It was annoying at first but I'm glad it happened. Love you Sarah!

You gave me my first 13th and I don't hate you. 'nuff said.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,May 17, 2011 <---------- HAHA thats what happens when you join with an ETNAL premade and I don't know you. I'm glad you're a good sport about it tho. Besides, you have only ONE 13th, I have 16......

DCSooner - Vann <3 We've been talking a lot more lately, which makes me happy. Because i enjoy talking to you. You're definitely one of my favorites in the epics. You're an awesome person, and i hope you never change. I'm really glad i met you<3 I love you(:

- Amartin <--------- (blush) call me DC on tengaged!!! but ily

Tengaged Nov 10, 2011 by LacrosseAllStar
Just saying I dont know why people hatin on you when you seam like one of the realest people on this site <----- honored by this statement

"I hate babies
Nov 17, 2011 by LiteCitrus
they look like aliens,they aren't even cute..."
- AllieBoBallie <------- LOL WTF allie

Stars is like Baseball
Stars Mar 30, 2012 by Bradyman7

It isn't what you doing during the Season/Stars, it is what you do in the offseason.

Hilarious khart quotes:

by khart92 0 min ago
I took a pic in them once, cause I can and I gotta say I wanted to fuck me <----- spechless lol

by khart92 0 min ago
They kicked me out of the class for being naked everyday <------- LMFAO only you son

by khart92 0 min ago
Sounds like how I got concieved, in a church in confessional <------- LOL what!

by khart92 0 min ago
Penis + Vagina = A straight PB&J sandwhich <------ i love it!

Hilarious Zurks quotes:

by Zurks 0 min ago
You were mean to me.

Wanna play dressup? :D

by Zurks 19 min ago
Um, I have 3 water, I'll guzzle some and hunt again if my hunt doesn't take an hour to come in. But maybe Emily should be the only one to take all the water right at the end this time since sprts was a doodoohead? <----- key word

10:43:20 PM ~Zurks~ Can you tell me what a virtual is?

I have 60% left, I better get off. Night night doodoohead!
Sent by Zurks,Nov 4, 2011 <----- wtf?! LOL you still have time

11:10:53 PM sprtsgy: PICK MY DEAL CASE
11:11:03 PM ~Zurks~ 29
11:11:05 PM ~Zurks~ no
11:11:13 PM ~Zurks~ what's the highest number again?
11:11:15 PM ~Zurks~ 27?

I am a PERSON. With FEELINGS. Hold my dick.
Sent by Zurks,Nov 13, 2011

Yeah, I felt real awkward saying the d word out loud but I overcame.
Sent by Zurks,Nov 13, 2011

by Zurks 32 min ago
I hunted when it would waste 3 because after DC I'll lose what's left of my water, so going by that I was owed 17 from my 2 hunts this morning plus the 7 now = 24 - the 6 I ate is 18. (for my record)


by Zurks 0 min ago
What's a smore? Lol. It sounds like that anthrax thing, but that's spores, right?

So I can eat you up and dip it in errr egg yolk?
Sent by Zurks,Jan 5, 2012

^LOL she was talking about my toast design smh still crazy tho

[9:38:42 PM] ~Zurks~: I was actually saying I want the dick

^LMFAO oh really?!

survivor8, I misread that as tell it to her panties.

Anyway, I really do want you but your blog pic is nasty.
Sent by Zurks,Sep 5, 2012

^LOL she knows I want to destroy that [you know what] so she tortures me but fuck that check her misunderstanding of survivor8's comment. She mistakes parties for panties! -_-

More hilarious quotes:

[5:58:02 PM] Nicole-h8s-every1: Why does everyone think I'm on your dick? :(
[5:59:03 PM] Seal: Hmm
[5:59:11 PM] Seal: You're like 3 timezones away
[5:59:15 PM] Seal: I must have a long dick

by o_Elle_o 0 min ago
don't u have to do something to be banned?

^LOL na. The mods have a lottery every week and choose who to ban. C'mon now -_-

by sprtsgy1989 0 min ago
Why Nora that's short for Norman

^one letter too much bro lol

by carlab1 0 min ago
sorry to interupt my dance.. ino u guys were turned on and stuff but why do i always have a clock on my head

^lol its crookies. A clock stays on your head till the game starts......smh why you interrupt my fun FOR THAT

by carlab1 0 min ago
i always imagine a glass of milk with that metaphor
+1 pointsby DCSooner 0 min ago
smh @ using an old metaphor
+1 pointsby carlab1 0 min ago
well its half empty
+2 pointsby NotAfraid 1 min ago
well I always like to see the glass half full :P

^LOL so random


--- ShayyBayy

^LOL lil kid

by Meowcat 16 min ago
That is prob my high score *runs and hides* I get lost going to the i'm really not good on directions :s

^Maze joke lol

[9:50:12 PM] andy fairplay(sirbeastly): i ahvent said anytihng stupid in like 2 minute s

^oh?! LOL

[9:36:15 PM] tenj246/Jeremy: most of tengaged doesnt know what outside looks like on the weekends

^LMFAO no bullshit

by ashu_2002 1 min ago
ohhh i thought it had to do something with explosions lol :)
+2 pointsby ShadowBaller000 1 min ago
It's like walmart ashu
+3 pointsby JordanLloydFan 1 min ago
its a department store
+3 pointsby ashu_2002 2 min ago
wts target ???

^LOL no boy!

by hMzz 0 min ago
back back
+3 pointsby hMzz 2 min ago
umm, now ill brb.

^psych! he didn't go anywhere. He never does....

[8:57:38 AM] sprtsgy1989: It's not an argument
[8:57:49 AM] sprtsgy1989: It's a fairygument

^really tho? smh

by sdriver999 8 min ago
What is she doing the pee pee dance

^LOL lil kid

[7:58:14 PM] ~Zurks~: The more and more I play on this site the better and better I get.
[7:58:22 PM] ~Zurks~: Change site, to sext and I'm all yours xxx
[7:58:30 PM] DC Chillin: (facepalm) LOL WHAT
[7:58:37 PM] ~Zurks~: oops, change play to sext
[7:58:43 PM] ~Zurks~: and sarah and I will have a showmance :)

^pinch me. I'm dreaming....LOL

[8:24:48 PM] Beth (bluesapphire): you need to be smarter than the ipad!
[8:24:56 PM] Manda a.k.a Troy.: wow
[8:25:03 PM] Manda a.k.a Troy.: fuckin really mom ?
[8:26:27 PM] Beth (bluesapphire): yeah (worry)


[9:35:50 PM] Michelle Leeeeee: Holy shit. There's been more action in here in the past few hours than most kids in my high school will ever get in their lifetime.

^LMFAO classic

"Not all people are black"

- Clueliz

^^THE FUCK?! LOL liz go get my belt

Two words that don't go together
Jul 9, 2012 by tbrown187
gagaluv moist


by clair2132 1 min ago
i i like nfl, i remember the celeb basket ball game lol

^really tho... -_- LMFAOOOOOOO

by clair2132 6 hours 22 min ago
be back in a few im going to have a sexual shower, with means fells fucking amazing, cuz of how hot the water is haha !

^ this is girl on some other shit lol but it sounded hot

by sdriver999 0 min ago
yes I am here now and I am wrapping my arms around you right now....opps I just grabbed your ass!

^oh?! she freaky on the down low? LOL interesting...

by sdriver999 1 min ago
Come here Vann I will grab yours too.....

^ok now its getting hot!

Zedd: It's the fact he's talentless and famous.
Sagar: yeah. So was Ronald Regan


Sagar/obscurity: inb4 adolfmartin bans me xx

^LOL he called amartin Adolfo hitler! that was cold

"2mushroombrocolli4u boo boo :P" - EmilyJones

^WTF LOL that is the craziest, lamest thing I've ever read! smh I love emily's crazy ass

Manda stop looking at dicks ffs!

- Beth (bluesapphire)

^LMFAO good luck with that

his voice is orgasmic
gagaluv 0 min ago

^she's referring to lil wayne.....that's not weird at all

miya 8 min ago
I am gay, but they're just so hot
+2 pointsLamia 8 min ago
İ thought u were gay, miya, lol
+2 pointsmiya 9 min ago
Jenni and holly are like the hottest girls on this site

^LOL WOW. Well at least he has some taste in chicks tho.

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