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Jharrin's Quick Games

After taking a five year hiatus, jharrin quick games are back!

Each game will take place in a short time frame, each game featuring 6 to 24 contestants.

Original Series seasons 1-33 (April 16, 2011 to April 1, 2013)
New Series seasons 34-present (August 12, 2018 to present)

Season 1 Winner: hinata0014
Season 2 Winner: disneygeek
Season 3 Winner: xxyour_friendxx
Season 4 Winner: Brian2937462
Season 5 Winner: Jenii_Valenta
Season 6 Winner: hinata0014
Season 7 Winner: DoubleRainbow
Season 8 Winner: TylerK
Season 9 Winner: zacxingcai
Season 10 Winner: woahcourtney
Season 11 Winner: Florina
Season 12 Winner: Snivy
Season 13 Winner: SuperFreak
Season 14 Winner: Katniss12
Season 15 Winner: ybbob
Season 16 Winner: totallymicheal
Season 17 Winner: Tiffanii
Season 18 Winner: teri32
Season 19 Winner: Prinveli
Season 20 Winner: jason_2_12
Season 21 Winner: ninjakitty
Season 22 Winner: splozojames50
Season 23 Winner HG Special: Prince_Charming
Season 24 Winner: Halloween
Season 25 ALL STAR Winner: CharlotteArnold
Season 26 Winner: splozojames50
Season 27 Winner: DanielKennedy111
Season 28 Winner: BOBROCKS333
Season 29 Winner: Fern111
Season 30 Winner: jenniferr
Season 31 Winner: mattmon3365
Season 32 Winner: BBobsessor
Season 33 Winner: cfff
Season 34 Winner:

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Season 32 PYN To Play!
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